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Pro-Line intr Vaterra Twin Hammers oduces a Rc Car Electric Motor new RAM 1500 b 2 Stroke Rc Car igfoot shell, suitable for T-Maxx, Revo, Summit, Savage and other bigfoot remote control cars. Chrysler Dodge real car factory authorized the manufacture, friends who have seen ‘Transformers’ must have an impression of this car. Transparent style with stickers, made in the USA.
Applicable models:
T-MAXX® 3.3
REVO® 3.3
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Length: 19.88 ‘(505mm)
Width: 7′ (178mm)
Height: 5.75 ‘(146mm)
Wheelbase : 13.25 ‘(337mm)
Avid RC introduces 12mm rim converter for Team Associated SC10 short card. Suitable for factory team version or RTR. The product is designed as a kit, including components such as steering seats and bearings.
IncludesPre-Assembled Steering blocks and front axles with AVID bearings and clamping hexes.AV1001-SET SC10 12mm Clamping Hex Adapters (set of 4) AVID 3/16 ”x 3/8” Revolution series bearings (4) AVID 1 / 16 ”Solid Axle Pins (4) 8-32 black aluminum locking wheel nuts (4) 4-40 black aluminum mini locking nuts (2)
Avid also introduced the Hub to Team Associated RC8.2 buggy, using carbon fiber blocks (3.5mm thickness) for linking, providing 8 different hole position settings.

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What is this car shell? !! This is a retro classic car shell introduced by Protoform. The car shell was developed in accordance with the prototype of the Trans-Am Championship championship car in 1971. It is a typical American car style suitable for VTA RVs. What is a VTA RV? In fact, it is based on the electr Cheap Fast Remote Control Cars ic housing frame, using 27T Stock motors, four power batteries, remote control cars with high photorealism as one of the purposes. These models are popular in some remote control car clubs in the United States, and there are fewer VTA players in China. Please see Detailed introduction from the official.
VTA (V Rc Bugatti intage Trans AM) is one of the fastest (if not the fastest) growing segment of R / C racing right now. The concept is simple. You must run a 4wd touring chassis, spec wheels and tires, a vintage Trans AM body (cuda, camaro, or mustang), stock 27 turn motor, and 4 cell battery. On the track, they look great and are only about a second and a half off the pace of the stock sedans (6 cell or lipo ). Aside from the cool factor of watching a dozen of these cars going around the track, the best part is ‘outdated’ equipment is just as competitive as the latest and greatest touring car. The Associated TC3 is one of the better chassis for this class. Personally, I ‘m running a Corally C4 that’ s well over a decade old, and it works just as good as the x-rays, TC5s, and JRX-S Type Rs.

After receiving many requests, Protoform has released it’s rendition of the 1971 Trans-Am Traxxas Slash 4Wd Championship winning car. The addition of the J71 to the VTA scene will surely add new excitement and drama to an already diverse class of racing. The J71 features all the unique styling cues of the original car as well as a molded in rear spoiler. The front of the car features an add-on nose with air dam. When mounted with shoo goo and 2mm screws it becomes an integral part of the body. Because this area of ​​a race body is the most prone to racing wear and tear, a second nose is supplied with the body. This configuration allows for molding a lightweight, durable .030 lexan body , which in turn aids the handling ability of any VTA chassis.

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3Racing will launch the Sakura FGX Evo (Sakura) 1/10 electric formula remote control car. It adopts the same monocoque structure as the real F1, with a mid-mounted motor and Rc Racing Near Me a flat-type suspension. The weight distribution of the entire vehicle is closer to that of a F1 car. The use of large-capacity shock absorbers at the rear and the front and rear anti-roll bars make the car more stable. The motor has more adjustable positions, giving players / riders more gear options. 3Racing will announce more details in the near future.
Capo’s new car Off Road Rc Track JKMAX was unveiled at the Hong Kong G6 event, causing many RCFans to be hotly debated on the forums and WeChat public accounts. How is Capo’s new car running? Live walking video provided by David Joe, enjoy together.
Traxxas’ TRX-4 climbing remote control car has been on the market for some time and has been very popular. Even the statistics of search keywords in RCFans show that the TRX-4 keyword has ranked first for five consecutive weeks. In order t Rc Honda Civic o better meet the needs of TRX-4 owners / players, and have more freedom of modification and spray painting, unpainted transparent Land Rover Defender (Land Rover Defender) shells will be launched on the market soon, with body stickers. Item # 8011.

Craft RC, a customized company, announced the launch of a series of stickers for KO’s Esprit III. The stickers are made of the best quality materials, are easy to stick and can be used for a long time. Styles include multiple colors, and cool carbon fiber colors.

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Kyosho Jingshang launched the 1/8 remote-controlled motorcycle for the first time in Rc Car Hobby Shop Near Me 1992. Today, there are still a large number of fans who love two-wheel remote control models. Kyosho’s unique S.D.S.S system enables the rider to bring 13 movable joints, and turns like a real motorcycle during a turn. In addition, brake discs, inverted forks, transmission chains, etc. all appeared on this engraved product. The 1991 WGP 500cc All-Japan Suzuki (Suzuki) S.R.T. Part number 34931B.

VBC Racing launches FF17 FWD (front-drive) 1/10 electric RV. Compared with the brand’s previous front-drive products, t Xmaxx Motor Mount he FF17 uses a new design, including a new gearbox replaced with reinforced alloy gears, and steering and shock absorbers have been upgraded. Rc Drift Parts The frame uses a carbon fiber base plate and 7075 aluminum components to support standard and short-body lithium batteries, and supports horizontal placement; the second floor is a unique vertical design, allowing the frame to twist more freely on both sides. VBC will provide Kit version and package version including Speed ​​Passion Reventon electronic transmission + MMM 3.0 21.5T for players to choose. Available at the end of January.
Protoform launches the long-awaited LTC 2.0 190mm width electric RV body. The original LTC-R has 8 years of history and has achieved great success (three world champions). The 2.0 new model uses a larger front radiator (ghost mask) design, a deeper headlight profile, and the new design can increase steering And head pressure. Depending on the level of the event and the needs of the venue, different trim lines for the tail can be used to obtain different downforce. Protoform uses Mounting Marks technology on the new car shell, and the opening of the car shell has become more accurate. Meets EFRA (# 4051) and ROAR requirements, and can participate in major events around the world. Lightweight versions (.025 ‘/ .064mm) and regular templates (.030’ / 0.76mm) are available for purchase.

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Some people may say that before the new car, speculation creates more attention?
However, if we can create a hot spot, why bother trying to make a hot spot again? 🙂
Recently read the article ‘Return to the forum’s goodwill, starting from the platform I’m willing to use for Capo’. The inner taste is mixed, deeply moved, and the fine writing is really ashamed. Thanks to the players, closer to those dreams Rc Dirt Modified For Sale and expectations of the players, so that the work is more grounded, this is the voice we want to express before the new car landed.
Thank you for those who suppor Zipzap Rc t us. What we owe is an apology and a deep appreciation to you!
With a wave of fingers, five winds and rains. Founded by the two and working day and night, the meager force supported the birth of the first car. Today, I think back and forth, this way repeated black and white silent films, although there are bright spots, but the pale and weak are more regrettable.
Results are just clouds of data. Repeated mistakes have given us the heaviest blow, and also become the most valuable gain. As we slowly move to maturity, you are disappointed by your lack of capacity. I’m very sorry, and thank you so much for staying with us all these years!
CD15827, or Capo ’s most mature work in the past five years, the release is different from the past, especially since the rush of last year, we have slowed down, which has caused you to wait too long, which is very prudent. Consider. In the meantime, we are about to launch a release topic that will comprehensively analyze the technol Vaterra Camaro ogy and structure of this car for you. Let you avoid any doubts and avoid blind choices. We hope to deliver it to you with satisfaction, and firmly believe that from the design, simulation, performance, pricing, and service data, we will give you the answer worth waiting for at the end of the year.
Timetable for the launch in China:
Mid-December – Mid-February Book and ship.
The specific time and situation change, subject to the final release plan.

KO Propo launches RSx setting card to allow users to program the servos. It can set multiple parameters of the servos. For detailed setting features, please see the table below. Parameters
Stretch 1 – Set the holding power around neutral
Stretch 2 – Set the holding power other then neutral
Power – Set the max power of the servo
Punch – Set the initial movement from neutral
Deadband – Set the width of the neutral for the servo
Brakes – Set the servoʼs stopping holding power
Model reset – Rest to the factory default settings
Model Copy – Copy model memories.

Source: KO Propo [kopropo.com] \u0026 amp; Redrc.net

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Tamiya (Tamiya model) TRF 417 race electric RV photos and parameters released. Newly designed front and rear hydraulic mounts, motor mounts, steering. Details are in this article. Can TRF 417 continue the glory of the 416 double world championship? Please wait and see

Newly Designed Parts -Front / Rear Carbon Damper Stays- Front / Rear Aluminum Bulkheads- Aluminum Motor Mount- Aluminum Center Shaft- Aluminum Diff Joint- Aluminum Steering Arms and Linkage- Diff Plates- Wheel Axle- Cross Joints- 19T Pulley- Carbon Lower \u00 Rc Cars Under 50 26 amp; Upper Decks (thicknesses TBA Traxxas Bandit Vxl )

Specs \u0026 amp; Features -The chassis design is focused on weight distribution and high-traction characteristics, with * the new minimum chassis weight rule in mind. * The 2012 world championship regulations state that the minimum chassis weight will be restricted to 1,350g. (1,450g in 2010) .- The TRF417 has an optimized c Best Remote Control Car For 4 Year Old hassis layout for high- power lithium batteries and brushless motors.- One-piece aluminum motor mount offers extra strength and durability to handle high-power motors, enabling transmission of the motor power to the drive train with minimal friction loss.- Compared to the TRF416, the motor position has been moved about 2.0mm towards the center to keep high traction during racing.- By using a 19T pulley, the internal drive ratio becomes 1.94, which is very close to the ideal rate for brushless motors (2.0). With this, the car has less flexing resistance on drive belts and speed loss is minimized when the throttle is off.- Newly designed steering linkage is not connected to the upper deck, providing improved flexibility to hold traction during cornering.- Newly designed ball diff housing and plates provide extra durability.-Identical front and rear bulkheads.- Comes equipped with short reversible suspension arms and TRF416 uprights. Source: Tamiya [tamiyausa.com]

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Happy summer vacation is about to begin! RC4WD teamed up with RCFans to launch a summer award-winning event. RCFans website members only need to follow @RCFans Remote Fan Weibo and follow @ RC4WD Weibo, repost this Weibo and @two friends, and have the chance to win Chubby 6 TON Scale Jack Stands (jack pair). On the evening of July 7, we will select 4 lucky people who meet the requirements of Challenger Rc Car the event!
Please enterSerpent (Serpent) i Axial Rc Parts ntroduced tail bumpers for 1/10 RVs. It is suitable for 747/733 oil rooms, and also suitable for 411 and other 1/10 electr Rc Batteries ic rooms and oil rooms. The main function of this product is to prevent the car shell from being deformed by the collision of the tail car (burst chrysanthemum), which will affect the control and effectively ensure the integrity of the car shell. With adjustable design, Serpent’s original 747 oil house has reserved installation holes. Other RVs may need to make holes in the tail oil pressure bracket before installation.

In the previous news, we introduced that Much More is testing their brushless electronic transmission system, and today they first released the Motoreal brushless motor. There are two types of this product, one is 3.5 and 4.5 T for electric RVs, and the other is 5.5 and 6.5 T for electric off-road. For competition players and drivers, there is another brushless equipment supplier It’s time to choose!
Source: rcforum.co.kr

KM Racing launched the Mugen MTX5 rear shock tower of the oil house, made of 4mm thick carbon fiber material, which has a much higher strength than the original car’s oil pressure tower. But the weight has not changed much, thanks to the manufacturing process of KM.

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Japan’s O.S. Speed ​​Corporation introduced Rc Pan Car t Proline Chevy Body he T1202 2.1cc 1/10 oil-powered motorhome engine. Derived from the upgrade of T1201 model, T1202 improves the torque, the crankshaft uses tungsten steel for weight optimization and lightweight pistons, which makes the engine perform better in different speed ranges, especially at low and medium speeds. The heat sink uses a low center of gravity design, but the heat dissipation efficiency is further improved. The short body carburetor has also been optimized, and the throttle response is faster. O.S. engine performance is stable and easy to tune, I believe the T1202 will continue Axial Wraith Upgrades this advantage.
Displacement t: 2.1cc
Cylinder bore: 13.67mm
Stroke: 4.3mm
Speed: 5,000-45,000
Output: 1.75ps / 1.73hp @ 35,000rpm
Weight: 215g
Tamiya Tamiya will launch two new products, the first is TRF201XMW electric off-road vehicle, 2WD electric Vietnam. TRF201 launched an upgrade kit in Tamiya last year to upgrade TRF201 to a tail motor setting. I believe XMW is a brand new car, not just upgrading the frame and gearbox. XMW uses a longer wheelbase aluminum base plate, the wheelbase will reach 284mm, the gearbox supports bead or tooth difference design. The new car is expected to be released in May.
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The second new product Rock Socker climbing car, based on the CR-01 frame research and development. Use new rims, shocks and shells. Tamiya has not announced more details, so stay tuned for further information from RCFans.

Traxxas’ 4-Tec 2.0 1/10 electric touring car has launched a new model equipped with Mustang GT shells. The Mustang has been born for more than 45 years. It is a classic American muscle sports car with 435 5.0L V8 engines. This new product of Traxxas, Mustang car shell is manufactured by Ford original factory authorized, RTR product, frame is 4WD 4-Tec 2.0 model, straight axle 4WD; powered by Titan 12T motor and waterproof XL-5 electronic transmission This mode can be selected separately (sports, competition and training modes). The factory standard configuration speed can exceed 48km / h. Item # 83044-4.

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H-ENERGY launches Hpi Rc racing-grade Waterproof Remote Control Car racing lithium batteries, 5000mAh 7.4V / 2S 50C selected violent batteries, suitable for racing-level or entertainment-level remote-controlled cars such as electric cars, electric houses, and drift. Second new product first patented dual-head banana plug
Battery Type: Lithium Polymer Battery Pack (LIPO)
Capacity: 5000mAh
Configuration: 2S2P / 7.4V
Dimensions: Thick 25mm x width 46mm x length 138mm
Plug Type: banana plug (can be configured according to customer needs)
Weight: 285g
Charge Rate: 2A
Continuous Discharge: 50C (250A)
Burst Discharge : 100C (500A)
Min Discharge Volts Per Pack: 6.0V
Max Volts Per Cell: 3.0V Recommended cut-off voltage is 3.3V
[attach] 1984301 [/ attach
Traxxas introduces the EZ-Peak Plus charger. Supports up to 6A output, fully automatic program-controlled charging, and supports AC and DC inputs. Charges Li Baby Rc Car Po, LiFe, LiIon, NiMH, NiCd and lead-acid. Advanced peak detection technology with fast, balanced and stored charging modes to charge lithium batteries, effectively ensuring battery performance. Five groups of self-set charging modes, players quickly call.
EZ-PEAK PLUS (# 2933) SPECIFICATIONSAC Input: 100–240 VoltsDC Input: 11–18 VoltsCharge Current Range: 0.1–6.0A (80W Max.) Discharge Current Range: 0.1–2.0A (10W Max.) Current Drain For Balancing Port: 300mA / cellNiCd / NiMH Battery Cell Count: 1-15 CellsLiPo / LiFe / Lilon Cell Count: 1-6 CellsPb Battery Voltage: 2-20VNet Weight: 490gDimensions: 135 x 112 x 60.9mm Interface, built-in balancer can support two sets of 2S or 3S lithium batteries to charge at the same time. For more information please enter

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Tamiya ’s top straight-shaft electric room series TB Evolution has a new product on the market—TB Evolution 5 MS, 2.5 mm carbonized fiber bottom plate, the gearbox is a quick re Mercedes Remote Control Car lease Hpi Sprint 2 Sport method, and it uses a lot of high-end parts consistent with TRF416. Nowadays, the TB5 MS is still very competitive! Listed on June 21.

To new territory of shaft 4WD

Aluminum make rear upper deck
Upper deck rear section Best Rc Cars divided system of aluminum make . Rigidity is raised, operating efficiency such as gear exchange is raised.

Steering wheel
The steering system of the center support type which adopts the know-how of TRF416. Also fine control of Ackermann’s is possible .

Approximately as for upright 1050 bearing specification which is similar to TRF416. You lighten abnormal play, correspond to high load.

Cutting motor cooling was administered to 2.5mm thick carbon make [rowadetsuki] which sets the rear somewhat widely.

Suspension mount
The aluminum suspension mount for TRF416 which increased the precision in toe angle equipment to front and back.

Front one way
At the time of advanced motor use and low the front one-way unit which shows the effect in the grip road surface standard equipment.

Main Equip Parts -Aluminum m otor mount-Aluminum upper blurring chair-Aluminum spur holder-Aluminum steering wheel center mount-Aluminum steering wheel bridge-Aluminum steering post-Aluminum steering wheel spacer-Aluminum steering wheel arm-Center cup ● 44mm swing shaft ● TRF special damper-One somatotype [arumirowabarukuhetsudo]-Aluminum upper bulkhead-Aluminum propeller shaft-Aluminum diff. joint-Short reversible suspension arm-Front and back stabilizer

Specification-Chassis total length: 364mm-Chassis full-width: 188mm-Wheel base : 257mm-Tread: Approximately also 160mm