Trx4 Sport Kit, Jconcepts Rc Bodies, Traxxas Rustler Street Tires

Japan’s O.S. Engine Company introduced the S Traxxas Rustler Street Tires peed ​​21XZ-B Spec. II Ty 110% limited edition oil-powered off-road vehicle engine. Xray driver Ty Tessmann used Jconcepts Rc Bodies this engine to win the ROAR National Truggy Championship, so this limited edition product is also named after this driver. The 7.0mm air inlet and 90mm exhaust elbow provide more stable idle speed and fuel consumption performance. The height of the cooling roof has been reduced by 4mm, and the center of gravity has been further reduced. O.S. This product will be sold as a set and a single engine, which includes a T-2090SC exhaust pipe. Trx4 Sport Kit Available at the end of July.
Xceed introduces tire bonding and fixing tools, suitable for 1/8 off-road tire bonding. Using this tool to bond tires allows the glue to be evenly distributed between the rim and the tires, and bonds better. The product is made of metal materials and printed with the Xceed logo.
Part Nr.:#103270
T-Work ‘s launched a steel floor anti-wear plate. The product is made of stainless steel and its thickness is only 0.6mm. The thickness does not affect the height adjustment of the car too much. It is very convenient to install, it can be directly installed on the rear floor. Protects the aluminum base plate to make it more wear-resistant, and a variety of popular 1/8 off-road vehicles are available.
Kyosho MP9 series, product code: TO-220-K.
Mugen MBX-7 / 7R, product Code: TO-220-M.
Hong Nor X3 EVO applies, product code: TO-220-HN.
HB Racing D815 / D817 / E817 applies, product code: TO-220-HB.
For S-Workz S350 series, product code: TO-220-S.

Team Associated Parts, Axial Scx10 Axles, Revo Rc Car

Hobbyking has launched the Basher BSR BZ-222 1/10 2WD electric off-road vehicle. There are three different versions for players to choose from: Rea Revo Rc Car dy to Axial Scx10 Axles Run (RTR), Almost Ready to Run (ARR), and Kit. BZ-222 is a standard 1/10 electric drive frame layout, which can provide c Team Associated Parts enter and tail motor settings, greatly improving the site adaptability. Adjustable limited slip differential, 3mm aluminum base plate, and alloy shock absorber are standard equipment, which supports the use of short-body lithium batteries.
• 2WD
• Can be set as center motor
• Aluminum alloy shock absorber
• Adhesive tires
• Adjustable double limited slip Speed ​​
• CVD drive shaft
Length: 395mm
Width: 251mm
Height (with tail fin): 128mm
Motor size: 3650 Brushless Inrunner
Motor KV: 3300KV
Battery compartment size: 138mm x 41.5mm x 25mm
Tamiya introduces the new 1/10 electric Agrios TXT-2 truck, which was developed from the legendary design of the TXT-1 frame. The name Agrios comes from ancient Greek mythology, the name of the giant, and Tamiya’s use of Agrios on this big bike means that the car has all-terrain passing ability. Equipped with two 540 electric motors, supporting four-wheel steering (the second steering gear is installed on the rear axle), eight hydraulic shock absorbers, aluminum and plastic combined frames. I believe that Tamiya’s big truck product pays more attention to frame design and mechanical structure, and walking performance is not the focus.
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Redcat Monster Truck, Scx10 Ii Bumper, Monster Truck Rc Car

DJI’s RoboMaster (hereaf Monster Truck Rc Car ter referred to as RM) released the latest development board kit, which includes RoboMaster development board type A, development board type B, de Scx10 Ii Bumper velopment board OLED, and matching development board wire package, providing a strong core for robot development .
Because all the professional robot competitions use single-chip computers, they can calculate and judge, and finally realize the operation of the mechanism. However, to complete complex functions, developers need to use a variety of interfaces of the single-chip microcomputer to design and weld the originals themselves, which is very time-consuming. The development board of the RM is highly integrated and can solve the pain points. The sale area includes mainland China, the United States and Japan. After the polishing and iteration of RoboMaster events, DJI has made comprehensive improvements to the RoboMaster development board kit to enhance protection. Newly added accessories such as development board type B, OLED and wire package. Create a unique RoboMaster robot ecosystem in the diverse development process to meet the needs of users in education, learning and research and development of DEMO production.
RoboMaster development board type A
Rich functions: RoboMaster development board type A has a variety of interfaces, including 12V \\ 5V \\ 3.3V power interface, CAN interface, UART interface, variable voltage PWM interface, SWD interface, etc. , Very suitable for users to DIY. At the same time, it provides a wealth of on-board resources, such as LED lights, IMU + E-Compass, and user buttons, to facilitate user development and learning.
Powerful protection: RoboMaster development board type A has multiple protections such as anti-reverse connection of power input, overvoltage protection, slow start, 12V power output overcurrent protection, and ESD of the PWM port. Meet user DIY needs. Ecosystem: RoboMaster development board type A can use 4-6S lithium battery. Can connect to servo, remote control receiver, referee system (main control module), single-axis gyroscope module, electronic governor, magic calculation, PLC (programmable logic controller), Bluetooth interface, PC, development board type B , Development board OLED and external Arduino accessories and other devices.
Rich routines: RoboMaster has opened up a special space for users on Github open source platform, and provides rich routines.
A wide range of applications: After years of competitions and the development and use of young engineers at hundreds of universities, the RoboMaster development board kit has forged powerful functions and stability. For the development of the Demo, a lot of research and development cycles and costs are saved, and the stability of the Demo is improved. It can be widely used in education and learning, small mobile robots, LED light effect control and robotic arm control.
RoboMaster Development Board Type B: Redcat Monster Truck RoboMaster Development Board Type B is designed for sensors and actuators. It can be used with RoboMaster Development Board Type A to complete the development of complex robots. The development board type B is STM32F105R8T6, which supports the control of solenoid valves. It has four optocoupler isolation protection interfaces, which can be used with RoboMaster OLED module. Small size, compact structure, rich interface, with dual CAN and optocoupler isolated industrial sensor interface. RoboMaster Development Board OLED: RoboMaster Development Board OLED is designed for RoboMaster Development Board Type A and RoboMaster Development Board Type B. The OLED has a 0.96-inch OLED screen with a resolution of 128 × 64 and a five-dimensional button. The OLED uses SPI communication, and its driver chip is SH1106G. Information such as parameters can be displayed on the screen to facilitate user parameter configuration. Development board wire package

Starting sale on April 16, 2018. Pricing for RoboMaster development board Type A ¥ 42, RoboMaster development board Type B ¥ 219, RoboMaster development board OLED ¥ 89, RoboMaster development board wire package ¥ 249.

Axial Scx10 Ii Honcho Upgrades, Remote Control Dune Buggy, Ax24257

Yokomo will launch n Ax24257 ew car bags. Built-in three drawers with the same volume, multiple external storage bags can store tools such as setting boards. Dimensions 51cm (W) x 44cm (T) x 23cm (D), weight 4.6 kg. It is expected to be listed at the end of this month and early next month. Remote Control Dune Buggy er.3
Traxxas’s TRX-4 climbing car has been on the market for two years. It has launched Land Axial Scx10 Ii Honcho Upgrades Rover, Ford, Tactical, Sports and other models. In addition, the original factory upgrades are becoming more and more abundant, allowing TRX-4 to play More personal. A TRX-4 that used the original upgrades of the entire car was refitted for field crossing, with a rougher profile and a more simulated attitude. Enjoy the video TRX-4 Ultimate Trail Truck Build | Traxxas Defender.XRS RACING introduced a tool storage base, which can place allen screwdrivers, socket wrenches, hole openers and electric cutter heads vertically. The bottom can be used as a part screw tray, and the side also has a screw measuring ruler and a plug measuring hole.
6061 aluminum, suspended design stealing light treatment. Length: 190mm, width: 10mm, thickness: 18mm. Hole size includes: 2mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 6.5mm. Patent design products, please do not copy.

Tamiya Durga DB01 electric off-road vehicle is a very cost-effective product, especially its suspension and drive system from European champion Tamiya 501X, so that DB01 has excellent performance in addition to high cost performance, oOple website do After a comprehensive evaluation, please see:

Traxxas Slash 2Wd Vxl, Rc Car Companies, Baja Rc Car

Axial officially announced the details of the new 1/8 Yeti XL. This off-road remote control car is a large scale version of the 1/10 Yeti brothers, powered by Castle Creations 2200KV 4-pole Vanguard XL violent brus Baja Rc Car hless motor and lithium-compatible Vanguard AE-4 XL 6S LiPo ESC, waterproof metal gear Tactic TSX45 The MG servo is also standard. T Rc Car Companies he unique 1/8 special Axail tail straight shaft and front independe Traxxas Slash 2Wd Vxl nt suspension frame system, large-capacity shock absorbers (20mm aluminum barrel, 16mm piston and 4mm suspension shaft), the terrain passing ability is greatly improved. Yeti XL combines the characteristics of both big feet and climbing bikes, and is believed to attract a large number of Fans.
GT Power has launched a new version of the LP-GUARD bag with a size of 185mm * 75mm * 75mm, which plays an explosion-proof role during the charging and discharging process.
The second new product is the 3W High Power 3W Flight Simulated And Flashing Light System, which supports 2S lithium battery power supply. The length of the light cable is 80%, the size is 55 * 52cm, and the weight is 100g.
Yokomo launches the BD7-2016 Japan Edition kit, which is specially designed for asphalt tracks. This limited edition racing class 1/10 electric RV is based on the 2016 standard version of BD7, and has been upgraded with some asphalt track upgrades, including aluminum limit steering screws, front belt push-down kit, 43.5mm FR aluminum suspension Arm code, SLF II suspension diaphragm, titanium alloy putter, aluminum steering assembly, etc. In addition, the carbon fiber base plate for the asphalt track characteristics is also standard. This Japan Edition kit will be used at the Yokomo factory team at the JMRCA All Japan Race in July, and retail products will be available later this month.

Traxxas Slash 4X4 Tires, Traxxas Ford, Traxxas Udr Shocks

Firebird Dudu has been widely loved by players since its launch, and its simulation and entertainment are very good. GPM introduced some upgraded parts to this motorcycle remote control car product to enhance some performance and durability.
One. Aluminum alloy motor mount with heat dissipation pattern
1.Aluminum alloy material for better fixation
2.Porous position, adjustable motor Traxxas Udr Shocks tooth position
3.Heat dissipation pattern, which can help the motor to dissipate heat
two. Aluminum alloy rear wheel seat and rear cup 1. Aluminum alloy material is more sturdy and durable.
2. Accurate data, more stable bearing position. br> Three. S2 tool steel head + 45 # steel back universal joint
1.S2 tool steel head + # 45 steel dog bone material upgrade, more erosion resistance, wear resistance, shock resistance
2. Bold Design, upgrade the original dog bone 2.6mm in diameter to 4mm, Traxxas Ford it is more powerful and strong when driving, more sturdy, not easy to bend and break
4. Aluminum alloy lower rocker arm 1. Aluminum alloy material is more sturdy, designed by Saigang Kona, reducing virtual position
2. Porous position, adjustable shock angle
Stainless steel top teeth fixing screw set for lower lower arm
1. Stainless steel material, not easy to rust
2. Hexagonal head, more convenient for disassembly, not easy to slip wire
3. Original factory and GPM down Both arms can be used.
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LYNX Aluminium Front Shock Stay
LYNX aluminum alloy front hydraulic stand
Suitable for enRoute LYNX series
Strengthen suspension part
• Optional part for enRoute LYNX Series
• Strengthen the Suspension parts
• Lightweight

LYNX Aluminium Rear Shock Stay
LYNX Aluminum Tail Oil Holder
enRoute LYNX Series
Enhanced Suspension Parts
• Optional part for enRoute LYNX Series
• Strengthen the Suspension parts
• Lightweight

LYNX Aluminium Suspension Arm < br> KMEO-003
LYNX aluminum alloy rocker arm
Suitable for enRoute LYNX series
Lightening suspension
• Optional part for enRoute LYNX Series
• Strengthen the Suspension parts
• Lightweight Traxxas Slash 4X4 Tires
• 1 pair in package

Redcat Lightning, Tamiya Blitzer Beetle, Traxxas Slash 4X4 Vxl

Team Associated has launched Traxxas Slash 4X4 Vxl a new Qualifier-level product line, which is an entry-level and intermediate product, which is cheaper, easier to get starte Tamiya Blitzer Beetle d and more durable. ProLite 4X4 short card is the first Qualifier product line new car, pre-installed at the factory, RTR, equipped with Reedy brushless power system, 4WD straight shaft drive, Reedy WolfPack battery (Deans connector), Xp waterproof electronic transmission, XP 2.4GHz remote control It is standard configuration. Sealed front-to-back tooth difference, adjustable center difference and limit Redcat Lightning ed slip also appear on this new car. It is believed that ProLite short card is a product with high cost performance and good performance. Welcome to the AE brand area to participate in the discussion,-> Click here to enter


Fully assembled Ready-To-Run shaft drive 4WD short-course truckReedy 550-SL 3500kV Brushless motorReedy WolfPack 8.4V NiMH Battery with Deans® Ultra Plug® ConnectorXP 2.4GHz radio system with XP metal-gear servo and enclosed receiver boxXP water-resistant LiPo-compatible electronic speed controller with Deans® Ultra Plug® connector12mm hex drive KMC (TM) replica wheels front and rear with aggressive short-course racing tiresFront CVAs and rear dogbonesHeavy-duty front and rear gear differentialsDurable 32-pitch spur gear with center slipper clutchAdjustable steel turnbucklesFluid-filled shocksComposite modular chassisRugged front and rear bumpersPainted and decaled short-course bodyAll metric hardware and ball bearings throughout


Power Source: Electric
Terrain: Off-Road
Body Style: Truck
Scale Size: 1:10 Scale
Assembly Level: Ready- To-Run *
Length: 535mm (21.06in)
Width: 305mm (12.01in)
Wheelbase: 324mm (12.76in)
Weight: 2624g (5.78 lbs)
Drive: 4WD

Traxxas Rustler 4X4 Vxl Brushless, Traxxas Slash Vxl, Lowrider Rc Car

The trend of large sho Lowrider Rc Car cks is irresistible. HB’s new large-capacity shock is designed for the Lightning 2 Buggy series. The advantages of large suspension are that it can hold more oil, work more smoothly, improve shock absorption and heat dissipation, and at the same time be more durable, and reinstall shocks more often. The lower part of the shock is a double O-ring seal design, with an ultra-soft d Traxxas Slash Vxl ust cover. The shock-absorbing piston is a 6-hole design and the set comes with pistons with 1.3 1.4 and 1.5mm bores.

Video by AMain Hobbies, No RTR Here-Axial SCX10 II Kit, Traxxas TRX4 Unassembled Kit, HPI Venture SBK \u0026 amp; Redcat GEN8 PACK. RTR is really co Traxxas Rustler 4X4 Vxl Brushless nvenient, but one of the fun of RC is the assembly process. The assembly can also be more familiar with the product structure and better understand the product design.

King Headz introduces LCG aluminium motor mounts for Traxxas Slash 4×4 short cards. CNC process, 7075 aluminum, electroplated black appearance. Directly replace the original car plastic parts (original car part number TRA7460), support limited slip or medium difference mode, use 10X19X5 large size bearings, much stronger than the original car bearings.

Durable tire liners can significantly increase tire life. The liner for Pro-Line 1 to 5 ‘Badlands’ tires is now available separately. This liner is easy to install and does not require any trimming. Moreover, even in the one-hour long Group A final, the inner liner will not change substantially, maintaining stable performance.

Team Associated Sc5M, Remote Control Car, Axial Scx10 Rubicon Upgrades

H-Energy launched 6000mAh 11.1V 30C and HE 8000mAh 7.4V / 11.1V 30C LIPO batteries. After half a year’s player trials and tests and a series of activity training. The performance is stable and the performance is excellent. After further evaluation and replacement, the Axial Scx10 Rubicon Upgrades newly installed batteries have a new look to the market.
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RC4WD launches 1/10 Rockdragon limited edition climbing car. In the ARTR version, the frame is assembled and assembled at the factory. Players only need to spray the car shell and install the battery to start playing. This product is suitable for friends who don’t have much time to assemble remote control car.
Products include
* 540 brush motor and Qutcry ele Team Associated Sc5M ctronic transmission
* XR3 remote control and high torque steering gear
* Spark competition shock absorber
* 2.2 ″ Mud Slingers tires
* Self-painted car shells
Sanwa launches two servos. The first is the SRG-BRX, which is suitable for 1/8 flat road, 1/10 RV and 1/10 off-road vehicle. The servo uses low-resistance bearings, ultra-durable metal gears, and built-in brushless motor. With a response speed of up to 0.06 seconds (40 degrees), this servo is a high-speed, high-precision model. Another new servo is the SRG-BLS low center of gravity servo, suitable for all types of motorhomes. Brushless motors and low resistance bearings are also used on this servo, and this servo can use Sanwa’s unique Super Response -Mode corresponding mode, further increase the corresponding speed of the servo.

Good Rc Cars, Trx4 Light Kit, Traxxas T Maxx Body

This product is special in that it can support more batteries. Ni-Cd 4-18 cells, Lithium 1-6 cells. You can use the original Man Machine Interface (MMI) Program Box to parameterize the ESC. No external computer is required for adjustment.
Quark PlasmaTM Specs
►Input Voltage: Ni-Cd 4-18 cells, Lithium 1-6 cells

►Continuous : 100A (@Full throttle, 25 ° Traxxas T Maxx Body C)

►Resistance: Brushless mode-0.00045Ω (per each phase, .00135Ω total)

Brushed mode-0.00015Ω

►Motor Limit: No limit (540 Sized Motors)

►BEC: 5.5V / Trx4 Light Kit 3A with 6 cell Ni- Cd input

5.5V / 3A with 18 cell Ni-Cd input

►Footprint: 45mm X 30mm

< p> ►Weight: 58 grams (w / o wires)

Futaba has released a new pole-type remote control device 3GR-FS 2.4GHz. In fact, the characteristics of this device are consistent with 3PM 2.4GHz.
-Adjustable joystick (70/30 for nitro; 50/50 for electric)
-Steering, throttle ratio
-EPA \u0026 amp; sub trim
-Steering speed
-Throttle ATL
-Mechanical ATL
-ABS Brake
-Brake mixing for large cars
-Throttle acceleration adjustment
-One programmable mi Good Rc Cars x
-Condition change mixing
-Up / down timer
-10 model memory
-100-lap memory
-Fail safe

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