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With the launch of T2 ‘008 Xray announced that the first batch of Xray T2’ 008 shipped from the factory will provide the aluminum alloy bead as standard.

The reason for this is … the new plastic differential cup is not yet complete: L At the same tim Donk Remote Control Cars e these metal differentials will also be the features of the first products.

US The sponge tire version will include two sets of metal differential EU rubber tire versions. Only the rear differential is metal.

Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer For Sale All versions are equipped with a 3.5mm drive shaft as standard.

Xray announced that it will soon launch the 2011 version T3 chassis (2011 version T3 chassis). There is no further information at this time. I believe this is a minor modific Rc Land Rover ation, not a new car with a new design. Source: Xray [teamxray.com] \u0026 amp; Redrc.net SMI launched the new BT5 Plus engine one year after launching the Orcan BT5 21-class off-road vehicle engine. The new carburetor and tuning are more convenient and the throttle response is sensitive, especially the low-speed adjustment accuracy is higher, which is very important for off-road vehicles. 5 Ports, Turbo thermal head, Novarossi manufacturing quality is guaranteed, this engine was the first in Europe before Christmas.
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This disc-shaped rim is designed for rubber tires on the Xray M18 Pro. Suitable for separately sold hexagonal adapters (set of 4), but also for M18 and NT18 using drive shafts and hexagonal adapters.

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VBC Racing will launch the Rc Racing Cars For Sale new Lightning10X235 235mm Pro10 1/10 electric pan car. The new car will use the 7075-T6 fully adjustable front suspension Active Lower Caster (ALC system), the newly designed 7075-T6 aluminum Nqd Rc Car CNC process floor, supports standard or short-body lithium batteries in the center of the frame, and short-body lithium It can also be placed horizontally to obtain different weight distributions. TBBS-P tail twist waist shock absorber provides super smooth and precise response; heat-treated aluminum tail shaft is also standard. Details will be announced soon.Summer is here, Traxxas brings his own remote-controlled car and remote-controlled boat to Cowabunga Bay Water Park to play different amusement facilities. Everyone’s favorite water rafting is definitely indispensable. Including E-Revo brushless trucks, Slash 4X4 short card, Rustler 4X4 VXL, M41 speedboat, Ford Fiesta ST Rally and X-Maxx big feet crazy crazy. Watch the video Water Park R / C Invasion Part 2-Traxxas Summer FUN Session together.

The previous two days we reported that the American Vanquish Products (hereinafter referred to as VP) launched the VS4-10 simulation climbing car kit product. After accumulating many years of experience in the research and development of remote control car upgrades, VP launched the complete vehicle frame product. Including C-beam chassis, girder rudder base, two-stage shock-absorbin Rc Car With Camera g base, low center of gravity battery and equipment mounting bracket, aluminum front and rear bumper bars and other components. In addition to the VS4-10 new car with a simulated structure and performance, it provides more ride height and suspension stroke adjustable range, supports brushed and brushless 540 motors, a lot of space is reserved for the entire vehicle, which is convenient for players to install Electronic device. Already overseas players have unboxed and enjoyed the video together.

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Mugen ’s MBX6-T Truggy factory has previously only published CAD pictures, and the real car has only some test spy photos. Now Mugen has officially released a photo of the real Truggy. Based on the MBX6 Buggy design, it has added large-capacity suspension (with twist adjustment), carbon fiber front and rear hydraulic racks, high-strength floor, and the center of gravity of the frame. Opti Xmaxx Rc Car For Sale mized, the transmission part has been lightweighted, and there is no doubt about performance. Domestic players, Mugen’s product performance is very good, the key is the past parts supply problems, I believe that Mugen authorized dealers in China after the parts and technical support will be improved, so that more rcfans play Muegn cars.

Technical Information ■ Technical Data + 3diff. shaft drive 4WD + Width: 433 mm + Hard anodized A70 Remote Control Car Price -75 (T6) 3mm main chassis + Wheel Base: 373-378 mm + F / R plastic tension rod + Gear Ratio: 16.28: 1+ Stone guards + Weight: About 4,000g + Universal drive shafts + Lightweight conical 46T gear + Bevel gear 10T + Aluminum wheel hubs + New upright arm + New front upper \u0026 amp; lower arm + Aluminum front upper arm mount + Rear lower arm + Rebound adj. Screw + Rear mud guards + φ15mm F / R damper set + Lightweight 4mm carbon graphite F / R shock tower + Steering rod + Low center of gravity 150cc fuel tank + Muffler stay + Low profile MBX-6T body

Source: Mugen < / EM> [mugenseiki.com] \u0026 amp; Redrc.net

SKYRC 6×80 + Bluetooth Charger Special GO is only 229! Pick up your WeChat and scan for it now! China Mainland package shipping!
Input voltage: AC power input: 100-240V / DC Power input: 11-18V
Control key: Enter / Start knob, Mode / Stop key
Bluetooth function: Available
Display format: 63.40 * 14.54mm LCD screen
Display backlight: Blue
Computer control: Computer control and firmware Team Associated 1 28 upgrade via USB
Case material: Plastic case
Cooling system: Built-in, single 30 * 30 * 7mm fan
Dimensions: 135 * 112 * 60.9mm
Weight: 525g
External interface: temperature sensing port, servo / ESC interface, motor sensor interface, AC power input port, balanced socket, < br> Delta Peak of USB computer interface Range: Ni-Cd: 3-15mV / cell
Ni-MH: 3-15mV / cell
Trickle current: 50-300mA
Charging temperature protection range: 20-80 ° C (adjustable)
Charging voltage: Nickel-cadmium / Ni-MH: Delta peak
lithium polymer battery: 4.18-4.3V / cell
lithium ion battery: 4.08-4.2V / cell
lithium Iron battery: 3.58-3.7V / cell
Balance current: 200mA / cell
Voltage reading range: 0.3-5.0V / cell
Battery type / Number of cells: NiCd / NiMH: 1-15 Cell
Lithium battery: 1-6 cells
Lead acid: 2-20V
Battery capacity range: Ni-Cd / Ni-MH battery: 0.1-1.1V / cell
Lithium battery: 100-50,000mAh
Lead-acid battery: 100-50,000mAh
Charging current: 0.1-10.0A
Protection time: 1-720 minutes, shutdown
Charging power: AC50W, DC80W < br> Discharge current: 0.1-5.0A (± 10%)
Discharge cut-off voltage: Ni-Cd / Ni-MH: 0.1-1.1V / cell
Lithium polymer battery: 3.0-3.3V / cell
Lithium-ion battery: 2.9-3.2V / cell
Li-iron battery: 2.6-2.9V / cell
Lead-acid battery: 1.8V
Discharge power: 8W
Storage: 10 different battery charging Mode
Charging method: Lithium battery / lead-acid battery is first constant current-constant voltage charging method; Ni-Cad / Ni-MH battery is Delta Peak
Product No .: SK-100068

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Schumach Rc Tracked Vehicle e Traxxas Trx 4 Body Shell r announced that it will release the new Mi3.5 Race Class 1 to 10 electric Cheetah Rc Car RV in August. It is said that Mi3.5 is very fast, efficient and easy to handle. Its predecessor Mi3 has also won many championships in competitions around the world, and improvements to the new car include large-scale lightweighting and improvements, lightweight differential seats, highly adjustable ‘EU’ frames and second floor panels . The car uses a lot of carbon fiber and titanium metal parts. There are 5 electric versions and 6 electric versions to choose from. The 5 electric versions are more inclined to the game settings, and the 6 electric versions are more sturdy.

Mi3.5 Features
-New Cars now assembled ready to use
-New Improved 5 or 6 cell carbon fibre chassis option \u0026 amp; ‘EU’ Top Deck
-New Improved Lightweight diff mounts
-New Shock cap for improved shock bleeding and rebound options
-New Improved CV drive shafts with thinner bones and spring steel axle
-New Front hub carrier with improved Ackerman tuning options
-New Medium Flex wishbones for increased traction and better impact absorption
-Fully adjustable, suspension geometry, wheelbase, caster, camber, roll centre, track width, Ackerman, droop, anti dive, anti squat, front toe in / out, ride height and much more.
-Efficient transmission with twin Kevlar belts and precision CNC pulleys.
-Alloy eccentric adjusters for optimum belt tension. Easy diff height adjustment to allow changes in drive shaft plunge.
-This can be used to increase or decrease traction.
-Industry first static lay shaft with ultra low rotating mass gear pu lley assembly.
-Quick release diffs – Just 2 screws !!
-Super easy to work on design.
-Symmetrical chassis layout with few screws minimises tweak.
-Alloy CV drive shafts with spring steel axles and low friction blades.
-Stiff 3mm shock towers with optimised shock positions.
-Lightweight machined diff pulley, Ceramic diff balls, aerospace thrust bearing.
-Heavy duty front spool with CNC pulley. < br>-Twin pivot block design allows infinite adjustment of roll centres, toe-in, anti-squat, and track width on front and rear.
-New twin axis inner camber links for infinite camber link height and length adjustment. < br>-Fully adjustable steering including Velocity Ratio, Ackerman Angle and Ackerman Rate.
-Lightweight foam bumper.
-Spring steel suspension pins.
-Purple alloy M3 and M4 nuts.
-Battery fixing with tape or optional battery strap.
-Speed ​​secret parts available to fine tune to all track conditions.

Tekin Rsx, Ecx Torment Body, 1.9 Beadlock Wheels

FID Racing introduces 1/5 Warhammer gasoline rear straight metal rear axle assembly. The all-metal rear a 1.9 Beadlock Wheels xle adopts GB 6061-T6 material, full CNC curved surface Ecx Torment Body processing, and four-axis coordinated processing and surface oxidation process. The market time is at the end of April 2016.
The four off-road remote control car Tekin Rsx s of Traxxas Rustler, Bandit, Slash and Stampede run in summer. Cost-effective products can also bring endless fun, equipped with waterproof electronic equipment, allowing the car to walk on all terrain after the day.Tamiya’s T3-01 three-wheel remote-control motorcycle made its debut at the end of September last year. More than a year has passed and the second-generation product will be available soon. The new Dual Rider T3-01 car body adopts PDC Designworks design. The new rider image and the follower handlebar make the walking posture more simulation. This T3-01 has a tougher shape but at the same time maintains the ‘Meng’ style.
JConcepts introduces a short course (short-haul truck) seat / part storage box, suitable for various SC frames. Supplemental Tips: Why frame the car? Keep the suspension and shock absorber uncompressed to ensure the suspension suspension performance and facilitate the maintenance of the frame. More photos in this article Source: JConcepts [jconcepts.net] \u0026 amp; Redrc.net

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HB Racing has launched a new 1/8 off-road vehicle rear wing that complies with IFMAR regulations. The biggest change is that the two sides of the rear wing can be affixed with 40x50mm size and IFMAR-compliant race number stickers. This new product of HB is made of nylon, but it is very light and close to the rear wing made of lexan (PC polycarbonate resin) material. Three colors for players / riders to choose.
Product ##:
HB204125 1: 8 Rear Wing (Black) EAN: 7630015741259
HB204251 1: 8 Rear Wing (Yellow) EAN: 7630015742515
HB204252 1: 8 Rear Wing (White) EAN : 7630015742522
FID has launched a new version of Traxxas Rally Vxl the dual servo bracket V2 for the use of the LOSI 5IVE-T gasoline remote control car. Following the old dual servo mount, the new servo mount introduced this time has several upgrades over the old dual servo mount:
1: A new receiver has been added to the original dual servo. This is more convenient for pl Traxxas Udr Upgrades ayers to install some out-of-control protection Traxxas Udr Parts devices and light control systems, etc. 2: The wiring position has been added to the new dual servos, and all the wires can be arranged on the widened panel. There are 3 slots for fixing the cable tie, which will be explained in the following pictures.
3: Like the old models, white and red versions will also be available, and you can choose the 0236 and 5765 versions. Tip: Installing a dual servo requires additional Buying a steering gear
The wiring method is based on local gold as follows
Tamiya Tamiya model will launch TEAM HAHN RACING MAN TGS tractor, 1/14 electric four-wheel drive, using TT01 TYPE-E chassis, changed the previous tractor gameplay, from simulation to racing, copying European tractor racing to remote control In the car. Available in July. Part number 58632. Recently Tamiya released detailed photos of this product. Derived from the European Truck Contest, the actual vehicle horsepower is up to 1,100 horsepower, a 16-speed gearbox, weighs 5.4 tons, and is powered by a diesel engine. Tamiya copied the essence of the real car and the details of the car shell to the remote control car. The chassis of the motor home is equipped with specially designed wheels and tires. The four-piece car shell design can be installed with Tamiya LED lights. For ARTR products, the ESC uses TBLE-02S, and the 540 has a brushed motor. Players need to purchase additional remote controls, batteries and chargers.

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Tamiya model will launch the TB EVO6 racing-gr High Torque Steering Servo ade straight-shaft drive 1/10 electric RV, using a horizontal motor mounting position to obtain a better frame weight distribution. The same suspension components as TRF418, one-piece motor mount, high torque servo protector, 2.25mm carbon fiber bottom plate and 2mm second floor, carbon fiber oil pressure frame and floating servo base. The new car’s walking characteristics are higher at the corners, the frame’s twist performance is more ideal, and the steering response and walking stability are also improved.
Click here- \u0026 gt; Enter the Tamiya area to participate in the interaction.
Another new car, the TB-04 Pro kit, adopts a disc (bottom pocket) frame design. Some upgraded parts have be Wltoys Cross Country en added, including aluminum hydraulic shock absorbers and carbon fiber oil hydraulic racks, which use some of the same design features of TRF418. They are believed to be extremely cost-effective and suitable for entry and Stock events.
Tamiya will also launch M-05 Ver.II PRO 1/10 mini remote control car, new M series car. Based on the M-05 frame development, a large number of upgraded parts have been added, including a lower center frame structure, a new suspension rocker arm, an aluminum motor mount, and an aluminum steering assembly.

Losi previewed on their website for several days, we Rc Car On Water finally know what Losi’s new car looks like. The Speed ​​of 10 Speed-T RTR is a high-performance truck. It uses LOSI’s long-lasting frame and unique suspension system. This car will start faster than the normal 1 and 10 TRUCK. The kit is already equipped with a programmable brushless system and a patented Xcelorin motor. The remote control device is a 2.4G system. The top speed can reach 65 miles (about 100 kilometers).

Key Features
-Capable of speeds of 65+ mph!
-Xcelorin Brushless Power System w / 4800Kv motor
-Losi MTX Pro Radio System with Spektrum ™ 2.4GHz DSM \u0026 reg; Technology
-Losi EC3 low resistance power connectors
-Digital steering servo for precise control
-Lowered chassis and suspension design for high-speed handling
-Precision turnbuckles featuring heavy duty captured rod ends
-Blue anodized aluminum and nickel plated components for added strength and durability
-Low-profile body for improved aerodynamics
-Losi Road Weapon 3.2 Series low-profile tires on large chrome Losi SpokeZ wheels < br>-Installed wheelie bar
-Accepts NiMH and LiPo battery packs

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Schumacher announced the launch of the new GM Genius 75 electronic transmission, which wins this year’s EFRA 1 / 12th Euro, a small electronic transmission sp Traxxas E Revo Body ecifically designed for 1/12 flatbeds. Details are in this article.

Fe Gpm Racing atures:-Coole Rastar Rc Cars r operating temperature due to complete, light aluminium housing and special PCB design with extra-thick copper wires and optimized switching flanks. The flat design provides an extremely low centre of gravity.- Top efficiency thanks to the new, even faster 16-bit processor and optimized software with newer, simpler operating software; providing longer operating time and greater performance- For brushless motors (see operating voltage) and motors with brushes (up to 7.4V)-Telemetry functions- Automatic Hall sensor detection -Storage / read-out of max rpms, maximum current, and temperature- New brake and power programmes- 10 user-programmable modes- User-updatable firmware- Soldering socket for easy replacement of wires

Specification:-Recommended motors: \u0026 gt ; = 9,5T (with 3,7V \u0026 gt; = 3.5T)-Excess temperature protection:-Weight incl. Leads: 85 g- Weight excl. Leads: 50 g- Cell count, Pb: 3 – 6- R DS on der FETs bei 25 ° C: 0.0008 Ohm W- BEC: 5 , 8 / kurzz. 4 V / A- Pulse frequency: 0,25 / 0,5 / 1/2/4/8/16/32 kHz- BEC max. Power loss: 2,5 W- Voltage drop @ 20 A : 0,017 V- Continuous current at 25 C: 75 A- Cell count, LiPo, Lilo: 1-2-3- Cell count NiCd, NiMH: 4 – 10- Dimensions (LxWxH): 34 x 31 x 18 mm- Operating voltages : 4,8… 12 (3,7V with rx)

Programmable functions:-On / off function with button- Low-voltage cutoff- Automatically adjustable for Li- / Ni batteries on in 0.1-V steps -Automatic brake, minimum brake, maximum brake, full brake, ABS braking function- Maximum reverse; various reverse modes- Automatic throttle- Soft start, soft braking- Current limiting, start-current limiting, turbo- Transmitter lever positions: full throttle point , zero point, full braking point, zero point width- Timing, variable timing functions- 16 power curves for 3T – 21.5T- Settings for temperature shutoff, sensor mode, braking mode, motor type- Frequency 0.25 – 32 kHz- For other functions , see PC software . Source: Schumacher [racing-cars.com]

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Robitronic’s red starter is dedicated to off-road vehicles. It uses two rows of 7.2V batteries to drive two 775 motors and is equipped with durable rubber starter wheels. The locator tuning is very simple. The starter is very compact overall and easy to transport.

KKPIT recently launched a special-shaped upgrade chassis named Alien Chassis, which i Traxx Rc s applicabl 12V Ride On Jeep With Remote Control e to all models of the current K1 Performance platform. The designer designed the chassis with extreme stealth while ensuring the strength. The material was selected from imported 7075-T6 heat-treated aluminum with a thickness of 4MM and manufactured by the entire CNC process. The surface coating was military grade hard oxygen treatment, which further increased Strength and durability.

Hudy introduced a multi-purpose flywheel tool that can be used as a flywheel gripper, a tool for measuring clutch clearance, and can already hold the clutch cup when changing gears. The tool is CNC cut from 7075 T6 aluminum made in Switzerland and plated with a hard coating.

Italian Mon-Tech Racing company introduced a new Sport RS car shell for 1/10 190mm width 4WD or front drive electric room. 0.75mm thickness, two-door sports car design, the Axial Yeti Jr product contains a sticker and a mirror, like a good degree of authenticity. The huge rear wing believes that many friends will like it.

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In October 2015, Traxxas l Traxxas Cars aunched the 1/8 X-Maxx RTR electric truck, which has been very popular on the market. A year later, the X-Maxx was upgraded again, and the 2017 upgraded version was launched, with more power and a stronger frame! It supports 8S (two 4S) and is equipped with VXL-8s electronic transmission. The super powerful power output of 8S will bring exciting walking experience to players, and the speed will exceed 80km / h. The transmission system has also been strengthened with steel gears, larger drive shafts and main bearings, and the gearbox has also been strengthened. The dual fans provide better cooling performance for the motor, and the new central torque distribution system allows the car to easily lift its head. Owners who are already X-Maxx can also upgrade the car to the 2017 8S new through the upgrade kit sold separately by Traxxas. It is expected to be available in February 2017.
The RC4WD 1/10 Gelande II cli 1 10 Short Course Body mbing remote control car comes in a style with a Cruiser case. Like the real appearance and trapezoidal frame design, the R3 transmission system and Yota II axles can output powerful torque, front three-link and rear four-link suspension, and high-grab grabber tires. The highly detailed car shell is also the highlight of this product, including rearview mirrors, door handles, ghost masks, etc., which are completely copied from the actual car, and the roof is designed to be movable, which can be turned into a convertible version at any time.

Now just follow RCFans WeChat and WeChat RCFans2003. Follow RC4WD on Sina WeiboRaytheon KingMotor (KM) new 1/7 Subaru rally car launched, classic blue paint with high simulation rear wing (ABS) + door handle (ABS) + rear view mirror (ABS) + rally tire set (gold / white) , Car shell simulation and detail completion are extremely high. Note: Older Subaru car shells cannot be fitted with the new simulated rear wing.
Parameter ratio: 1/7 Size: 650mm * 308mm * 225mm
Wheelbase: 375mm
Chassis: 4mm 6061 / T6 aluminum alloy material, CNC integrated processin 70 Mph Rc Car g
Damper: adjustable hydraulic Shell: PC material (1.2mm)
Transmission: CVD / front, dog bone / rear
Differential speed: front, middle and rear three sets of metal differential teeth Engineering materials

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