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Much More has launched a new Hybird Pro charging and discharging and regulated power supply all-in-one machine, this product has appeared in the Asian Touring Series (Asia Touring Series) recently held in Japan. Using a micro processor, two types of charging detection are peak detection and temperature control. The maximum output is 10A for charging and 5A for discharging. Built-in lithium balancer. This product also comes with a 24A regulated power supply (power supply), two sets of output, it is really a versatile product. Available in black and Rc Truck Tires blue. SPECIFICATIONS
★ All in one design
★ Microprocessor controlled
★ 2 kinds of charge cutoff system: Peak cut (Lithiu Slash 2Wd Vxl m Voltcut), temperature cut
★ Blue back light LCD display with 16×2 characters
★ 10A charging and 5A discharging with high capacity LiPo, LiFe batteries
★ Individual voltage balancer for Lithium batteries inside
★ Real time individual voltage monitoring (charging and discharging for Lithium batteries)
Cheap Traxxas Rc Cars ★ Normal, Storage, Balance charge mode for Lithium batteries
★ Delta-peak sensitivity (NiMh, NiCd)
★ Time limit function
★ Input voltage monitoring
★ Data storage (store up to 5 packs in memory)
★ Micro temp sensor
Dimensions: 142 x 119 x 141mm
Weight: 1300g
NiCd, NiMh No. of cells: 1 ~ 18
LiPo, LiFe, Lilo No. of cells: 1 ~ 6
Pb Battery voltage: 2 ~ 24V
Charge current: 0.1 ~ 10.0A (adjustable) * Max 200Watt
Discharge current: 0.1 ~ 5.0A ( adjustable) * Max 25Watt
DC Input: 1 1.0-18.0V
AC Input voltage: AC100-240ACV 50 ~ 60Hz
(Auto adjusting)
Charging Capability: 0 ~ 9990mAh
Charging Modes: NiMh, NiCd, LiPo, LiFe, Lilo, Pb
Voltage Threshold / Delta Peak: Default ・ 5 ~ 20mV / cell
Thermometer sensor: 20 ~ 80 Degrees celsius
Data store: 5 data of batteries
Keys: 4 button
LCD monitor: 16x2lines Blue LCD display

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BCESpeed ​​introduces up Slash Drag Body graded floor, CNC process, and aviation 7075 T6 aluminum for Losi SCTE 4 × 4 Short Course truck. The weight is lighter Traxxas Slash 4X4 Motor than the original car, and the handling is improved after using this floor.

Source: BCESpeed ​​[] \u0026 amp;

Recently, matches in the Rally Game category have become more popular. RB’s sub-brand Speedline also introduced rally tires, which can provide better performance for higher-level riders. Only pre-bonded soft formulas are available for sale.

VP PRO launched new products, one is air filter oil, the other is a widened rear tire that complies with IFMAR regulations, with a width of 47MM. The use of this tire can improve the car’s walking performance in the wild! More photos in this article!Tamiya model Tamiya will launch the new M-05 with Mazda2 Demio shell on January 21, 2017. This Mazda2 Demio is the fourth generation of Mazda real car. The frame uses the M-05 classic front drive. In addition to the real car shell, the wheels and tires are also copied from the real car. The M car is a short wheelbase model of the 1/10 electric h Hobao Gtb ouse, and it has been popular in China for a few years. Part number 58640.

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The RCFans mobile APP has been launched for more than a month, and has been downloaded by nearly 40,000 users, with an average daily active user exceeding 25,000.
On September 28, 2014, the new version V1.0.4 update is completed, whether you are Android (Android) or Apple iOS (warm reminder: jailbreak and non-jailbreak ios devices can directly scan the QR code and install with one click!) has been The latest version is available.
Using the ‘Scan’ or ‘Scan QRCode’ function that comes with WeChat, scan the QR code in the news picture and complete the quick update as prompted!
Andorid users, you can click-\u0026 gt; Update here
iOS users, you can click-\u0026 gt; Update here

Hudy introduces the oil tank car shell inspection frame to ensure that the car shell complies with IFMAR, ROAR, FEMCA and EFRA car shell regulations. Measurements include car shell width, car height, rear wing and other parameters. This product is suitable for track In addition to the use of the organizer, some rigorous and demanding riders believe that they will also buy this product to ensure that the car shell meets the requirem Rc Lambo ents before the race.

Source: Hudy [] \u0026 amp;

RC4WD launches the RTR Bully II MO Traxxas Slash 1 16 Brushless A climbing vehicle, which is a ‘strong climbing’ type product. Carbon fiber frame, aluminum shock absorber, CNC technology axle, titanium alloy connecting rod, carbon fiber and resin mixture Rocker 2.2 ″ Beadlock rims, XS22 formula race tires. Factory assembly is completed, players only need to install the battery to install Climbing and walking right away. Meet the USRCCA competition regulations. Bully’s axle is very strong and durable, full bearing design, steel gears, a large number of adjustable parameters for players to find the appropriate settings. Powered by dual motor MOA design (m Fastest Brushless Rc Motor otor on the axle), The center of gravity is reduced and the walking time is increased. The motor model is 35T. The steering servo uses a 6V all-metal gear model. The product model is Z-RTR0027.

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CROSSRC released a 1/10 all-metal G4 axle set with a bracket on the bridge for users to install a multi-link suspension system. The set also contains a steering gear mounting bracket, steering tie rods and steering gear Tie rod is the best supplement for self-assembling or upgrading simulation off-road climbing vehicle.
The G4 bridge is compact in size and small in egg size. It is especially suitable for the needs of rock climbing and difficult competition venues in off-road climbing model activities. The axle housing is made of all metal casting. Smooth driving.
G4 full metal axle is the standard axle for GC4 and HC4 models, bringing more choices for model enthusiasts. CROSSRC’s latest G4 bridge upgrade equipment can be used for 1/10 4X4 simulation climbing mode Rc Monster Truck For Sale ls. Car modification and upgrade. The attached figure is an example of upgrading.
The bracket on the bridge with G4 bridge is made of aluminum alloy thick material, which is sturdy and reliable. You can choose a suitable length link according to the specific size of the vehicle and install it on this bracket to form a 4-LINK structure. The front axle is also equipped with a steering gear mounting bracket and steering rods to easily complete the installation of the vehicle’s steering system. In addition, the standard 12mm metal Amphibious Rc coupler is also standard.
CROSSRC has also developed a dedicated CVD drive shaft for the G4 front axle, which enables the vehicle to have a larger steering angle and improve performance, which can achieve greater advantages in climbing off-road competitions.
G4 bridge upgrade kit product number is 96310310 (the original front axle dog bone drive shaft). The new product comes with a G4 front axle CVD drive shaft, which is now fully available.
FID Racing has launched a remote sta Upgrade Rc rt (extinguishing) device suitable for mainstream gasoline remote control models. The FID team took several months to research and develop. The device uses a combination of variable-speed gears and timing belts, a high-torque motor, and an electronic governor (electrical regulator) for remote start-up. It also contains a remote control flameout device. The third channel of the remote control can be used to realize remote start and stop. Free your hands, eliminating the need to change hands frequently.
Applicable models are as follows:
2.HPI full range 1/5 gasoline cars
3.Domestic full series 1/5 BAJA gasoline cars
There is no Layout the overall wiring method. The specific wiring method can be reasonably routed according to everyone’s preferences.
Remote start flameout device shell 3 piece set (the top 10 RCFANS will get this kit)
First stage reduction gear transmission < br> Second-stage deceleration timing belt transmission device. The timing belt has a buffered direct-drive high-torque motor. This transmission method is selected to reduce the instantaneous current.
High-torque motor and multifunctional motor fixing plate
3 high-speed bearings and screws and snap springs required for installation
tailored flameout switch and electronic governor (ESC)

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Sca Rc Drag Racing Kits lp Remote Control Car Kit el 1/18 Pan Car Tamiya Remote Control Cars
Robitronic introduces the first real 1/18 electric Pan Car ever.

This ultra-lightweight Pan Car-Style Chassis contains a High Performance POWER 300 Motor and is prepared for a 4 Cell-Battery -Pack. The high efficiency Drivetrain, the ultra low Point of Gravity with a GT-Style-Body with high Downforce, the ingenious Suspension and the Factory-glued Foam-Tires makes this Car into a Rocket on the Track.

• High efficiency Drivetrain
• 1.5mm Carbon-ultralight-Chassis
• 4 Cell Layout (2/3 A batteries)
• Ultra-low point of gravity
• Fibre-glass Anti-roll Antenna
• Servo post fits standard micro servo
• Fully adjustable Carbon-Suspension-Arms
• Fully adjustable Friction-Plate Dampening-System
• Adjustable Rear-Shock
• Adjustable Tweak of T-Bar with Set Screws
• CNC-Aluminium Gear-plates
• Adjustable Ride-Height
• Adjustable Heavy-Duty Ball-Differential
• 3 different Spur-Gea rs and 8 Pinion-Gears included
• Easy Quick-Release Battery-Mount-System
• Preglued and sanded Foam-Tires on Rims
• Robitronic POWER 300 High-Power Motor 4.8V
• Ultra -Low GT-Style Racing Body

Specification • Length: 180mm • Width: 110mm • Wheelbase: 129mm • Height: 55mm • Weight: 320g • Battery (not included): 2 / 3A 4cells • Servo (not included): Micro-Servo (30x12x30mm)
No. R39200

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In the November 2013 issue, ‘Model World • Remote Control Technology’ was launched. The contents of this issue of the magazine are exciting, including the latest models Professional Rc Cars of aircraft and car models, and of course, our RCFans column. Friends who have ordered t Slash 4X4 Upgrades For Racing his magazine, the magazine has arranged to issue the magazine. Welcome to order, please call 010-65515202 and inform you from RCFans!
Xpress plans to launch the Exe Rc Chevy Truck cute XM1S 4WD M-class (1/10 electric RV M car) in September 2018. The DNA of this new belt-driven car is similar to the XQ1S 1/10 electric house in the same factory. It adopts short lithium battery and fully supports brushless power. Xpress will continue to bring cost-effective advantages to market.
Please enter
Axial Racing unveiled the unpainted 2000 Jeep Cherokee bodyshell, allowing players to design their own car flowers. The product comes with window covering paper, body stickers and body parts. Originally manufactured by Jeep, in addition to perfectly supporting the climbing frame of the same factory of Axial, this shell can also be used in other brands of climbing remote control cars. Part # AX31337.
Hong Kong ‘Remote Control Model’ magazine was listed on November 11, 2016, with a total of 424 issues. The content is wonderful and the columns are rich. Note: This magazine is a reading material for RCFans members in mainland China. Only RCFans valid registered members can purchase at the member price. For subscription purchases, please call 13823555297 to inform you from RCFans

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Serpent Snake announced details of the new 1/8 gasoline road bike S977 Viper. The new car is designed to be easy to install, easy to maintain and easy to drive. Compared with 966-TE, a large number of S977 parts have been improved, and the adjustable range of front suspension has been greatly increased, including the adjustable range of offset. The brake discs are arranged on the rear axle, and some 966 parts can be used in new cars, including the straight shaft of the transmission part. The vehicle’s low center of gravity design and better weight distribution allow the car to create better lap times. S977 Viper designer is the famous Mr. Michael Salven. The new car is expected to be delivered to players in March, and shipments will begin worldwide by the end of February. Click- \u0026 gt; Here enter Serpent brand zone to participate in interaction
AXON Titanium LiHV series 5000mAh 100C 2S 7.6V competition-grade short-body hard-shell high-voltage lithium polymer battery (High Voltage Lithium Polymer Battery), adjusts the formula based on the original product, while maintaining the high-voltage lithium battery high-discharge platform and explosive power, Increasing the capacity by more than 20% and reducing the weight by 10%, helping players to obtain a more durable and long-lasting experience, suitable for F1 / Electric Room / Drift / 1: 10 Dian Yue / 1: 8 Dian Yue, etc. Product number: AX25000100. Please enterXpress launched the Execute FT1 1/10 FWD front-wheel race electric RV in October, and the entry-level model Execute FT1S FWD for this product was also officially released today. Based on FT1, S uses more cost-effective parts, including fiber baseplates and suspension frames, and gearboxes and suspension components are also replaced Xmaxx Tires with corresponding cost-effective models. Although it is an entry-level model, the FT1S still maintains t Dirt Modified Rc Car Bodies he characteristics and settings of the competition level. The front and rear anti-roll bars, aluminum shock absorbers, and front anti-collision integrated 30mm cooling fan holder are also include Top Rated Rc Cars d in the product. And compatible with FT1 car parts, allowing players / drivers to upgrade at any time. Please enter

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GForce from Japan introduced the TS120 Competition Black Aluminium Edition brushless electronic transmission. All black CNC process aluminum body, integrated switch, cooling fan design can be installed, and parame Mote Control Car ters can be set by programming card. 120A is suitable for 2S to 3S lithium batteries, with 6V / 3A BEC. Size: 39x38x20mm. Available this month.
– Current rating: 120A / 760A peak
– Motor limit: 3.5T / 2S or 5.5T / 3S
– Voltage input: 4.8V to 11.1V
– BEC system : 6V / 3A
– Dimensions: 39x38x20mm
– Weight: 48g without fan and wires

We saw photos before the product was released. This ESC is called Fleta Competition 2. The brand is MuchMore, which is actually produced by KO Propo. It only matches brushed motors and supports continuous currents up to 780A and instantaneous currents of 3120A. The data is powerful. The shell is made of carbon fiber, with a total weight of 18.8g

Control system-PWM control, variable f Used Rc Cars For Sale requency
Max. Instantaneous current-3120A (FET) < br> Max. continuous current-780A
Power supply-4.8-8.4V (with 4-7cells)
Applicable motor-DC brushed motors
Driving Frequency-0.9 ~ 12KHz (with 64steps)
Outp 27Mhz Remote Control ut coltage for receiver-6V (input 7.2V)
Output current for receiver-2A (Max. instaneous)

Axial Ax24257, Toddler Rc Car, Rc Car Shocks

Hot Bodies \u0026 amp; HPI launches the D8S RTR oil-powered off-road vehicle. Equipped with 2.4G remote control equipment, hand-drawn Nitro Star F3.5 engine. Derived from the frame genes of the world champion D8, the suspension of the D8S is the same as that of the world champion HB D8. The D8 upgrade parts of the Atsushi Hara version are common, and the D8S has good upgrade capabilities.
Features SummaryReady to Race version of the World Champion D8 buggy
Fitted with Nitro Star F3.5 engine
TF-40 / RF-40 2.4GHz 3-channel radio system with failsafe and drop-down steering wheel
Powerful SB-5 steering se Rc Car Shocks rvo
Toddler Rc Car SF-10W waterproof throttle / brake servo
4mm 7075 aluminium chassis with centralized weight balance
Easy radio tray removal for maintenance and cleaning
Composite chassis braces for extra driving feel
Lightening cut-outs under servos, engine and clutch bell
Tough oil-filled gear differentials
Spiral-cut diff gears for extra durability
Dual fiber disk brakes with easy-access adjustable linkage < br> Secure forward-mounted receiver \u0026 amp; battery box
Unique HB solid suspension arms
Silicone oil-filled HB Big Bore shocks with threaded aluminium bodies
HB Inverse Steering Block Design front end
Thick steel turnbuckles
Total adjustability: roll centre, wheelbase, camber, sway bar and more
Top quality HB racing wheels and tires Aluminium shock towers have multiple shock mounting positions
Quick access to all critical maintenance points
Dual Axial Ax24257 bellcrank steering with aluminium drag link
Cam type servo saver
Large fuel tank with internal baffles
Fuel tank clunk helps engine stay running if car is upside-down
All socket head hardware
Full set of rubber-sealed ball bearings

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Traxxas ’79 Chevy K-5 Blazer TRX-4 climbing car, with a nostalgic Chevrolet Trailblazer American SUV shape, recently shot a’ nostalgic short film ‘in a classic California location, a strong 70s lens. Enjoy together.

Protoform has released a preview of the latest 1 to 8 flat road car shell. The ca Large Rc Cars r shell is called P909. From the picture, the cockpit seems Traxxas Mini Slash to be similar to the MLC 908. The side walls are high and extend from the arc above the front wheel. It is similar to the European champion Xceed Zytek. effect.

Hot Bodies showed a dynamic picture of the new mid-range four-wheel drive Dentsu. This 1-10 SUV called Cyber ​​10B looks a bit like Yokomo’s B-Max. However, it is no wonder that B-Max has won the European Championship and the Japanese Championship this year. From the picture, the car shell is a new design, with a lower roof and front window, and a separate nose. The front and rear suspension are made of synthetic materials.

Pro-Line’s BullDog series shells are introduced by Team Associated B44.1 1:10 off-road buggy. The shell design can provide more steering effect when decelerating, and the center of gravity of Magic Tracks Rc Car the shell is also more Low, details are in this article. Source: Pro-Line []