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‘Brother, how do you look at this tire? Brother, do you look at this shield sticker handsome? Brother, do you see if I use this set of brushes OK? Brother, do you think this shock absorber is good? … … ‘
Brother, I want to buy an RR10, but now I change it like this and I don’t know why.
This kind of trouble is often experienced by every model friend. I want to buy the original car but listen to this and listen to that. In the end I have n’t played yet, I replaced the original parts with OP parts. Ask why this is ‘I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know’!
The structural design of the original car has its own set of balanced ratios, so you must be careful about OP without knowing the car.
In this issue of ‘I Say My Car’, let’s talk about a sultry, hidden, and outward-looking RR10 who likes to hide in the corner and is always a blockbuster. Make boring RR10.
The anchor is a cool music group invited to participate in the show ‘I said my car’: Li Yang, Master Li, and Li Beard. PS: Keke, it ’s just how good a person is.
The static point model JDMODEL launched the min Off Road Remote Control Car iature plunger directional valve, which has obtained the national utility model patent.
The main features of this model directional valve: the oil circuit design has a neutral oil return function, which reduces the power loss of the entire hydraulic system. The valve body and valve core are heat-treated with chrome steel to improve the reliability and service life of the directional valve. The 2-N circuit combination can be used to meet the requirements of different vehicle models. Each group of valves is assembled in parallel, and the 2-N valve body extension can be Best Remote Control Car Under 100 achieved only by superimposing a common valve body in the middle. Compact structure and small size, convenient layout, suitable for 9G size servo (torque needs more than 2.2KG), static point model w 1 10 Scale Accessories ith DMC809 metal steering gear. The directional valve is an important control element in the hydraulic system. Its performance determines the operating speed, operating frequency, proportional control effect, and linkage effect of the actuators of the oil cylinder or hydraulic motor. This valve is the fifth-generation directional valve of the static point model, which has certain improvement effects, but it can not fully achieve the same maneuverability as the real machine, such as full-scale control, excavator throwing and shaking operations, etc., static point model Will continue to develop better performance model directional valve and hydraulic system to improve the simulation of hydraulic models.

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