1 10 Scale Trailer, Hpi Blitz Parts, Bmw I8 Remote Control Car

H Bmw I8 Remote Control Car PI launche Hpi Blitz Parts s Super 5SC Flux RTR short-haul truck. 1/5 large-scale frame, usi 1 10 Scale Trailer ng Savage’s reliable transmission system, Flux Tork 2200KV motor. The Super 5SC is lighter than the Baja 5SC, so the Flux Tork motor can easily handle this new car. It can be fitted with Baja 5SC car shell, bumper and rim, equipped with TF-40 2.4GHz remote control equipment. For those who like a large percentage but do n’t want to play with gasoline cars, Super 5SC Flux is a good choice. 12

Effects after mounting tires and frame

T-Work ‘s launched DLC-coated suspension cores, which are suitable for BD8, T4 and MTC1 racing-grade electric RVs, making the suspension smoother. The first is for Yokomo BD8 / BD8’ 18 / BD7 electric RVs. There are 4 packs (product code TE-198-BD8) and 2 packs (product code TE-198-BD8-2).
Suitable for Xray T4 / 17/18, also equipped with 4 packs and 2 packs, product codes are TE-198-T4 and TE-198-T4-2.
Suitable for Mugen MTC1 style. It also has 4 sticks and 2 sticks. The product codes are TE-198-MTC1 and TE-198-MTC1-2.

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