1 10 Short Course Body, Traxxas Cars, Team Associated Rc10 Parts

SkyRC introduces the Toro 1S120 brushless electronic transmission, specifically designed for 1/12 race-grade electric flat cars. Built-in DC boost and capacitor, supp Team Associated Rc10 Parts ort to 3.5T motor, built-in 6V / 3A BEC, can be set using Skyrc programming card. 120A continuous current / 760A instant, support 1S lithium battery. New software, more accurate throttle and brake, better curve.

The upcoming European championship of 1 to 8 oil-powered flat Traxxas Cars road cars, all masters are flexing their muscles. We found something new in the pit area, such as the back pressure controller Massimo Fantini, which is installed on the back pressure silicone tube, which can be adjusted to save fuel on the track. In the tanker finals, fuel control is very important and may be the key to victory. Other players are using CRF back pressure regulators, and they can refuel in about 5 minutes.

The use of 2.4G in the RC world is becoming more and more popular. The biggest advantage is that it is convenient and not afraid of co-channel interference. As the big brother of remote control equipment, Japan’s Ko Propo will launch its own 2.4G system-2.4ghz ss system in 2008. The tuner is suitable for use in the EX1 UR 4-channel gun remote control (the remote control has the same shape as the EX1, but the 1 10 Short Course Body performance is improved a lot).

The home stadium of Yokomo in Japan, which once hosted the Yatabe Arena in 2002 and the 1-12 World Championship, has added a new area: indoor climbing grounds!

With the increasing popularity of climbing vehicles, this form is worthy of domestic reference.

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