1 16 E Revo Body, Redcat Lightning Epx, Traxxas Trx 4 Blazer

Unlimited Mugen Seiki from Japan released new spy photos of a new 4WD 1/10 electric RV called MTC1. The brand has always been Traxxas Trx 4 Blazer known for its gasoline-powered off-road vehicles and road bikes. It has won the world championship and its product line is full competiti Redcat Lightning Epx on.Teamsaxo released the new F1 RC car shell TS01097, which is suitable for most 1/10 F1 RC cars. The software design with the aid of fluid dynamics can effectively improve the aerodynamic performance, which is very suitable for m 1 16 E Revo Body edium and high-speed tracks.

We saw several new Proline / Protoform shells at the RCX exhibition.

R9-F car shell for 190mm trams, and Corvette C6-R for 200mm level running

Vortex shell for Associated B44 / B4, too p>

Traxxas Desert Rat Shell for Electric Rustler

Hudy launched the new 1/10 electric RV carpet track tires. The C1 special formula is specially designed for high-grip carpet pavement. The factory bonding is completed. Hudy uses a fully automated tire bonding line to ensure more accurate bonding. A pack of 4 contains a fitted inner tube.

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