1 16 Revo, Remote Control Car Shop Near Me, Rc Trophy Truck Kit

Virt Rc Trophy Truck Kit ual RC (hereinafter referr Remote Control Car Shop Near Me ed to 1 16 Revo as VRC) remote control model racing simulation game launched 1/8 Nitro GT3 group races. As gasoline-powered GT remote control cars around the world become more and more popular, VRC is also keeping up with the trend and launching corresponding competitions.
T-Work ‘s launched a screen protector for the new Sanwa M17 remote control. Designed for the flagship M17, it is precisely tailored at the factory to effectively prevent large screen scratches and easier to clean fingerprints left on the screen. Product number TA-085-M17 .Traction Hobby will participate in the Beijing Model Exhibition in April 2017. At that time, two new 1/8 climbing vehicles will be launched. Customers who love climbing vehicles are welcome to visit the Traction Hobby Pavilion, which is located in Hall A, Booth 2.

Proline driver Scott Hughes showed us pictures of the MBX6 production version while showing the factory’s new ‘wide version’ off-road tires. The car design is not radical, it is just an improvement on existing design concepts. MBX6 has a new helical gear that reduces noise. The frame is narrower and the center of gravity is rearranged to make the handling more sharp.

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