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The Tamiya model will launch the M- Cheap Rc Parts 05 RV with the NSU TT Jägermeister bodys New Rc Cars hell, which is of course the highlight of this prod 1.9 Tires uct. The NSU brand is relatively new. This German car company produced small passenger cars from 1958 to 1973. When you see the name TT, everyone may think of the Audi TT. In fact, the Audi TT ’s car name is from the commemorative record of the locomotive of the NSU locomotive in the British Isle of Man. The NSU is a legendary brand in Germany. . Tamiya’s product number 58649 has a high degree of body detail completion, including rearview mirrors and stickers are included in the product. The short-wheelbase M car is sensitive to control and is equipped with a shell that looks a bit ‘cute’. I believe the walking attitude It will be very cute.
In the past few months, VP PRO has been a little quiet in its main field of 1/8 Yuyue market. In fact, we have been committed to the development and testing of new tires for the past few months. When the world race is approaching, We are very pleased to launch our revolutionary achievement-covered tires. In today’s R / C competitions, the car is constantly upgraded, the engine and gear ratio are constantly upgraded. Tires, as an extremely important part of the car, are important to the performance of the car. It plays a decisive role. Therefore, we also need an innovative tire to fully improve the performance of the car. In view of the characteristics of the current car, we especially apply the technology of cloth covering to the VP PRO tire series. This will be a major The innovative technology is also specially designed for the 2010 Thailand World Championships, details are in this article. discussKo Propo launches a multi-function charger, PC-101L, which can charge a variety of batteries, including Lipo, Life, batteries, etc., and can use AC or DC power input. At present, KO only provides Japanese version information. Details are in this article. . Inch method: 154x150x54mm (except for the protruding part) Weight: 742g (for the main body) Power supply: AC100 ~ 240V / DC11 ~ 18V (for stable power supply, output capacity 10A or more (required)) Possible charging battery (number of batteries) : Lipo (リ ポ) バ ッ テ リ ー (1 ~ 6 セ ル) / Life (リ フ ェ) バ ッ テ リ ー (1 ~ 6 セ ル) / NiMH (ニ ッ ケ ル 水 素) (1 ~ 14 セ ル) / Ni-cd (ニ ッ カ ド) バ ッ バ リ ー (1 ~ 14 セ ル) ) / PB (Lead) バ ッ テ リ ー (2V

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