12.3 Wheelbase Rc Bodies, Dodge Challenger Rc Car, Rustler Transmission Upgrade

KM has just released several new products in the new year, including upgraded parts for Mugen MTX4 and Xray NT1! The first is the Droop KMR-A019 Chassis Droop Support Block, whic Rustler Transmission Upgrade h is made of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy.

Mugen MTX-4 18t and 23t pulleys.

Xray NT1 parts include new head straight shaft (Cup Joint interchangeable d Dodge Challenger Rc Car esign), lightweight two-speed seat.

After the Hong Kong Team C Racing was acquired by the HSP high-speed model, it was significantly more active, and ne 12.3 Wheelbase Rc Bodies w products were constantly introduced. The latest product was a Mini car shell (in the shape of a BMW Mini Cooper). Suitable for Tamiya M series 1/10 frame installation, transparent unpainted style, refer to the size of the mini real car for restoration.
This is a new version of Usukani ’s AR rear swing arm suspension system. The rear wheel seat Camber ball head is infinitely adjustable. The swing arm is adjustable toe in 0-4 degrees. And 3.0mm, CVD after Yokomo Type-b extension. Suitable for almost all 1/10 remote-controlled drift cars. This set of rear suspension is now complete with test samples. Usukani drivers are stepping up testing, and there will be some design changes in the future. The samples in the pictures do not represent the officially shipped version.
Japan’s O.S. will launch the Max-R21 3.5cc 1/8 gasoline road car engine. Based on the O.S Speed ​​R2102 model, it is replaced with more cost-effective components, which reduces costs so that more players can afford the price, and it is easier to adjust settings. Parameter Cylinder volume: 3.49cc Bore 16.08mm Stroke: 17.2mm Horsepower output: 2.75HP / 33,000RPM Speed ​​range 4,000 – 44,000RPM Weight: 350g

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