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Tamiya Tamiya model In the 1980s, one of the classic models Grasshopper (grasshopper, Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao Fans commonly known as grasshopper) will launch a new style, Grasshopper this 1/10 2WD remote control car may be the best-selling model in Tamiya history . In the fall of 2018, Tamiya will launch the Comical Grasshopper, which will be replaced with a newly designed car shell and comes with a classic Grasshopper sticker. The frame will use WR-02CB. With a length of 356mm, a width of 244mm, and a wheelbase of 170mm, it Micro Remote Control Cars has walking performance whether it is flat or off-road. With light cup, can install 5mm LED sold separately; two-piece ABS wheels and newly designed tires. Equipped with original TBLE-02S electronic transmission, support brushless and brushed motors (brushless supports 21.5 Turn, brushed supports 23 Turn). Part number 58662.
Crossrc recently launched Demon FR4 RTR. Correct! Ready to run, you only need to prepare the battery to jump over the peak. FR4 RTR c Traxxas Jato Parts ar shell is made of high quality Polycarbonate material and sprayed with special pearl paint. Has excellent impact resistance. High-brightness LED headlights have been installed at the factory, which is fully prepared for all-weather climbing.

FR4 RTR version uses the same transmission assembly as the KIT version. The forward and reverse transmission modes can be changed according to personal preference. The central drive shaft and power input shaft are made of all-metal CVD, which can adapt to powerful power output. The gearbox and transfer case use a carbon-blend nylon housing with all-metal gears, which is rugged and reliable, and reduces noise.
G2 axle adopting carbon nylon material and stainless 120A Esc steel powder metallurgy gear, the structure is strong, reasonable and lightweight.

Similar to the KIT version, the suspension adopts CNC twisted tooth suspension, and is equipped with an exclusive double-pitch suspension spring. Allow the vehicle to climb obstacles smoothly and comfortably.

The power equipment uses Hobbywing 1060 brushed waterproof ESC and Crossrc35T’s own brushed motor with heat dissipation. Up to 3S LIPO batteries can be used, with long-lasting power.

The steering gear adopts the 23KG metal gear digital steering gear customized by Crossrc. The steering is precise and high torque.

The original factory is equipped with 2.4GHz remote control equipment, which is light, stable and saves power.
Crossrc’s latest Demon FR4 RTR is compatible with all original and upgraded parts of the original FR4, which makes it easier for you to build a unique high-performance climbing vehicle.
For more details, consult your local distributor or click the link below for the latest information.

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