12Mm Rc Wheels, Traxxas Slash Drag Car, Rc Decals

Elangear Rc Decals s introduces the new Elan R ACDC multi-chemisty charger. Supports 1S to 6S LiXX Traxxas Slash Drag Car (lithium battery) and 1 to 14 NiXX batteries, and also supports 2-20V battery charging. Can use 100-240V AC power input, can also use 11 to 16V DC power input, with a 5V / 1.5A USB charging interface, with multiple charging interfaces for players to choose. The body uses a one-button control design and an orange-backlit LCD display.

HARD Racing has released two new NiMH battery packs, one is a 7.2V long battery (3300mah), and the other is a 6V receiver (1500mah). The two products are processed using Competition Electronics Turbo 35 GFX charger To ensure that the product has high performance. I believe the 7.2v battery pack is ideal for entry players.

Source: HARD [hard-racing.com]
Source: Redrc.net

I set up a TT02 Lanqiya some time ago, made a time-lapse video, and took some photos today to cooperate. TT02, TAMIYA’s entry car, a price of several hundred yuan, a simulated car shell, i 12Mm Rc Wheels t is very good. Power is the most common brushless sensor. The steering gear 1251 is the original remaining power, which is directly installed, which is enough for TT02. The whole car changed bearings and upgraded metal shock absorbers. Nothing else moved, and no other OP was necessary. The car was originally an entertainment car, and too many OPs were unnecessary. The car shell is really strenuous. The sticker covers a large area and is not easy to paste. It is also soapy water and a hair dryer. The interior cockpit is made of dozens of yuan. The other is the TT01D, which is a classic Subaru shell, which is compatible with Lancia.

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