12V Ride On Jeep With Remote Control, Traxx Rc, 70 Mph Rc Car

Jingshang launched the Inferno ST US Sports oil-powered truck. Its biggest feature is that it is equipped with the latest 12-memor 70 Mph Rc Car y unit, digital LCD Traxx Rc remote control, and high-torque steering gear that provides excellent steering. The car uses the GXR28 engine and full-body bearings, while the force-receiving part of the transmission (such as the large gear position of the gearbox) is reinforced with an additional metal sleeve to make the car stronger.

-Equipped with an easy-start high-power GXR28 engine with one-way bearingless pull starter.
-Front and rear diffs use machined, hardened steel spiral ring and pinion gears.
-Teflon clutch shoes.
-Hardened clutch bell and spur gear.
-Set the 12V Ride On Jeep With Remote Control end-points etc with the multifunctional Perfex 14 digital transmitter with LCD display, 12 model memory, end-point adjustment, digital sub-trim and more.
-Body comes complete with unique color scheme.
-Factory-assembled chassis shares the same tough characteristics and low center of gravity as the World Championship winning Inferno 777.
-Includes hand-welded manifold and tuned muffler.
-Full ball bearings throughout for maximum efficiency through the drive system.
-Long suspension arms provide tons of travel and a super wide stance.
-Compatible with many INFERNO ST-R standard and option parts.
-Shaft-driven 4WD with a long-wheelbase chassis and ultra-long suspension arms.

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