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Rc Camaro, Rc Robot Car, Hpi Rs4 Sport 3

Team Associated (AE) has launched a series of stiffer TC5 RV parts, which are best suited for high grip and sponge tires. The stiffer material reduces the deformation of the suspension parts, which makes the car softer in high-grip venues.

# 31203 TC5 Front Suspension Arms (Hard)

# 31204 TC5 Rear Suspension Arms (Hard)
# 31555 TC5 0 Deg. Castor Blocks (Hard)
# 31556 TC5 2 Deg. Castor Blocks (Hard)
# 31557 TC5 4 Deg. Castor Blocks (Hard)
# 31558 TC5 6 Deg. Castor Blocks (Hard)
# 31561 TC5 Front Steering Blocks (Har Hpi Rs4 Sport 3 d)
# 31562 TC5 0 Deg. Rear Hubs (Hard)
# 31563 TC5 0.5 Deg. Rear Hubs (Hard) )
# 31564 TC5 1 Deg. Rear Hubs (Hard)

Thank you for your support and love for EMRACING’s Tyrant series products (Tyrant Bigfoot)! In the past two years, we have made many innovative attempts in product after-sales, and collected and sorted out relevant data on the after-sales service of Tyrant series products. Based on this, we decided to officially disclose our official name in 2017. After-sales service strategy, in order to provide model lovers with a broader after-sales experience, so that everyone can rest assured to Rc Robot Car buy! have fun! If you encounter a problem during the use of the product, you can obtain the contact information of the after-sales staff by scanning the QR code on the packaging, and Rc Camaro our after-sales specialists will be at your service at any time!
After-sales scope:
1. If the plastic parts of the whole car are broken within 3 years, they will be replaced free of charge. (Except PC shell)
2. The whole vehicle electronic equipment is guaranteed for one year. (Except for gear sweeping of the steering gear)
Service time limit:
1. Nylon parts will be sent within 3 working days after the customer provides the vehicle bar code and photo of the break
2. Parts for electronic equipment warranty will be sent to customer service Shipment within 10 working days after the person receives the defective part.
Transportation cost:
The transportation cost of the after-sales part shall be borne by the customer.
After-sales process:
Scan the QR code (on the product packaging) to get the contact information of the customer service staff ▼
Contact the customer service staff to explain the required after-sales content ▼
Provide the unique barcode of the product ▼
Send the fault Electronic equipment or send photos of broken plastic parts ▼
After-sales processing ▼
Parts sent

Traxxas Mustang, Panasonic Eneloop Batteries, Traxxas Tqi Link

Xray introduces the aluminum XB808 adjustable hub, manufactured by CNC, using high-quality 7075 T6 Swiss aluminum, which greatly improves the strength and du Traxxas Tqi Link rability! The rolling center can be adjusted. The link link has three optional holes for the player to adjust the angle of the rolling center. Two spacers can be added to raise the rolling center by up to 2mm. < br>

CNC-machined from premium lightweight Panasonic Eneloop Batteries Swiss 7075 T6 aluminium, hardcoated for extra durability and long life, it offers new and unique possibility to adjust the roll-center in 1: 8 off road cars. The upright has 3 holes where the upper linkage can be mounted by aluminum ball with thread, while aluminium shims can be used for increasing or decreasing angle of roll center. Smart Xray engineering includes the use of composite bushings to secure ball-bearings in both sides of the hub carrier, allowing perfect fitment and smooth operation to ultimately impart much higher lifespan compared to bearings installed directly into aluminium hub carriers. Additional roll center adjustments are possible through the use of composite roll center bushings which can be inse Traxxas Mustang rted in two different orientation positions for th e pivot pin. Holes in the upper position give + 2mm upper roll center, while holes in the lower position are equal to the standard composite roll center position.

Source: Xray [] \u0026 amp;

Rc Car That Drives On Water, Magic Tracks Remote Control, Rc Pickup Truck

Muchmore is very professional and in-depth Rc Pickup Truck in tram products, and the products are recognized by players from Magic Tracks Remote Control all over the world. Muchmore announced today that they have entered the oil market and launched RC fuel, which I believe will soon enter China!

< p> Source: RC FORUM
Arrowmax Introduces New CNC Craft Aluminum 1/8 Flat Road Set Wheels. Las Rc Car That Drives On Water er engraved Arrowmax logo, suitable for the setting of 1/8 flat road cars of major brands.
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Medial Pro, a famous French tire brand, recently issued a statement that due to falling profits, rising costs, and competition from various cheap tires from Asia. The plant owner, Eric Bertrand, decided to sell the plant. Medial Pro has a history of nearly 20 years and has won many awards.

Traxxas’ X-Maxx is called the Big X by Fans, and it supports strong 8S power. Whether it is walking at high speed or flying up the slope, this big truck can’t be beat. Enjoy the latest video Ultimate 8s Monster Truck Fun | Traxxas X-Maxx.

Traxxas E Revo 1 16 Body, Rc Drift Wheels, Baja 5B Rc Car

Beiwei 卅 DTT hoist baby closed Baja 5B Rc Car gasoline remote control car gear box officially launched, after a long wait, changed the traditional ideas of the past, the new closed gear box in the case of appearance upgrades, manufacturers can n Rc Drift Wheels ot ignore the car we give us Benefits.
First of all, the closed design can effectively reduce the noise caused by gear friction (reservation of oil filling space), and at the same time avoid the sand and stone teeth caused by the open differential bracket of the original car, and effectively protect the large and small teeth.
Second, the components are perfectly connected, and there is no need to adjust the clearance ratio multiple times due to the problem of gear clearance.
In addition, due to the shrinkage of nylon products during the manufacturing process, the size control cannot be compared with CNC processing. Beiwei 卅 closed gearboxes are made of 6061T6 high-strength aluminum alloy. On the chassis, there has been a huge increase in product concentricity, balance and verticality.
JConcepts introduces a low center of gravity rear wing frame for the Associated B44 off-road vehicle. The height of the rear wing can be reduced by 7mm, and the center of gravity is further reduced. The product is made of high-strength 6061 T6 aluminum and can be directly mounted on the B44 frame. In terms of aerodynamics, jumping is smoother. 123

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Traxxas Spartan Upgrades, Traxxas 1 16, Xinlehong 9125

* Three evaluation videos are provided for your reference. The power of the package in the video is Xinlehong 9125 2300KV, and the video content only represents my personal opinion.
Recommendation: 1200KV is the perfect choice for linearity. 1800KV is recommended for Traxxas 1 16 JK, ghost pipe racks and two-speed vehicles, and 2300KV is recommended for simulation performance.
[attach] 3645492 [/ attach]
Features of concern:
1.FOC drive, perfectly linear, super Strong torque
RC industry is the first to use FOC (field-oriented control) driving method for climbing vehicle power system. Low-speed torque is very powerful, and it runs very smoothly at very low speed, far exceeding the ordinary brushless power system. Better than brushed power, the best choice for climbing vehicles.
2. Intelligent torque output and speed closed-loop control, easy to handle.
When the car is climbing, the ESC automatically increases the output torque to overcome the resistance to go uphill smoothly. Steady control of vehicle speed. Intelligent output torque makes handling so easy.
3. Exquisite and professional drag brake adjustment, super strong parking capacity on the slope.
Very delicate drag brake force and drag brake acceleration adjustment to meet different vehicle models, different venues and different control habits. The maximum drag brake force can be set to 200%, that is, the drag brake force is about twice that of an ordinary brushless power system, providing superb hill parking capacity.
4.Built-in Bluetooth, directly connect with mobile phone APP (it is very convenient Traxxas Spartan Upgrades to carry mobile phones with you)
ESC has built-in Bluetooth module, you can connect to mobile phone APP for parameter setting, data reading, firmware upgrade, etc. Simple and convenient
5. Efficient driving to ensure battery life
The entire set of power is driven by FOC. Compared with BLDC brushless and brushed power, it has higher efficiency and less heat, which effectively extends the battery life. Thanks to the sine wave driving method, the motor runs quieter and more compliant.
6. Rich and applicable parameters
The ESC is rich in 11 adjustable parameters and supports Turbo timing. When the road conditions are good, release the maximum speed of the motor.
* Haoying has a series of waterproof ESC and other word of mouth, so I will not include this set of power waterproof features.
1. Hobbywing AXE Brushless Kit CNRC Climbing Club Indoor Venue Evaluation
Fruit:KM Racing introduces special tools for engine bearing disassembly. It is easy and simple to use this tool to disassemble and disassemble the engine bearing. Suitable for all 12- and 21-level engines.
New from KM Racing is this engine bearing tool kit that allows the easy installation and removal of bearings. Made from high quality steel it is easy to use and suitable for all .12 and .21 size engines using the company’s different range of adapters and collets. The adapter and collet sets is sold separately and comes in 11.5mm and 11.9 – 12mm versions for .12 engines and in 14mm and 14.4mm versions for .21 engines.

200 Mph Rc Car, Epochair Remote Control Car, Traxxas Rustler Body

Atomic RC will launch AMZ 4WD mini Traxxas Rustler Body remote control car (mosquito car, Kyosho Mini-Z size). The frame made of carbon fiber floor and second floor, with double rocker suspension, can adjust droop, toe and camber parameters. Can use 2S 7.4V lithium battery, with special electronic transmission made by Hobbywing and 2.4GHz FHSS remote control. Atomic’s mosquito car is 20% lighter than MA-015 (RTR model), and the new car will be unveiled at TMWC 2013 (Thailand Mini-Z World Champions Epochair Remote Control Car hip).

(1) Chassis compatible with Mini-Z ASC series
(2) 20% weight decrease compare MA-015 (in Ready to Run mode)
(3) Professional micro brushless speed control cooperation with world leading brand HobbyWing. (Support programming adjustment).
(4) Front and rear double swing arm, for F / R droop, toe-in / out, camber … etc.
(5) Front and rear ball diff. and universal drive included.
(6) IAS grease shock for easy to setup ride height and weight balance. Excellent (7) shock absorption.
(7) Machine cut carbon fiber chassis and flex. upper deck. < 200 Mph Rc Car br> (8) 64 pitch gears, aplenty range gear ratios.
(9) Li-po 2S 7.4V platform.
(10) 2.4Ghz FHSS proportional 3Ch radio transmitter included.
( 11) Ready for Lexan body. (Optional item, not include in kit)

Traxxas Rally Car, Traxxas Bandit Drag Car, Xmods Rc Cars

XRS RACING introduces remote control car accessories, titanium-plated gray bit, Xmods Rc Cars the size includes 1.5,2.0,2.5,3.0 * 120MM. It is made of high-speed steel imported from Germany, nano-titanium Traxxas Bandit Drag Car -plated gray, and hardened. The hardness is extremely high, and it is not easy to slip. This batch of products can replace the handle cores of other brands on the market. Please enter
Xceed RC introduces special rim cutting tools for 1/8 and 1/10 flat road remote control cars. The main function of this tool is to thin the material of the inner wall of the rim to make the rim more elastic, thereby increasing a certain grip.

Alien Racing celebrates its success at the IFMAR World Race in July with the launch of a limited edition Legend 12.1 World Edition electric flat road car. The new car will be sold by custom production. Buyers will only produce one when they order a factory, and the order time is short, limited to August 20 to Traxxas Rally Car September 17, and shipments will begin in October. This special edition of 12 dolls adopts a linkless or T-plate suspension design. The factory claims that this can improve suspension efficiency and improve handling. I believe that this product has fewer players in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.
RDRP (Revolution Design) launches Ultra Shock Stand (Suspension Storage Stand), which is suitable for 1/10 remote control car suspension in the process of disassembly and filling of suspension oil. With large-capacity shock absorber holes, made of 7075-T6 aluminum. The appearance of the bracket is also printed with scales, which is convenient for players to measure and check the shock and rebound situation.

Mini Remote Control Helicopter, Losi Mini 8, Rpm Rc Products

Nosram launches the Pearl EvolutionPearl ISTC electronic transmi Rpm Rc Products ssion. After winning the first brushless world championship at the Th Losi Mini 8 ai World Championships last year, Nosram has finally launched an ISTC (World Championship) version of the electronic transmission. Nosram’s new products can maintain extremely low operating temperature, using the newly developed XPS.3 software, with 10 sets of parameter memory, suitable for all levels of motors and events, the braking performance has also been improved, and has 10 different braking parameter settings . One of the biggest advantages of Pearl speedo is its small size, 30.5mm x 34.0mm!

Source Mini Remote Control Helicopter : Nosram [] \u0026 amp;

Hong Kong KM Racing’s K8 – Killer Eight 1/8 Gas Turbine is coming soon! The new car adds a lot of new designs and features, including:
1. Ultra-low center of gravity, only 25mm height difference between the floor and the second floor
2. Two anti-roll bars
3. Easy maintenance
4. Adjustable torsion design on the front of the second floor
5. The receiving position is placed on the electric side, the frame is more balanced
6. Different weights can be installed on the bottom plate
7. Brand new aluminum Parts made of 7075-T6 aluminum
At the 2014 Tokyo Model Show, Kyosho Kyosho exhibited an upgraded version of the TF6 1/10 race-level electric RV. New base plates, upgraded front and rear gearboxes, and motor mounts all appear on the TF6, and floating battery mounts can greatly reduce unnecessary frame twisting in corners. Floating rudder mounts are already standard. As a world-renowned brand, Kyosho has achieved excellent results in off-road vehicles and remote control vehicles in oil house series. Only 1/10 race-level electric houses have not achieved breakthroughs in the world for many years. Will this new TF6 car be next month IFMAR World Cup Breakout? Change everyone’s impression of Kyosho’s top electric house? Please wait and see!

Team Associated Rc18Mt, Jato 3.3 Upgrades, 1 16 Revo

Arrowmax int 1 16 Revo roduces model-specific tools and bearing measurement tools, detailed information in this article. A dazzli Jato 3.3 Upgrades ng metallic purple, aluminum alloy anodized hollow handle, combined with a unique and proprietary spring steel material, create a perfect professional tool for the ‘AM’ brand model. The strong and unique spring steel material makes the core longer life and more efficient fixing and rotation. The joint between the batch core and the handle is locked by screws and completely fixed. At the end of the tool, you can identify different styles through the back cover of different colors, such as purple, black, and silver. The handle can also use aperture to identify different sizes. ‘AM’ tool series are complete in style, including: hexagonal, ball head, sleeve, cross, single word, approved, hook approved. We believe that the unique metallic purple color, plus the spiral twill handle, beautiful appearance and practical functions, plus a very affordable and reasonable price will make you impressed, and use it easily and comfortably. ‘AM’ recently introduced a bearing measurement tool with a 15mm scale, which will be more widely suitable for future vehicle use. Its beautiful appearance and lightweight design will bring users more enjoyment.Hobbyking’s Turnigy 1/16 Mini Rally is coming to China. Suspension, suspension and other components are adjustable design, including toe, camber, and vehicle height parameters can be adjusted. Four-wheel drive, equipped with 2040-4800kv brushless motor, 25A electronic transmission, support 2-3S lithium battery. Simulation of the traction wheels and tires, players only need to configure additional remote control equipment and batteries to start playing.
Click here- \u0026 gt; Enter the RCFans rally car discussion forum to participate and interact
Hydraulic adjustable shock absorber
Anti-roll bar
Lightweight frame
Adjustable suspension
15g strong steering servo
Brushless power
Aluminum upgrades will be introduced
Motor: Brushless 2040-4800kv
Electronic transmission: 25A Brushless 2 ~ 3S (With backing)
Transmission: Full-time 4WD, double differential w Team Associated Rc18Mt ith limited slip
Length: 325mm
Width: 180mm
Height: 122mm (with car shell)

Remote Control Car Shop Near Me, Rc Trophy Truck Kit, Led Lights For Rc Cars

Continually encountered the problems of some model friends, for longer travel suspension, the car shell was raised, and the suspension adjustment could not reach the ideal state. Here is some analysis and sharing on the overall adjustment of the suspension. I hope to help more model friends.
Opening picture
How much is the height of the waist? The box is closer to 15cm
Let ’s look at the original state without adjustment
Compared to see the difference
You can see that in the original state, the beam tilt angle is larger (body), which affects the instability of the center of gravity on the beam (easier to roll over) ), And pay attention to the original state, the rear wheels are off the ground, so the suspension and twisting of the waist is not simply the pursuit of the height of the lifting wheel, but the maximum height of the lifting wheel is, the overall stability of the vehicle body. Go away
Some people may say that the R1 shock absorber is 107mm long, which is a larger part than the original 95mm, and the car shell will rise. Is this really the case?
Let’s take a look at the original state first.
It is true that the car shell is a lot taller. Everybody notices that the Led Lights For Rc Cars re is a default standard for the height of the car shell. The front face fits the front bumper and the rear bumper fits the rear bumper. Beyond this standard, the car shell is raised again, which is the impact of shock absorption.
Let ’s take a look at the height after training.
Is it quite coordinated?
Let ’s Rc Trophy Truck Kit compare it again, notice that during the R1 suspension Remote Control Car Shop Near Me itself, no changes have been made.
Okay, after reading the relevant comparison, let ’s start the actual tuning.
———— ——————- Hands-on tuning boundary ————————— –
Confirm the original suspension assembly status
Select the adjustment parts first, and the suspension elevation adjustment parts (high twisted tooth position adjustment)
Test that the original bracket and the third-party related hole position match are normal Installation
Initial installation situation
I found a problem here. If a round head or cup head screw is used, the gap between the suspension and the heightening part is very small. If the waist is twisted, the suspension can be tilted longitudinally and it is easy to touch. When it comes to the shock absorber, the situation is even worse if the shock is thicker.
Using the usual method, lengthening the gasket, the problem comes again, and the shock longitudinally becomes a negative inclination. The stability is not good.
So start, polish the adjusting parts.
Install again. The reserved clearance is better.
However, the adjustment of the suspension pad position at the upper end of the suspension is always limited because of the longitudinal tilt angle. Yes, so Start with the lower fulcrum of the suspension
But you can see here that the original lower suspension bracket seems to have no adjustment space at all
So the third-party porous lower suspension bracket is applied, and this limit point is broken out
> Obtained a better vertical tilt angle
Then we go back to our original twisting problem
Let ’s take a look at this position
You can see that the adjusted top dead center of the suspension compression is greatly Improve, according to the original state, when the waist is twisted, the bridge tilts, and the suspension quickly reaches the end point. Continue to go up, that is, the beam is directly pushed, so this stability can easily affect the rollover.
After tuning, the compression stops The point is raised to the beam close to the horizontal line, which can ensure the stability of the beam in a large space.
Let’s take a look at the real car again. The same tuning performance principle
Okay, the main problem is solved, let’s look at the horizontal direction of the adjusting part Inclination effect
A reasonable lateral inclination angle can make the shock absorber get better feedback sensitivity when approaching obstacles.
I hope that some technical analysis in this article can help everyone. RC learning to share and discuss knowledge is the happiest.