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Xmaxx Parts, Traxxas Slash Lcg Chassis, Radio Shack Golden Arrow

After months of research and development, VBC Racing has launched their next-generation racing-grade electric RV WildFire D10. The D10 frame is completely redesigned, using a number of revolutionary parts, and 80% of the vehicle ’s components have been Radio Shack Golden Arrow updated; including a carbon fiber base plate, adjustable aluminum car body pillars, IsoFlex (CIL) central twist link, and a new TBBS suspension and brand new steering system. The WildFire D10’s handling experience will be better and more accurate. The V-Brace design at the rear will allow the car to obtain excellent grip on low-grip tracks. The barrel of the T Traxxas Slash Lcg Chassis BBS-P shock absorber uses a diamond-cut surface, making the shock absorber extremely smooth and precise. Product number D-05-VBC-CK31.
New parts include
-2 chassis (USA Graphite and 7075-T6), the new anti tweak battery mount
-alu Xmaxx Parts minium body height adjuster, aluminium hard anodised front spool cups
-2mm Carbon Center IsoFlex Linkage (CIL) for D10
-Aluminium Center IsoFlex Linkage (CIL) for D10
-2 sets of the new VBC TBBS Springs (8pcs)
-Grade 2 hard anodised ball connectors throughout the whole kit < br>Ruddog introduces the new RP1206 short-body servo, suitable for 1/10 remote control cars. It is designed for race requirements. It uses a black anodized aluminum housing, strong metal gears and a coreless (hollow cup motor) motor. Double bearing design and laser engraved logo. Compatible with high pressure, torque up to 12kg-cm, speed 0.06 seconds. 80mm and 180mm cable models are provided for players to choose, and both the off-road and RV can be neatly wired.
Torque (6.0V): 10.0 kg-cm
Speed ​​(6.0V): 0.07sec
Torque (7.4V): 12.0 kg-cm
Speed ​​(7.4V) : 0.06 sec
Operating Voltage: 6.0 ~ 8.4 DC Volts
Weight: 52.0 g
Bearing Type: Ball Bearing x 2
Motor Type: Coreless Motor
Gear Type: Titanium \u0026 amp; Aluminium < br> Operating Temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃
Working frequence: 1520μs / 333hz
Size: 41.0 x 20.0 x 26.4 mm

Max 8 Esc, Rc Car Race Track, Traxxas Nitro 4X4

Muchmore introduces new products, including World Series II EVO 12v DC output power supplies and solder mounts. Traxxas Nitro 4X4 Am Rc Car Race Track ong them, the DC output power supply supports a maximum of 24A, a peak of 30A / 0.5 seconds, a built-in cooling fan and overload protection, and there are two types of black and blue for players to choose. The new welding seat makes it easy for tram players to solder motors, transformers and various plugs.

The Muchmore Racing Power Master World Edition II EVO 12V DC Power Supply incorporates even more racer-requested features, for the ultimate in performance and convenience!
• Produces 24 amps of constant current with a peak of 30A / 0.5 seconds
• The built-in cooling fan runs only when needed
• Equipped with overload short c Max 8 Esc ircuit protection
• Features an easy-to-read blue LED power status indicator
• Compact ( 5.3 x 5.7 x 2 in) and lightweight (1.6 lb)
• Encased in sturdy anodized aluminum, in black or blue

Soldering stand

With the Muchmore ™ Racing Soldering Station , modelers can concentrate on soldering without worrying about keeping their connectors steady!

• Handy jig holds components securely so modelers can focus on soldering
• Eight different marked holes (2.0-5.0 mm) hold male and female connectors upright
• A clamp with thumbscrew holds an ESC or Deans \u0026 reg; connector in place
• Made of machined black anodized alum inum with no-slip rubber feet
• Takes up virtually no space on the workbench!

Traxxas Stampede 2Wd Upgrades, Xmaxx 8S Body, Ecx Temper Gen 2 Upgrades

Motonica has launched an upgrade kit to upgrade the P81 Pro to the latest P81 RS. The kit includes a floating equipment board, an aluminum anti-roll bar mount, a hydraulic mount with more fixing points, and various aluminum parts to enhance the frame. The tail is rigid.

Source: Motonica [] Ecx Temper Gen 2 Upgrades EM>

There are two versions of this set of drift car simulation calipers, which are large and small models, which simulate 4 pistons (small) and 6 pistons (large). In order to pursue a higher degree of simulation, Usukani specifically divided the large calipers into mirrored left and right styles. The front of the calipers is left blank, and players can freely diy stickers to meet more simulation customization requirements. The side fixing method refers to the fixed position of MST, compatible with PDS and compatible with MST Steering knuckle; the depth of the fixing hole can be adjusted, and a 2mm thick shim is provided to adjust the distance. Caliper color: red, black, titanium gray.

Mon-Tech from Italy has launched two 1/10 rally remote control car shells-WR1 and WR2. The two shells will be sold as the brand’s Xmaxx 8S Body rally WR series products. Made of high-quality polycarbonate (polycarbonate) material, with good anti-collisi Traxxas Stampede 2Wd Upgrades on performance. The two shells are manufactured to imitate the appearance of a real rally car, but have not been licensed for a real car, so there are no real car logos.

T-Work’s Racing introduces appearance stickers for Airtronics / Sanwa M11 and M11X remote control, carbon fiber appearance. The brand has previously launched stickers for MT-4.

Source: T -Work’s [] \u0026 amp;

Tesla Remote Control Car, Axial Scx10 Accessories, Rpm Shock Tower Rustler

The 1/8 flat road car has always been hailed as the ‘F1’ among remote control model cars, because in the world of racing remote control cars, the 1/8 flat road Rpm Shock Tower Rustler car has the fastest acceleration, the highest speed, an Axial Scx10 Accessories d the control feeling is full. Real racing fun! Owning a 1/8 on road (flat road car) is the dream of countless fans. I have never heard of an entry product for a 1/8 flat road car. After all, this is one of the highest-level remote control model cars, and there are few novices. Beginning to get in touch with 1/8 level road cars, coupled with higher prices, many people are discouraged. Now the Italian company Motonica allows you to complete Tesla Remote Control Car the 1/8 level car dream, Motonica launchedTeam Associated (AE) launched the 1/28 RC10 Jammin ’Jay Halsey RC28 mini remote control model car. This new car is a replica of the 1985 IFMAR 1/10 2WD Buggy world championship. RC28 built-in integrated electronic transmission receiver, proportional servo, 2.4G remote control, RTR play out of the box. Part number 20156.

In 1985, AE ’s RC10 won the first IFMAR Electric Off-Road World Race at the Ranch Pit Shop circuit in California, USA. Since 1977, AE has won 29 IFMAR World Championship titles, Team Associated (AE ) Is a veritable world championship team of RC remote control cars.

Team Orion changed its name to HB Racing after acquiring Hot Bodies. The brand recently launched a new car, the RGT8 1/8 gasoline-powered GT road car. Developed based on the world champion oil-powered off-road vehicle D815 platform, with race-level DNA, and a large number of D815 parts in common, including strong transmission components. Because it is a flat car, the RGT8 will be equipped with a two-speed, single-case suspension rocker arm, a 16mm large-capacity shock absorber, a lightweight gear differential (gear ratio 43/13), and a steel connecting rod. The bottom plate is a 70mm aluminum model with a thickness of 3mm. In addition to the aluminum bottom plate, aluminum materials are also used for the C seat, steering seat, and steering arm. Quickly dismountable equipment box, standard front and rear anti-roll bars, Kit model, let players match rim tires, car shells, engines and remote control equipment. Part # HB115770.

Lamborghini Remote Control Car, Imax B6 Charger, Ecx Circuit Parts

GRC launched the Traxxas TRX-4 Guard Ecx Circuit Parts s wireless linkage SMD lamp group G150PD, which for the first time uses a professional commercial light-emitting aluminum-based lamp board as the RC remote control Imax B6 Charger lamp. With 4-channel wireless linkage light control G150, high power load capacity, 12-channel light output, you can set different modeling lights DIY. SMD Lamborghini Remote Control Car aluminum-based lamp board is fully waterproof. SMD aluminum-based lamp board is fully waterproof. SMD aluminum-based light board with independent two sets of daytime running lights can be independently controlled through the fourth channel to create a variety of personalized lighting effects.

Display of main parts of the lamp group: Adopt professional commercial SMD aluminum-based lamp board, heat dissipation is faster and more stable.

Introduction of lighting configuration TRX-4 Defender original lamp housing can directly install SMD aluminum-based lamp board

The adapter board (the plug Connection board) G150 wireless 4-channel linkage light control wireless light control receiver with two output ports: traditional universal PH2.0 DIP (straw hat) LED light cable and expansion port. The SMD light board and the adapter board are directly inserted into the wireless light control expansion output port. T4 Guardian special SMD light board is connected to G150 light control, there are still 2 lights for DIY. Explore and open your own light. For more product details, welcome to Taobao GRC TRX4 wireless lamp set. Or log in to the official storeIn order to better take care of the Chinese market, Serpent Corporation decided to set up a branch in China, Serpent China.
The main purpose of the establishment of Snake Tsai China, in addition to actively supporting Chinese agents and distributors, to increase the promotion of Snake Tsai as a brand in China, the Chinese culture of new product information and technical support to customers are also snake The main job of Aberdeen China. The most important thing is to provide more domestic market feedback for European headquarters, so that Snake products are more suitable for the actual demands of Chinese market players.
In the foreseeable future, Snake Tsai China will set up a team directly under the brand to provide more intuitive technical assistance for Snake Tsai players.
Senior modeller John Ho He Zhanxiang will also officially join Snake China and serve as the director of operations.
For those interested in Snake products, please email to [email protected] If you have any questions about snake products, please also welcome to the official snake area on RCFans

New Bright Rc Trucks, Traxxas Blast Upgrades, Traxxas Rustler 4X4 Vxl Body

HPI launches Savage XS SS Traxxas Rustler 4X4 Vxl Body Kit version of Bigfoot Remote Control Car. Kit version of the new car adds orange plated suspension, integrated front and rear drive shafts, aluminum motor mounts, waterproof receiver box, 2.2 ‘Savage XS tires and other upgrades. Various types of 1/10 electro Traxxas Blast Upgrades nic equipment can be used, fully compatible with 2S power System, even to 3S, there is no problem at all. Compared to RTR (version with remote control equipment and electronic equipment), Kit version has more freedom. Players New Bright Rc Trucks can match high-performance electronic equipment and power equipment by themselves, and can also add various types of upgrades and modifications. Accessories, enjoy the entire loading process. Kit version of the Savage XS SS truck is believed to have a certain playing experience and the favorite goal of high-end players.


Self- build SS kitFits standard size 1 / 10th scale electronics of your choiceWaterproof receiver boxAluminum shocks with threaded bodiesOrange-anodized shock hardwareAll-metal bulletproof drivetrainFront and rear universal driveshaftsE-Clip Eliminator suspension shaftsTough steel adjustable turnbuckles2.2 ″ Savage XS tiresNew design 6-spoke chrome -plated wheelsShock towers have multiple shock mounting positionsQuic k access to the front or rear differential by removing just 4 screwsCam type servo saverSpacious battery box w / locking battery box doorAll socket head hardwareDual pad slipper clutchFull set of ball bearingsAluminum motor plate with 4 motor mounting positionsAluminum hex hubsTVP (Twin Vertical Plate) chassisIntegrated chassis carry handleTough 4-gear differentialsAluminum front and rear suspension bracesStainless steel bulkhead lower platesFront and rear skid plate bumpers


Rc Magnetic Body Mounts, Rc Lamborghini Huracan, Traxxas 4 Tec

Manufacturer ’s Cup is different from other games in that it focuses more on the experience of the audience. Major factories and teams battled together, and the audience reached 3,000! This Coeur d’ Alene temporary track is for spectators, and the solid ground provides the fastest speed.

JConcepts ’new rubber formula“ Cross Hairs ”is obviously very suitable for this track and won the first preliminary round.

T Traxxas 4 Tec eam Durango introduces the new DEX8T 1/8 Brushless Electric Race Truck (E-Truggy). Newly designed suspension components, a long wheelbase frame, a 3mm 7075 aluminum base plate, a 16mm large-capacity shock absorber, a patent-pending gear snap-in design, a finished Rc Lamborghini Huracan car shell, and a more durable tail are all included in the product. DEX8T will be easier to maintain and set, and at the same time more rugged, players and drivers can easily find the right center of gravity setting, and it is easier to create good results.

Arrowmax has introduced aluminum baseplates for Xray T4 14 and Hot Bodies TCXX electri Rc Magnetic Body Mounts cal rooms. CNC process, 7075-T6 aluminum, 2.0mm thickness, polished surface. Ideal for high-grip tracks, such as carpet tracks.
Enter the Arrowmax brand zone to participate in the interaction- \u0026 gt; Click here to enter
Protoform launches a lightweight version of the G6-T oval racing car shell, made of .025 ‘Lexan material, which is considerably lighter than the standard .030’. Suitable for 1:10 elliptical race remote control car, also suitable for 200mm wide RV.

A Remote Control Car, Pitbull Rc Tires, Gas Powered Rc Cars Near Me

FID Racing launched the adjustable Gas Powered Rc Cars Near Me damping airbag negative pressure system for the use of the LOSI 5IVE-T gasoline remote control car. Adjustable damping and shock-absorbing negative pressure system. Two pisto Pitbull Rc Tires ns move up and down in the negative pressure cylinder. When the car passes through different roads, the piston in the negative pressure cylinder drives the negative pressure cylinder due to the force of the shock-absorbing piston. The piston movement (the medium is shock-absorbing oil), and the damping can be adjusted according to different road conditions. This system is easy to install. Remove the original shock cap, install this directly, and then put the oil in through the air screw hole until the oil in the air is full and then lock the air screw. Provide two colors of Chinese red and silver for players to choose.
Product packaging:
Tamiya Tamiya will launch the new TBLM-02S 17.5T and 21.5T brushless sensored motors in July 2019. 540 level, maintainable dual bearing design, can be used on flat road or off-road remote control vehicles, and has better durability. Among them, 17.5T / 2200kV (product number 54894) is suitable for electric RVs, formulas, M cars and electric off-road vehicles. 21.5T / 1800kV (product number 54895) can also cover the above types of remote control cars, but the speed is low and easy to control.

Please enter Tamiya products
Kyosho launched the Lazer ZX-5 FS Mini-Z painted by world champion Jared Tebo. The frame uses a 4WD straight-shaft drive with a front and rear differential and limited-slip design. With hydraulic shock and four-wheel independent shock absorbers, the original Optima 1/10 off-road vehicle has been reduced to the Mini-Z frame. The newly designed steering gear provides high torque and high-precision steering. The ICS system is also standard on this product. There are two versions for players to choose from, one is with KT-18 remote control, and the other is Ki A Remote Control Car t version with only frame.

Sensored Brushless Esc, Rc Car Controller, Rc Car Websites

T Rc Car Websites he new car arrives with MST XXX VIP, the unpacking map will not be issued, too Rc Car Controller ma Sensored Brushless Esc ny lately, haha.
80% of the whole car is assembled, all you need to do is to install the motor and steering gear, as well as fill with suspension oil.
I’ve always wanted to buy a suspension oil rack, but look at the shelves of major brands are expensive, nothing to do, I DIY one.
Solidworks for drawing software. For beginners, you can only make some simple drawings, send them to the workstation notebook after drawing, and generate the toolpath file.
The printer starts warming up.
The work is completed after the warming up. < br> One side plate is completed
Two side plates are completed
Starting to print the upper layer
Try the size, just right
The bottom plate is also completed
Look closer to Me Cool ~ ha
From a different perspective, the XX version of the ABS suspension oil filling rack
has been busy for a long time and finally started to work, ha ha
Weighed, this rack is exactly 30g, according to the price of 100 yuan / kg on the market White minimum is more than 60 / kg), the material cost is about 3 yuan …
Lastly come to a MST XXX VIP completion map
By the way, has anyone used GWS PG03 with SAVOX 1251? Intermittent ventilation and then went on strike, it is normal to change other analog servos, compatibility problem?Team Losi Racing (TLR) launched a new 22X-4 1/10 4WD electric off-road vehicle buggy. The original 22-4 model three-belt drive was changed to a more efficient straight shaft drive, a truly new platform. The 22X-4 is lighter, easier to maintain and assemble, and more controlled. 2.5mm thickness aluminum base plate, full set suspension, floating servo base, G3 large-capacity shock absorber (piston without e-clamp), reserved position of motor cooling fan, set position of motor and battery, Carbon fiber shock absorbers and second floor slabs, etc., comprehensively improve the overall rigidity of the frame and optimize the twisting characteristics, so that the curve is smoother and smoother, and the jumping posture is better. The 22X-4 also uses an innovative height-adjustable design of the front and rear axles. In addition to changing the center of gravity, the setting of the scroll center will be more obvious. The new car is suitable for racing on various terrains, and the large-capacity gear differential has better durability. In fact, the 22X-4 prototype has already carried out relevant actual combat in this year’s IFMAR World Championship. It is believed that the performance of mass-produced vehicles remains at the top level. To buy TLR products, please go to

Best Electric Rc Cars, Ford Mustang Rc Car, Luigi Remote Control Car

A few days ago I went to Japan for tourism. How can I not make a pilgrimage to a Japanese model shop when I arrive in Japan? By the way, buy some accessories for friends around. When I shopped, I saw the long-cherished KYOSHO RB6.6.
Why won it so quickly? The reason is this! A! price! grid! Hahahaha, it’s just for nothing! The tax refund is calculated as RMB1400 +. You must know that this car will sell for 3,000 yuan in a certain country.
Starting construction last night. KYOSHO should have a sense of ceremony. Please ignore my vicissitude car repair mat …
Open Box, two-wheel drive parts are not many
7075 construction site
Firstly, the steering part, Jingshang’s car is from the inside to the outside with a ‘simplicity’ atmosphere, the steering mechanism is as small as a washer and a nut … It’s all glue! Pieces!
Except for the bearings … the other parts are plastic parts, but it is worth mentioning that the Jingshang packaging contains the world’s top bearings, silky smooth
The next thing is KYOSHO’s most headache Place: Trolley! The iconic gray ball head, and its firmness, need to be pressed down with pliers when installing. Even if there is a ball head removal tool when removing the ball head, it is very difficult to remove it. But on the other hand, it can be guaranteed that the ball head will not fall off during the game. It really makes people love and hate.
Because it is two-wheel drive, the first half will be completed ‘simplicity’ soon …
The next part is the bead difference, yes, in the 6.6 era, Beijing businessmen still insist on using bead difference. Here, KYOSHO does not contain any oil in the package. There is no differential oil or suspension oil, but it comes with super high-quality bead oil and anti-wear oil.
First, a Luigi Remote Control Car pply oil to the palm and put Roll the beads to ensure that each bead is evenly coated with bead oil.
Put it into the inner groove of the teeth.
The next is the fixing screw. There is no circle of beads and two pressing pieces under the screw. Apply oil. After that, it can be easily placed on the screws.
Beads are completed. Pay attention to the tightness of the screws. You can adjust the beads by adjusting the screws, which is the ‘concentration’ of the tooth difference.
The next is two-wheel drive. Important point, the second half … begin with a ‘plain’ arm code … yes, the arm code is also a plastic piece …
‘Simplic’ rear suspension frame
The following is the point of the point, I am tangled For a long time, RB6.6 provided a variety of gearboxes to support the rear and middle motors. At first I chose the most conservative four-toothed transmission gearbox.
Later I replaced it with a three-toothed transmission gearbox.
Finally At the suggestion of Superman, it was replaced with an ultra-low center of gravity gearbox. It is said that this gearbox is the essence of RB6.6.
With the wave After the box changes, the position of the suspension frame also changes. In short, I have tossed here for a long time.
Yes, I forgot to spit out this tail bracket! The tail is fixed by a clip, and the small round head on it is very bad! The key is left and right! through! use! Buy a bad one! Cheating! My Z Ford Mustang Rc Car X6.6 has broken several sets!
At this point, the car has been basically formed. The next thing is KYOSHO’s most Best Electric Rc Cars fascinating, silky smooth suspension system. The place is absolutely unambiguous, all-metal suspension, the signature flip suspension oil
Filling oil, standing still
The suspension is on the car ~ work is finished, the later electronic equipment debugging, spray the car shell
Finally KYOSHO still maintains its ‘simpleness’ and precision, and the degree of component combination is not bad. Although it uses a lot of plastic parts, its strength is still guaranteed. In addition, the red gaskets and nuts of the whole car were directly replaced by me, and the original cars were equipped with black rubber gaskets. In the later period, the debugging and feelings of the electronic equipment will be posted after the fate, if anyone wants to see it … After all, 10 cars are too small ~ haha, goodbye.