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Remote Car Toys, Traxxas Slash 2Wd Upgrades Rpm, Rc Rock Crawler Axial

The two miniature EPP electric planes launched by FLYER weigh 19g and Rc Rock Crawler Axial 24g respectively. At present, the appearance of these two planes is like J-3 and P-51, and the common feature is Traxxas Slash 2Wd Upgrades Rpm that they Remote Car Toys are extremely large. The micro-sale model uses the kit model. In addition, electronic accessories such as brushless transformers, brushless motors, and ultra-small servos can also be purchased separately. Source:Tamiya Tamiya model has launched the French Blue version of MAN TGX 18.540 4 × 2 XLX remote control tractor. 1/14, ABS car shell (hard shell) with extremely high level of detail finish, French blue (Tamiya TS-10 color) exterior spray-painted and protective paint on the surface, making the body more durable The frame adopts three-speed transmission, and it is equipped with multiple metal parts and metal leaf spring shock absorbers as standard. The front motor is driven by the rear wheels and has good curve performance. Item # 56350.
KO Propo introduced aluminum upgrade steering wheels for their EX-1 KIY flagship remote control. The CNC process, black plating appearance, the product is equipped with an adapter and a sponge outer ring, which can directly replace the original steering wheel, making the remote control more personalized.
Arrowmax launched a new tire warmer, which is small and convenient for transportation and storage. The tire blanket adopts the brand’s signature black and gold two-color design, and the wires are also easy to store. It uses XT60 connector and supports 13.8V or 3S lithium battery as power supply. Built-in precision temperature sensor can independently control the temperature of the front and rear tires. In addition to warm tires, it can also be used as a battery insulation bag in winter. Product number AM-174010.

Team Associated Rc28, Knight Rider Remote Control Car, Slash 4X4 Upgrades

Hong Kong KM company launched H-K1 EVOII oil-powered RV upgrade kit. EVO2-SB0011 H-K1 side Slash 4X4 Upgrades electric version conversion kit
1. New design with na Knight Rider Remote Control Car rrow 3mm bottom plate with wind wing, make the frame more twisting when corner,
wind wing produce The air flow makes the frame more stable on high-speed straight roads.
2. The carbon fiber front swing second floor can be used in the side or bottom frame, and can be equipped with the
H-K1 waist twist system (the front swing function can be easily used or locked).
3. The set already includes 1300MAH LiFe side battery
4. The set can be directly installed with the current H-K1 (short array version) for use <5> 5. The side electric version modification kit makes the left and right weight of the frame completely even , Whether it ’s turning into a Team Associated Rc28 corner at a high speed or
the straight speed performance is even more amazing!
Tamiya’s Tamiya Racing Factory (Tamiya Racing Factory) will launch the TRF49XR 1/10 4WD race-class electric RV. In March this year, Tamiya announced information about the TRF419X WS electric RV. The biggest difference between the new TRF49XR and 419 is that the front and rear gearboxes have been upgraded and the twist setting position has been added. The new gearbox seat allows the bearing installation position to be more accurate; replaced with a larger capacity TRF shock absorber; battery Fixers, 2.25mm bottom plate, 2mm second floor plate, more motor fixing holes, etc. all appeared on the new TRF49XR car. TRF strives to increase cornering speeds and improve steering response. It is expected to be on the market before Christmas next month under product number 42316.

Castle Creations launched the fourth-generation Sidewinder brushless electronic transmission, Sidewinder 4, which is suitable for all types of 1/10 remote control cars. Adopt brand-new Cryo-Drive (low temperature drive) technology, greatly reduce the working temperature. The newly designed chassis can increase the air flow, and the cooling fan is replaced with a giant 30mm diameter model (20% more than the old model). Sidewinder 4 features lower temperature, longer walking time, and better throttle linearity. The waterproof design is maintained and can be set using the original programming card. This ESC can be used in climbing remote control car, support brush motor (minimum support 19T), support battery type 2S-3S LiPo; 6-8 NiMH; 5V BEC; size 52.92 × 38.05 × 32.56mm, It weighs 64 grams.

Green Remote Control Car, Lego Remote Control Car, Radio Controlled Cars Near Me

Xray introduces the new XT9 1/8 oil-powered Truggy Kit. Developed from the XT8 platform of excellent bloodlines, it uses a large number of designs from the same factory XB9 off-road vehicle. 3mm thickness 7075-T6 aluminum base plate, new weight distribution, reset the center differential of the position. The new equipment box supports straight lithium and nickel metal hydride receiving batteries. The position of the equipment box has also been moved forward, and the center Radio Controlled Cars Near Me of gravity is closer to the center of the car. The drive system continues to use Hudy’s proud spring steel, three-paste lightweight clutch, and drive system efficiency and strength have been improved. New suspension components, front and rear carbon fiber oil pressure mounts, large-capacity shock absorbers (18.5mm), brand new rear wing and shell, and new lightweight wheels have appeared on the new XT9.
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Best Rc Car Brand, Rc Sports Cars, Disney Remote Control Car

Orcan launches Disney Remote Control Car Rc Sports Cars new RV shell A5 Sport (presumably it is not authorized by Audi, so it is not specified as Audi A5 Sportback style). This shell is made by German SMI-Motorsport company, German remote control car shell manufacturer TRT / SLB was developed together with two-time European champion Dirk Wischnewski. The new car shell has a larger modification than the old one. Please see the introduction.

The new Orcan A5 Sport displays five striking changes:
1. The front and rear overhang has been shortened by one centimeter each to create more agility.
2. The front spoiler is more flat and in the area of ​​the front lights additional flaps have been reintegrated to increase front end grip.
3. In the area of ​​the front screen the body is more concave. This selective measure creates a higher downforce and makes refueling easier.
4. The new body has a smaller design in the area of ​​the side windows and the rear window which results in a better incident flow of the rear wing to increase rear end grip.
5. The mounting points for the rear wing Best Rc Car Brand are reinforced and wider to offer more stability and a better adjustment of the rear wing to achieve a perfect car balance.

‘In a back-to-back comparison you can not only feel that the new Orcan A5 Sport is better but you can also see it in the stop watch ‘, Bertram Kessler said. The new A5 Sport 200mm of Orcan, a product line of the German company SMI Motorsport, will be available early March, including an EFRA number of course.

Source: SMI Motorsport []

Traxxas Slash Clear Body, Remote Control Military Vehicles, Rc Light Kit

SWorkz introduces the Rc Light Kit S350T US Edition 1/8 Oil Trutru (Truck). Develope Remote Control Military Vehicles d by the US SWorkz team’s accumulated experience at the 2015 ROAR National Race, a new car with a more balanced and higher speed is designed. The US version of the S350T focuses on the improvement of details, including the use of LDS integrated front and rear drive shafts, steering, suspension, suspension and other components have been replaced with new designs.

Serpent Snake’s 411 Eryx 2.0 1/10 Race Electric Tourer Lands In RCFans! Independent suspension, ultra-short body shock absorber and low center of gravity oil pressure frame, carbon fiber floor and second floor, aluminum suspension mount, straight head and tail tooth difference, CVD drive shaft. Top electrical room configuration! The number is extremely limited! Rush to enter:T-Work ‘s launches powder metallized differential gear, suitable for Jingshang Kyosho MP9 TKI3 / TKI4 off-road vehicle, to further strengthen the transmission system. Includes differential large gear x2, differential small gear x4, fixed lock pin x2, steel Gasket x4. Product number TO-250-K.
Tamiya’s classic 1/8 GP Traxxas Slash Clear Body Nismo GT-R LM (TGX MK1) oil-powered remote control car is started again. Japanese players DIY the real car shell and lighting system and put it on a horsepower machine to test. Friends who haven’t heard the sound of oil cars for a long time will definitely like it.

Xmaxx Rc Car Amazon, Rc Bugatti Chiron, Rc10 Truck

Xray’s T4 1/10 electric touri Rc10 Truck ng car launches a new 2016 model. The 2.2mm-thick carbon fiber baseplate has been optimized for cutting, including the adjustment of the motor mounting position and chassis width. The width is only 86mm. The motor mounting position makes the left-right twist of the car more even and reduces unnecessary twist of the frame. The battery installation position is closer to the centerline of the frame, including the weight block holes are reserved on the floor. The 2.0mm thickness second floor also adopts a new design, making it easier for players to adjust the motor gear screws, and the twisting performance is further improved. The front and rear drive shafts o Rc Bugatti Chiron f the ECS ES are fully enhanced for better steering performance. The new tail suspension mount supports ARS suspension. The 2016 T4 new car design concept focuses on improving the grip and steering performance, so that the car has a higher cornering speed. The T4 electric house platform itself is already very mature and has achieved good results in major events. Xray has continued to optimize and e Xmaxx Rc Car Amazon volve on the T4 platform to improve Combat effectiveness.
Oil to electricity, generally refers to the conversion of the original remote control car powered by synthetic RC fuel to a brushless + lithium battery electric car, only need to change the frame accordingly, or directly purchase the modification kit provided by the manufacturer to achieve ‘oil Car to tram ‘wish! Many players know the details of the LST truck, and there are many domestic LST owners. Want to turn the LST into an electric one? The factory has released a conversion kit for Losi ’s 1/8 LST, 1/8 LST2, 1/8 LST XXL, 1/8 Aftershock, 1/8 Limited Edition Aftershock, 1/8 Raminator

RB Product officially released C6BB and WS7 Turbo L2G off-road vehicle engines. C6BB has a very wide range of revolutions, provides powerful and smooth acceleration, and has been highly praised by some world-class players. Another model WS7T L2G is an enhanced engine that uses a turbo disk top. The newly launched RB engines all use new crankshafts, carburetor, tail caps, etc., to comprehensively improve engine performance!

Source: RB Products []

Rc Trucks 4X4 Off Road Waterproof, Rc Crawler Axles, Traxxas Bandit Parts

Route 246 launches EA-050 brushless motor checker, which Traxxas Bandit Parts can measure KV and RPM (speed) of brushless motors. It can also measure voltage and current. LCD displa Rc Crawler Axles y parameters provide 7.2 to 7.4V. Volt Rc Trucks 4X4 Off Road Waterproof age output. Details are in this article. Specifications:-Voltage input: 7.2 to 7.4V- Display: 16 x 2 digits- Dimensions: 137 x 81 x 47mm- Weight: 290gThe EA-050 brushless motor checker from Route 246 is a precise instrument to measure the KV rating and RPM, as well as Voltage and Current, of brushless motors. It also checks existing hall effect sensors for correct function, with a 16 x 2 digit LC display indicating the different parameters. The motor checker is powered by a 7.2 to 7.4V power source and the package contains power cables for the motor checker as well as connecting cables for easy and swift monitoring of the motor’s performance.Source: Kyosho [] \u0026 amp; Redrc.netXray introduces counterweights for T3 electrical rooms, suitable for T3 lithium-electric frame use. Original products are installed directly in the center of the frame. The surface of the counterweight is marked with weights. Xray provides two different weights, 20g and 30g For players to choose.

• Precision-machined brass chassis balancing weights
• Designed for XRAY T3 LiPo chassis
• Mounts at pre-drilled chassis holes in the center of the car
• Laser engraved with the weight value for easy identification

# 309853 Precision Balancing Chassis Weights Center 20g
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Slash 4X4 Upgrade Parts, Team Associated Prosc 4X4, Traxxas Rustler 4X4 Body

We saw this car for the first time at last year’s Nuremberg exhibition, and then made many follow-up reports. Now this unique Rush Traxxas Rustler 4X4 Body II is finally in front. Ultra-low center-of-gravity suspension system has strong stability on bumpy roads and precise control on fast roads. There is a good grip in the chaos, and the flying platform is also very stable.

Team Associated Prosc 4X4 M> Specifications:
-Type: Competition Buggy Kit
-Scale: 1: 8
-Length: 490mm
-Width: 300mm
-Wheelbase: 320-325mm adjustable
-Drive Train: Offset drive with 3 sealed differentials
-Suspension: H-Arm, fully independent
-Chassis: 4mm Hard-Anodized 7075 T-6 Aluminium
-Wheel Size: 17mm hex
-Body: Clear type Ball
-Bearings: Complete

-Unique and innovative low CG suspension configuration
-Centrally located dual stage air cleaner
-4mm thick machined and hard anodized aluminium cha Slash 4X4 Upgrade Parts ssis plate
-Front wing
-Two battery / receiver boxes tops for different size receiver and battery packs
-Big front brake disk for a better braking balance
-Innovative and simple brake disk adjustment system
-Sealed front and rear differential housings keep dirt out of the gears
-Adjustable Ackerman
– Captured hinge pins require no retaining clips
-Machined premium aluminium 4mm thick al loy shock mounts
-Innovative 3 shoes clutch system
-Centred fuel cap
-Engine: Not Included (.21 rear exhaust required)
-Radio System: Not included (2 channels required)
-Tyres: Not included

Rc Trucks 4X4, Rc Truck Light Bar, Maxx Rc Car

Hudy introduces an aluminum tray designed for their set-up system. CNC one-piece molding, in addition to storing H Maxx Rc Car UDY’s original calipers, shock absorbers can also be placed upright. Rc Truck Light Bar Part number 109860.
Area Rc launched X bracket quick release for BAJA 5B 5T 5SC gasoline vehicles. Before using this product, the BAJA roll cage needs to be cut off (front or rear optional), and then the X bracket can be installed for quick release and fastened with the four matching screws. The function of this product is convenient and quick disassembly of the roll cage.
Material: Aluminum alloy 6061-T6.
Color: silver, orange, black.
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FID Racing launches the TRAXXAS TRX-4 upgrade widened battery block. The purpose of this upgrade is to widen the battery block area and stabilize the battery better! Available in two colors: red and silver.

Futaba launched the S9372SV high-voltage standard size steering gear, suitable for 1/8 race level remote control cars. It adopts rugged and durable titanium alloy gear and double bearing design. The performance parameter is 23.6 kg / cm and the speed is 0.06 seconds. Programmable, a variety of parameters can be set, built-in S-Link servo programming software, can personalize the steering Rc Trucks 4X4 stroke, torque, linearity, etc. It measures 41 x 21 x 37 mm and weighs 70 grams.

Redcat Racing Epx Drift Car, Losi 5Ive T Upgrades, Hobby Rc Cars

For the RC competition field, replacing the secondary motor rotor is a normal thing. Players need to choose the appropriate motor rotor according to different venues, different grip conditions, different frame settings, and different power settings. So for a rotor with strong magnetism, trying to pull it out of the stator with bare hands is both difficult and risky.
At this time, a handy tool is particularly important, Hobbywing’s Rotor Replacement Too Hobby Rc Cars l. Suit Losi 5Ive T Upgrades able for 540 brushless motor, aluminum material, weight 6.1g, applicable rotor size: ≤13.0mm.
Last month we reported that Taiwanese MST (Max Speed ​​Technology) will launch a FXX 2.0 KMW 1/10 drift remote control car with front motor and rear wheel drive. More details of the new car were announced. Redcat Racing Epx Drift Car The new FXX 2.0 KMW RWD rear-wheel drift car uses a 3.5mm thick carbon fiber bottom plate, a front motor and a rear battery layout. At the same time, the placement of electronic equipment is closer to the rear of the frame. The new steering system provides a larger steering angle and allows the car to create a larger drift trajectory. Aluminum ATK adjustable front wheel putter, three-stage toe setting and four-way Ackermann lock point, allowing the front wheel to obtain a larger steering angle and more Ackermann settings; the rear uses a new MB suspension system, through Change the center of gravity of the car shell to get different trajectories of the car’s tail in the curve. MST has not announced the specific launch date of the new car.
Arrowmax has released a new series of electrical batch tools for the most commonly used sizes. The batch core is made of exclusive professional spring steel material, which is more rigid and durable. This series includes 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm, 2.5 mm and 3.0 mm hex, 0.63 ‘, 0.78’ and 0.93 ‘hex and 3mm, 4mm and 5.8 mm cross. Two other new products are Mugen MRX-5 integrated engine mount And MRX-5 head anti-roll bar. The integrated engine mount can reduce distortion and enhance the engine’s heat dissipation effect. The anti-roll bar is made of high-quality spring steel. Detailed photos are included in this article.