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Short Course Rc, Vaterra Ascender K10, Traxxas X Maxx 8S

F1Paintlab domestic players should rarely hear this brand, this brand was previously known for F1 remote control car sticker products. The brand recently launched a conversion kit that returns the Tamiya F104 Formula RC car to the classic vintage F1 style of the 1960s. The kit is called VF1 and is available in standard and advanced versions. The standard kit consists of multiple shell components, frame floor, T-Bar, etc. The advanced version of the kit also includes carbon fiber parts for the F104W GP. In addition to the retro F1 shell, the frame has also been converted accordingly. I believe this nostalgic kit will be sought after by veteran players. è¿ ™ é ‡ Œè¿ ›Å… ¥ RCFans F1é ¥ æŽ§è½¦è®¨è®ºåŒºå‚ ä¸Žäº’åŠ ‘> Click-\u0026 gt; Enter the RCFans F1 RC car discussion area to participate in interaction

Remote control car products also play crowdfunding, AME Project IRIS 1/10 4WD electric RV is in the crowdfunding of Kickstarter. Designed by Andreas Myrberg from Germany, the design concept of this electric house is easy to install, adjust parameters and maintenance without losing the performance of the car. The backbone of the frame is also composed of the bottom plate and the second floor. It is driven by double belts. The most innovative components are in the suspension system. The unique push rod and torsion spring constitute the suspension system. The traditional compression suspension and suspension oil work mode has been rotated. the way. The lower A-arm adopts a multi-piece design. The hardness can be adjusted quickly using different gaskets, and the site is more adaptable. Although AME is a concept product and is being crowdfunded, it has received support from manufacturers / brands including ORCA, Protoform, Matrix, ProSpec, and Hiro Seiko. Gathering 75,000 euros is the goal of AME. At present, it has only received 17,048 euros in crowdfunding. The crowdfunding ended on October 26. It seems that there is still some distance Traxxas X Maxx 8S from the target. P Vaterra Ascender K10 rofessional hobby products such as RC are put on platforms such as Kickstarter for crowdfunding. Fundraising is an attempt and innovation. It may be more practical to attract attention outside the RC circle than to actually r Short Course Rc aise funds for mass production. The Internet ’s crowdfunding game method hopes that AME can understand and eventually “achieve” the crowdfunding goal.

Rc Dealers Near Me, Rc Drift Cars, Electric Rc Drag Racing

The Japanese Team Muso company launched the World GT conversion kit t Electric Rc Drag Racing o upgrade and convert Yokomo R12 and R12C3 1/12 electric flat road cars (12 twelve), turning the twelve into a 200mm wide WGT level remote control car. The kit includes a longer wheelbase floor, carbon fiber front bumper, battery holder, aluminum hub and other parts, but does not include tires, car shells and any electronic equipment. Due to the high speed and sensitive handling of WGT remote control cars, there are a large number of players in Japan. Team Muso also introduced corresponding upgrades to Yokomo’s GT500 products. MUS-R12C3WGTCV R12 / R12C3 WGT Conversion Kit includes:
R12WGT Chassis x1, R12WGT Carbon Front Bumper x1,
R12WGT Lower Brace x1, R12WGT Front Mount Brace V2x1,
> R12WGT Upper Brace x1, R12WGT Chassis Brace x1,
R12WGT Battery Support x1, R12WGT Battery posts x2,
R12WGT Front Suspension Spacer x2, R12WGT Rear Bulkhead Spacer x2,
R12WGT Right W Rc Drift Cars heel Hub x1, R12WGT Left Wheel Hub x1,
R12WGT Thrust Cone x1, R12WGT FrontShock Extension Parts x1,
3×10 Socket Head Cap Screw x8, Multi Foam Bumper For WGT x1,
Damper Tube Set x2, turnbuckles 54mm x2
< br> ● Correspondence chassis
Yokomo R12 wide chassis (For narrow specifications,
please change to a wide spec Rc Dealers Near Me ification front arm)
※ R12 C Graphite rear axle the (narrow specification)
If you are using , please use the Yokomo kit
manufacture d by standard thrust cone thrust cone.
● For the conversion kit, RC equipment, body, motor, battery,
tires, and wheelsare not included.
GT500 R12 is required to complete chassis kit.

Traxxas Rally Fiesta, V8 Rc Car, Mercedes Benz Ride On Car With Remote Control

Xray will launch the XB8E 2018 1/8 electric off-road vehicle (E-buggy). The latest XB8E has been upgraded to optimize performance. Replaced the newly designed bottom plate, increased the distance between the front wheels and the fenders, and reduced the problem of soil accumulation;
The Mercedes Benz Ride On Car With Remote Control new hydraulic sus V8 Rc Car pension frame increased the mounting holes for the suspension;
The rear wing bracket is 40% lighter, which further reduces the center of gravity. The new transmission shaft can increase the overall grip of the car; the new shell improves the handling on high-speed tracks and the steering is more sensitive on tight corners.
Ride introduces the Subaru WRX STi 4-door RV housing. This car shell is developed and manufactured by the factory with a high degree of authenticity. Lightweight competition Traxxas Rally Fiesta version and ordinary version are available for players to choose, suitable for each brand 1/10 electric RV (190mm). The aerodynamic characteristics of the car shell can travel on various tracks, and it is also suitable for Modified to Stock events.

Tamyia Tamiya model will be launched in December FF-04 Evo FWD Black Edition (Black Special Edition), this front-drive car will be replaced with black aluminum parts, including gearbox, steering components and shock absorbers, etc. Players in blue have one more option. Whether the new car has other upgrades, Tamiya has not yet announced.

The Italian company Capricorn RC is about to release a CL-9TE .21 flat road engine. The internal piston and timing system are optimized for flat road races, and the crankshaft is manually modified and polished. Equipped with rear ceramic bearings. And the new red cooling top is also quite good.

Wltoys A959B Upgrades, Rock Crawler Tires, Hpi E10 Drift


1. The tool bit is made of Spring steel, which has better toughness, which can effectively prevent the screw lock from being over-tightened and causing the screw head to slip.
2. The handle adopts lightweight processing and knurling treatment, which increases Hpi E10 Drift the friction between the handle and the hand and effectively reduces the output.
3. The handle is designed with a rolling circle. You can learn the specifications of the tool by watching th Rock Crawler Tires e number of turns of the handle, which greatly reduces the probability of getting the wrong tool.
4. Replaceable is the cutter head design. When the tool is used for a long time, which causes the cutter head to wear, you can directly purchase the replacement cutter head, which greatly saves the use cost.
Factory direct price! The lowest price in the world, two Arrowmax tools buy Jin Xianzhong, please enterFID Racing introduced a rotatable Gesmak all-metal vertical air filter for the use of the LOSI 5IVE-T gasoline remote control car. The Gasmack vertical air filter is composed of 3 layers of air filter cotton. This is a separate innovative design for the complex environment of racing engines. Inside is a double-layered inlet air filter (to prevent delicate dust from entering). With rotatable function, the free rotation angle is 0 ° -45 °, and all the fitting positions are sealed with O-ring design to prevent dust from entering the carburetor of the engine. This is an innovative product that can prolong the service life of the engine. The use environment is: di Wltoys A959B Upgrades rt road, sand road, ground, and grassland. The matching engine is 23CC-29CC Zhongyang and Komatsu.
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Team Associated (AE) officially launched the new B6.1 and B6.1 Team Kit 1/10 2WD electric off-road vehicle (Buggy). Among them, B6.1 (product number 90020) is suitable for ultra-high grab track and has a low center of gravity layout.
The B6.1D (Product No. 90021) uses the new Lay Back Stealth gearbox (center of gravity forward), which provides extra grip during the car’s cornering process, adding a degree of Ackermann angle and gull-wing suspension rocker. Make the steering sharper. Both B6.1 and 6.1D use adjustable differential height design, new limited slip and JConcepts B6 bodyshell.

Remote Control Power Wheels Jeep, Jlb 21101, 1.9 Crawler Tires

RC Atomic launch 1.9 Crawler Tires ed a new mini remote control car (mosquito car), BZ3 1/28 4WD. 90% new parts, competition-level products, using a new front suspension rocker to improve the stability of straight walking, adjustable caster angle of 0 to 12 degrees, full electric room settings. The integrated single-piece crank steering structure of the servo protector and the new tail suspension skeleton create a better suspension geometry setting. The new UTS tail T-arm system can increase the rigidity of the tail and ensure the grip. Ultra-low center-of-gravity floor design, new bead difference, gearbox, shock mount, and low-center-of-gravity motor mount. Professional players’ favorite ARS system continues to be retained, allowing BZ3 new cars to fully improve performance. Whether it is a carpet track, RCP or EVA track, the Atomic BZ3 can adapt quickly and perform better in corners. The rear suspension system is the main innovation part of BZ3. It can convert into 3 forms to suit all kinds of track conditions:
(1) CLS – Camber Link System (like BZ2017, suitable for carpet, low to medium traction)
(2) UTS – Upper T-Arm System. (new in BZ3, suitable for RCP or EVA tracks, those high traction conditions)
(3) ARS – Active Rear-Toe system, (like BZ 2016, for experts who knows set up very well)
Last month we reported that Beijing business Kyosho will launch a large proportion of remote control cars. Today Beijing Jingshang finally allowed us to announce the details of this new car. 1/7 electric simulation Buggy named Scorpion. 3mm aluminum frame, center motor design, large gearbox and adjustable limited slip design. The suspension can be adjusted with a large range and equipped with large-capacity shock absorbers. The new car is suitable for using one set of 4S lithium batteries or two sets of 2S lithium batteries, RTR products, equipped with Team Orion Vortex Seven waterproof brushless electronic transmission, 2.4GHz remote control. Two different painted car shells for players to choose from. -\u0026 gt; Click here to enter the Kyosho brand zone to participate in the discussions.
The following introduction is from Jingshang Kyosho China:
The large size mentioned in the introduction is actually not very large, just a very moderate size. The Scorpion XXL is 20% larger than Truggy and about 15% smaller than a fifth of the car. It’s about the same size as a 1/8 off-road vehicle.
Performance: The chassis has excellent performance and excellent durability. Simple and easy to handle, suitable for players of all levels. Suitable for all kinds of rough ground. Give players a super high interest experience.
Appearance: The most attractive scorpion-like design. We are not only commit Jlb 21101 ted to car shell design, but also chassis design, so we can meet all customer needs.
Upgrade: A variety of upgrade accessories are available for customers to choose to meet customer needs. Users can upgrade their performance anytime, anywhere.
Suitable for players: beginners and intermediate players: for users who like sports cars in open fields. Scorpion is not a racing off-road vehicle. Like real car lovers: love Remote Control Power Wheels Jeep rs who focus on the appearance of the car shell. Club Racers: Many racers are looking for new cars that can run on the track. Two-wheel drive is a very popular type, and many racers will participate in different groups.

Key features:

Chassis size: the largest model among many products Design of the motor. Have enough motivation! 2S-4S compatible system.
Small battery tray design: It has safety guarantee for various types of battery packs.
Like real car shell: streamlined car shell with driver, super lightweight car shell design
Monster’s suspension size: bigger and thinner than Truggy
High grip tire, rear wheel Compatible with Truggy’s tires
Aluminum chassis with 3mm ground clearance
Intermediate motor construction: Race Bred chassis design
Cooling device on both sides
Car hexagonal screws
Closed receiver < br>

Fisher Price Remote Control Car, Dukes Of Hazzard Rc Car, Traxxas Revo Body

Savage Flux, popular among thousands of players, has launched a mini version, giving you fun choices in different sizes! The ESC onboard it has incredible crazy power to achieve a walking speed full of pressure. The chassis still inherits the unique vertical side panels of the Savage family, which has unparalleled strength without losing realism and chassis passability. Don’t forget that this is a Savage that can be stuffed into a backpack! With two-thirds the size of an ordinary Savage, you can easily take it anywhere and play with your car anytime, anywhere!

Savage XS Flux remains as to the strength of the spirit of architecture design, all-metal drive can withstand huge jumps and more than 100KM per hour, the four-wheel drive off-road or road to ensure that any site has a good stability.
The original assembly of Savage XS Flux is completed, including 2.4GHz remote control and Flux brushless power system. Just install a 2S or 3S battery Traxxas Revo Body to play!

Savage XS Flux Features:

TF-40 / RF-40 2.4Ghz radioSF10W waterproof servoWaterproof receiver boxVapor Pro waterproof brushless ESCVektor 4000Kv 1410 4 Pole brushless motor with cooling fanFits standard size 1 / 10th scale electronicsSilicone oil filled shocks with threaded bodiesAll-metal bulletproof drivetrain2.2 ″ wheels and tires (can use most 1 / 10th scale truck wheels and tires) Shock towers have multiple shock mounting positions (2) Quick access to the front or rear differential by removing just 4 screwsCam type servo saverSpacious battery box w / locking battery box doorAll socket head hardwareDual pad slipper clutchFul Dukes Of Hazzard Rc Car l set of ball bearingsAluminum motor plate with 4 motor mounting positionsAluminum hex hubsTVP (Twin Vertical Plate) chassisIntegrated chassis carry handleTough 4-gear differentialsAluminum front and rear suspension bracesStainless steel bulkhead lower platesFront and r Fisher Price Remote Control Car ear skid plate bumpers

Length 360mm
Width 280mm
Wheelbase 225mm

The new Savage XS Flux-the fastest and most powerful MINI truck in history.
RTR SAVAGE XS FLUX has been updated to the official website. Please check < br>

Losi 5Ive T 2.0 Upgrades, 1 10 Motor Esc Combo, 1 10 Scale Crawler Body

Duratrax brings us two 7.4V lithium batteries for cars, 3 1 10 Scale Crawler Body 700mAh (25C) and 5400mAh (20C). The battery case is made of impact-resistant ABS resin and has gold-plated connectors.

Atomic launched the AMZ BZ mini remote control car with a 98mm wheelbase aluminum baseplate, which can directly replace the standard carbon fiber baseplate. With the aluminum base plate, the frame has less twist and improves handling at high-grip 1 10 Motor Esc Combo tracks. 7075 aluminum, beveled on the side to improve passability. It weighs 15 grams and has the product number BZ-UP000-98SD.

Later this year, the CEN Matrix II, which received a lot of praise, or a car previously known as the ‘Re-Matrix’ program. The new Matrix 1 to 8 buggy has new elements: Losi 5Ive T 2.0 Upgrades a new transmission system, a new chassis and suspension components.

Kyosho’s MINI-Z Sports PV mini remote control car was unveiled at the 2014 Tokyo Model Show. It is an entry-level product of the Mini-Z. It is equipped with a KT-19 remote control, which lowers the entry threshold of the Mini-Z. Like the appearance of the car shell, the powerful upgrade and modification potential, I believe it can attract a number of entry players to get started.

Fastest Rc Motor, Rc Trail Trucks, Rc Dodge Ram

Since 2010 TITC, Hooying Technology has in Rc Dodge Ram vested a lot of R \u0026 D efforts. After months of hard work, it has recently released a STOCK special program (beta version). Let players immediately experience the speed and passion brought by the new technology, so the first time the test program is released in China for players to download and try freely. Players with Tekin ESC at hand Rc Trail Trucks can even do some comparative tests to fully appreciate the power of technological progress! This program is applicable to HYING Technology xerun-120A (V2.0) and xerun-60A (V2.0) brushless ESC. Click here for more informationHitec launches RDX1 Pro high-performance charger and discharger, 3.2-inch display, built-in battery management system, supports most battery types on the market, comes with 6S lithium battery balancing module, and supports high-voltage LiHV lithium battery, supports AC and DC input. You can also control the charger with Hitec’s Charge Master charging software and computer connection.

Input: 100-240V AC or 11-18V DC
Maximum power: 100W
Charging current: 0.1 – 10.0A
Discharge power: 10W
Fastest Rc Motor Discharge current: 0.1-2.0A
Dimensions: 159 x 72.5 x 123mm
Weight: 470 grams
The LESU model of Radium launched the Liebherr 1/15 hydraulic wheel loader model. KIT version, equipped with brushed ESC, 540 power motor; hydraulic brushless ESC and hydraulic brushless motor. The body is welded from CNC aluminum alloy and sheet metal, and the shell is made of ABS turning mold.

The gearbox uses a LESU high-torque two-speed gearbox to ensure that it can exert its good power output under heavy loads and harsh road conditions. The new wheel-side planetary reduction bridge is equipped with a remote control differential lock function, which brings more fun to control. Length 583mm, width 202mm, height 245mm, wheelbase 220mm. It is recommended to use 3S lithium battery 30C, and the remote control needs more than 9 channels. Part number RD-A0001.

Jlb Racing Cheetah, All Terrain Rc Car, Best Rc Car In The World

Losi 5ive-T 4WD 1/5 gasoline remote control car launched Roller model, using the original 5ive- Best Rc Car In The World T excellent frame, strong transmission system, but Roller allows players to choose the engine (the engine is purchased separately). The 4-piece transparent car shell can be painted by the player. The frame has been installed before leaving the factory. Players need to purchase additional electronic equipment, engines (23cc-29cc) and exhaust pipes.
Click here- \u0026 gt; Enter the horizon model area to participate in the interaction
-4-wheel-drive power train
All Terrain Rc Car -5mm aluminium chassis
-Design based on successful 8IGHT platform
-3 tunable sealed viscous differentials
-Large-bore shocks with 7mm shafts / threaded adjusters
-Multi-piece beadlock off-road wheels
-Aluminium dual-disk braking system < br>-Extra-large 800cc fuel tank with clunk
-Full roll cage modelled after full-scale trucks
-4-piece clear body with ability to replace individual panels

Prosc 4X4 Parts, Redcat Gen 8 Upgrades, Rpm Traxxas Slash Parts

Associated has introduced upgraded parts for their RC8B off-road vehicles. Rpm Traxxas Slash Parts These parts have pa Redcat Gen 8 Upgrades ssed long-term testing by AE factory drivers, including the World Championships held in Thailand last year. Now these parts are no longer unique to the team and can be owned by ordinary players. Upgraded parts include a new base plate (+ 3mm), lightweight head and tail shaft cups, upgraded front and rear rocker arms, head and tail oil pressure brackets, etc. For a detailed list of upgraded parts, please see this article. It is expected that these parts will be available as soon as June.
UPCPart # DescriptionMSRP78469589476189476RC8B + 3mm Chassis $ 99.9978469589487789477RCB Light Outdrive, front $ 19.9978469589478589478RCB Light Outdrive, rear $ 19.9978469589479289479RC8B Upgrade Front Arms $ 16.99788 8890RCRCB1RC1978469589589589589 Low Price $ 16.9978468589589589 Tower $ 25.9978469589484689484RC8B Upgrade Rear Tower $ 29.9978469589485389485RC8B Aluminum Steering Posts $ 10.9978469589486089486RC8B Rear Swaybar Kit. (Use with # 89480 Upgrade Rear Arms.) Includes rear swaybars 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8, ball joints, set screws, ballas Prosc 4X4 Parts ts $ 1,789, 8487 $ 8, bar1, 8487, 8bar, 8bar1 Swaybar, 2.5 green $ 3.9978469589589488489488RC8B Rear Swaybar, 2.6 white $ 3.9978469589589489189489RC8B Rear Swaybar, 2.7 blue $ 3.9978469589490789490RC8B Rear Swaybar, 2.8 yellow $ 3.9978469589491489491RC8B Suspension Upgrade Kit. Includes front and rear towers, modified front and lower upper and lower and straight eyelets, M3 x 22 button head cap screws $ 59.99

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