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Tamiya Monster Beetle, Team Associated Sc10 4X4, Traxxas Slash Shock Upgrade

Yeah Racing introduces the Desert Lizard 90mm two-stage shock absorber, suitable for 1/10 climbing remote control cars. Aluminum shock-absorbing barrel and three-layer sealed O-ring design can effe Traxxas Slash Shock Upgrade ctively prevent leakage. The built-in two-stage spring design allows the player to set the pressure mode or the spring mode, and the spring setting mode can provide a longer suspension stroke. Factory assembly is complete, with a variety of springs for players to find the right configuration.
Powerstar has launched an upgraded aluminum throttle trigger for the Futaba 4PX flagship remote control. Two sizes are available for players to choose. They can directly replac Team Associated Sc10 4X4 e the original plastic trigger, making the 4PX look cooler and improve the control experience. Powerstar offers b Tamiya Monster Beetle lack and red for players to choose from.
I haven’t touched the model for nearly a year due to my personal working relationship. The original hc4 has been thrown on the workbench and has fallen off. Recently, I just took a few days off and started to start hc4 again. Take a few photos first, and take them while the body is old and waiting to dry. Wait until the body paint is all done before going up and down the video.
GForce launches tyre remover tool for drift cars. Aluminum tools can separate tires from rims with a diameter of 50mm to 56mm, or directly separate tires with a diameter of 57mm to 63mm. Effectively prevent the rim from being damaged during the separation of the rim and the tire, and let the rim be used again. Listed on the 23rd of this month.

Vaterra Ascender Parts, Nitro Powered Rc Cars, Traxxas Slash 1 10

Kyosho Kyosho is about to launch Ultima RT6 2wd Stadium truck. Like the RB6, the RT6 also uses a 7075 reinforced aluminum base plate. It supports Traxxas Slash 1 10 center and tail motor settings and supports a variety of batterie Nitro Powered Rc Cars s, including straight, split Body and short body lithium battery. Large-capacit Vaterra Ascender Parts y suspension and extended suspension rockers provide better grip for the car. Steering components that have been used in RB6 and perform well are also used in RT6.
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Protoform launches a Ford GT car shell with a width of 190mm, which is suitable for most electric motorhomes and perfectly supports USGT events. Ford was authorized to manufacture by Ford. The real car won the GTE Pro championship in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Protoform restored this classic and beautiful car to the remote control car shell. Manufactured using new lightweight materials, the center of gravity is further reduced, and reinforcement is performed at positions prone to collision. Transparent unpainted style, including stickers, tail and window covering stickers. Dimensions: length 438mm, 192.5mm, 99mm, wheelbase 258mm. Part number 1550-25.Pro-Line officially launches the Pro-2 LCG (Low Center of Gravity) chassis for Traxxas Slash 2WD short card, using a reinforced 7075 aluminum base plate, ultra-narrow design, and a qualitative leap in walking performance! The battery and electronic transmission are placed more freely, and short-body lithium batteries can be used directly. The weight distribution of the frame is more balanced and the center of gravity is lower! The greatly enhanced strength of the rudder base and steering assembly, and the frame side protection strips can better protect the interior of the frame. The official offer is around $ 130, I believe this product will come to China soon. -\u0026 gt; Click here to enter the RCFans short card remote control car discussion area to participate in the interaction

Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer, Grave Digger Rc Body, Tamiya Rally Car

The British Schumacher company officially launched the Cougar KR 2WD rear motor electric off-road vehicle (kit). The new car is very suitable for walking on dirt roads with low grip. The new mysterious all-black coating is very cool! Cougar KR 2WD uses brand-new tooth difference, standard 12mm rim adapter, alloy bottom plate and other com Tamiya Rally Car ponents, 13mm large-capacity shock absorber is equipped with titanium alloy shock absorber, new strong steering components an Grave Digger Rc Body d rear wing also appear on the new car. I believe that the fighting power of Schumacher Cougar KR 2WD belongs to the top level! Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer


Rc Parts Online, Rc Semi Truck Kits, Traxxas Light Kit

Team Associated brings us the RC8T of the Factory Team, a fully mod Traxxas Light Kit ified TRUGGY 1 to 8. It is developed from the popular RC8 platform. It has very good aerial characteristics and accelerates extremely fast after landing. Its large-capacity suspension angle is specially set and the four-wheel weight distribution is specially set for TRUGGY, as well as a spec Rc Semi Truck Kits ial clutch kit

RC8T Truggy Kit features:
– Factory assembled shocks, diffs and turnbuckles. Factory Team shock and diff fluids included.
-Factory Team ‘Big Bore’ threaded, hard-coated shocks feature 16mm six hole pistons and 4mm gold shock shafts for maximum smoothness
-Factory Team Aluminum Top Plate and Steering Rack for the ultimate truggy durability
-Factory Team chassis br Rc Parts Online aces with integrated center stiffener that maintains chassis integrity
-4mm woven carbon fiber shock towers for maximum rigidity, strength, and light weight to keep the center of gravity low
-Blue aluminum wheel hexes featuring captured drive pins and nyloc wheel nuts providing the ultimate in security
-The 4.30: 1 ratio gear boxes produce maximum punch allowing the RC8T to accelerate harder out of the corners and up the biggest jumps
-FFC Free Float Caliper brake -system eliminates the possibility of unwanted brake drag while on throttle
-Two-piece split-center diff mount allows quick and easy access to the center diff
-Wing angle and position is fully adjustable and secure
– High-torque capacity three-shoe aluminum clutch
-Full CVAs with captured CVA pins
-Full ball bearing drivetrain and steering
-Metric alloy hardware throughout
-Milled 3mm black hard-coated 7075 aluminum chassis
-Factory Team blue titanium turnbuckles

Bmw Rc Drift Car, Rc Car Remote, Best Rc Cars For Beginners

Traction Hobby Founder (first model) 1/8 full metal climbing car, free upgrades in October are as follows; I. Avenger top cover
Material: ABS
Remarks: Users can choose according to their preference Color spray paint
Second, the Avengers (front face)
Material: ABS Best Rc Cars For Beginners
Note: Us Rc Car Remote ers can spray paint according to their favorite color
All free upgrades, only for domestic customers including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.
Traction Hobby (China)

The production of GRP was resumed in the factory fire earlier, and new products were officially launched. The first products are GRP thermal heads, Turbo styles, C5, C6 and C7 mode Bmw Rc Drift Car ls, detailed information in this article. I wish GRP bring high quality products to the majority of RCFans

Axial launched two Score Trophy Truck cases for Yeti. The first is the TT-380 Score Trophy Truck, a modern truck body line with an LED light cup. Can be used with the original rear roll cage (AX31342). Can be used directly on Yeti ™ SCORE® Trophy Truck® 1/10 R / C Off-Road Vehicle.
Area RC introduced metal front and rear swing arms for the MCD RR5 XS-5. Made of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy and CNC machined, it has a more stylish appearance and increased strength. It also has an ultra-light design. Its weight is equal to the original plastic parts. Bit problem.

Traxxas Stampede 4X4 Upgrades, Vaterra Ascender, Rc Dirt Track

Kyosho’s TF7 1/10 electric touring car introduces the new TF7.7 evolution. Based on the proven TF7 d Rc Dirt Track ual-belt frame with good walking performance, it was replaced with a large-capacity low-center-of-gravity shock absorber, optional high and low position motor mounting positions, and Active Rear Toe Control System ), The new lightweight front straight shaft cup and tail differential. Both sides of the frame are symmetrically designed, including the left and right screws are also symmetrical, while reducing the number of screws to make the frame twist more balanced. Some new components of t Vaterra Ascender he new car have been the first to be tested by drivers at the All Japan a Traxxas Stampede 4X4 Upgrades nd World Races, which can further improve the car’s walking performance and make maintenance easier, product number 30027.
The JDMODELS static point model has been committed to the development of RC engineering vehicle series products. As of the end of 2017, there have been 9 engineering vehicle products. In order to enrich the product variety, in 2016, the mid-point model decided to start the development of a series of simulation climbing vehicles. It is expected that two products will be launched at the end of September this year, and two 1/8 Thor RC racing models are expected in the review. Available before the end of this year. Sneak shots of RCFans! In order to welcome the arrival of climbing products, the static point model has developed a set of mechanical cross-country props in advance. The difficulty factor of this track can be adjusted. On July 21st, it was tested with Dongguan model friends to experience the competitiveness of this track. Draw up some competition rules and organize more parties or games.KM Racing launched the fourth version (version 4) refueling gun, 13mm refueling gun, short body refueling nozzle design for more efficient refueling, providing red, blue and gun gray for players to choose. Source: KM []

Latrax Rally Body, Dirt Track Rc Cars, Traxxas Stampede 4X4

Mugen Se Traxxas Stampede 4X4 iki Racing USA has announced the launch of the US version of the MBX6R off-road vehicle. The new car is based on the addition of a large number of expensive upgrade parts o Dirt Track Rc Cars n the basis of the 6R. Among them, silver special carbon fiber components are widely used in the new car, making the new car look shiny. Silver carbon fiber parts are only available in t Latrax Rally Body he United States. The US version of the MBX6R SUV will be available mid-month. • M1201 – Silver Graphite Upper Plate used for the steering posts to the front bulkhead
• M1202 – Silver Graphite Center Diff Mount Plate
• M1203 – Silver Graphite Front Upright Arm Mounts for the front hub carriers
• M1204 – Silver Graphite Radio Tray
• M1205 – Silver Graphite Battery Holder for the receiver pack
• M1206 – Silver Graphite Front Shock Tower
• M1207 – Silver Graphite Rear Shock Tower Welcome to the RCFans off-road vehicle discussion area to participate in the discussion
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Yokomo will launch the BD9 1/10 race-level electric RV at the end of October 2018. More than 90% of the parts are not compatible with BD8 2018, which means that BD9 is a new generation product. Newly designed mold, all plastic parts are made in Japan; each part of BD9 is tested in multiple tracks in Japan and overseas. Among them, Yokomo factory driver world champion Ronald used the new BD9 vehicle to set the German track lap record. Maintain the competitive level of the top electric houses. The BD9 uses a new carbon fiber bottom plate and an ultra-narrow aluminum mid-wave box seat to optimize the torsion characteristics of the frame; the suspension is replaced with a new design and new material A-arm to improve durability, and the Axon BD 9 has a large capacity and short Low-resistance shock absorbers and Axon BD 9 suspension springs, anti-roll bars with bearings, further improve suspension performance. Steering systems are more precise, including all-aluminum steering systems and alloy steering mounts. Part number MRTC-BD919.

Rc Car Crawler, E Revo Parts, Scx10 2 Axles

Now there are more and more adjustable parameters that affect the performance of brushless motors. In the era of brushed motors, it is very popular for players to use motor measuring machines to measure the performance of motors to ensure that the performance of the motor is exerted in the event. The brush motor is also equipped with measuring equipment. A brushless Dyno from McPappy Racing is DIY. It still looks very crude. It helps you to make sense of some of that. This dyno platform will allow you to test your motors against a brushless slave motor tha Scx10 2 Axles t provides consistent resistance from test to test. It was designed to accommodate multiple test configurations: direct coupler in between both motors, direct coupler with flywheel in between both motors, offset the motors us E Revo Parts ing 2 pinions, offset the motors using 2 pinions flywheel. The flywheel provides inertia resistance and the brushless slave provides constant resistance. Together they reproduce similar track resistance. The key component to this dyno platform is a huge piece of 1/4 ″ 6061 aluminum which acts as a giant heat sink. Two large fans and all of that aluminum mass will bring the temperature of the motors and resistors back down to room temperature very quickly. This allows you to run many tests very quickly. To find your most powerful motor and speedo combination is actually quite simple. Your overall goal is to spin the flywheel and slave motor as fast as you can with the least amount of amp draw. The McPappy Racing DIY Brushless Dyno can help you do just that. You will be abl Rc Car Crawler e to find your strongest motors and most efficient combination of mechanical timing, speedo timing , RPM ranges, and rotor diameters.

Source: McPappy Racing [] \u0026 amp;

Toy Drift Cars, Mini Z Rc Car, Jeep Wrangler Rc Car

Speed ​​Energy 690 TOUCH touch-type charger. The charming black-purple case has a trendy atmosphere. Coupled with a large LED-backlit screen and a Jeep Wrangler Rc Car human-friendly touch-type setting interface, it is more comfortable to use. In addition to the basic charging and discharging functions, the built-in 90W / 110-220V transformer eliminates the need to purchase a 12V power supply. Support 10A charging, charging faster and more efficient.
Start with RMB440! Support credit card, debit card and Alipay payment, the quantity is very limited, please go to:Arrowmax Mini Z Rc Car has added a new product to its black gold series of tools-t Toy Drift Cars he Centax Clutch Spring Preload Registry. With this tool, the preload ring of the clutch spring can be easily disassembled, and the clutch engagement point can also be precisely adjusted. The new tool still uses the Arrowmax’s signature honeycomb design with an alloy two-tone anode finish. Product number AM-490030-BG. Please enter

Jingshang ’s ASF 2.4GHz car dNaNo FX-101 has launched three new car shells: Porsche 911 GT3-White, Lancia DELTA HF Integrale Evoluzione-Red, Nissan GT-R (R35)-Ultimate Metal Silver.

At the end of November last year, Traxxas released the best collision clip of 2018. The remote control car that had an accident was recorded by the camera. Entering 2019, I wish everyone a Happy New Year and a happy new year. Traxxas released Best RC Action of 2018 | Traxxas on New Year’s Day.

Gravity Defying Remote Control Car, Traxxas Slash 4X4 Wheels And Tires, 49 Mhz Remote Control

JConcepts launches two car shells. The first is for the Losi 8ight T 2.0. The design of the car shell is very unique, the front design is more aggressive, the headlights are more eye-catching, and it looks like a trained warrior! The body design lines are more prominent, while the engine can take in more cooling air. Another car shell is for the Associated RC8e! It belongs to the Hi-Flow Illuzion car shell series. This car shell is specially designed for the RC8e after it has been equipped with a brushless kit to ensure sufficient space in the car. At the same time, considering the characteristics of the electric 1/8 off-road, the body has been modified. Make the control feel more like an ‘electric off-road vehicle’! Source: \u0026 amp; JConcepts

VBC Racing launches LightningFX 1/10 electric formula remote control car. There are many adjustable parts of the frame, which makes it ea 49 Mhz Remote Control sier to find settings suitable for different venues, while allowing riders to find their favorite control style. The wheelbase can be adjusted from 264mm to 268mm (no additional parts to adjust). Standard 2.5mm thickness carbon fiber base plate, alloy shock absorber, large aluminum motor base, large tail bead difference, VBC Racing LightningFX can use rubber or sponge tires, and can walk on indoor and outdoor tracks.
-2.5mm carbon fiber bottom plate
–Reactive caste Traxxas Slash 4X4 Wheels And Tires r system
–Suspension upper rocker arm adjusted by gasket
–Steel tail shaft
–Widely a Gravity Defying Remote Control Car djustable Vehicle height range
–adjustable tail wing
Area RC launched a dual-rudder mount for use with the LOSI 5IVE-T petrol remote control car. The product is made of 6061-T6 aluminum and processed by CNC. The servo support plate specially developed for LOSI 5IVE-T subverts the original design. It can install two Hitec 5765 or 5755 servos, supporting Rhino Digi 4, 4HV and HPI SFL-30MG servos. It solves the problem of insufficient steering and low steering accuracy of the single steering gear of the LOSI 5IVE-T car. Available in blue and silver.