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Hpi Savage X 4.6 Parts, Remote Car For Kids, Most Expensive Rc Car

Losi, a brand of American Horizon Most Expensive Rc Car Models, launched t Remote Car For Kids he 1/6 Super Baja Rey 4WD electric desert off-road truck. The biggest feature of the new car is the use of a tail straight brid Hpi Savage X 4.6 Parts ge (rear straight bridge), which makes the vehicle walk very simulated. The 4-link link and independent A arm make the tail suspension travel very large, with the characteristics of a real desert truck.
RTR products, the factory configuration speed can exceed 90km / h, the four-piece simulation car shell, the roll cage surrounded by the car, the driver is included in the product, making this new product like Lostness Further increase. The power equipment is equipped with Dynamite Fuze 1/6 1200Kv brushless motor and Fuze 160A electronic transmission (supporting 6S lithium battery); the remote control equipment is of course its own brand Spektrum, including DX2E remote control, SRS6000 DSMR AVC receiver, metal gear steering servo (S904 Waterproof digital servo) are standard.

VRC PRO remote control car game (remote control car simulation game) has been released for almost a month. Many domestic players have purchased the online version of VRC PRO game time and experienced the fun of networking with global players to fight remote control cars. Friends who haven’t played VRC PRO, come and enjoy the photo-realistic screenshots of this wonderful game! RCFans and VRC have always maintained contact and cooperation. At present, VRC’s ads are placed on RCFans. RCFans is also the only Chinese remote control model website where VRC ads are placed. I hope VRC can bring more surprises to Chinese players!
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VRC PRO-race anyone, anytime, anywhereVRC World community

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Rc Card, Grave Digger Remote Control Car, Monster Gt Parts

Foreword: Not long ago Vanquish Products announced a model VS4-10. This is different from the previous Ripper Project in that it is not a custom project, but a comp Monster Gt Parts lete KIT vehicle system, and it is priced relative to Project. For its part, its drop-down price is more suitable for more users. Another interesting topic, I believe that many users have learned more about the general appearance and structure of this car. Some players may mistake the root of the prototype of the model, so we found some relevant information, and found that the prototype of the VS4 is based on the International Scout 80 model, as follows.
Some players may mistakenly believe that the VS4 is also like Ford’s Bronco. Normally, the models of that era have very similar family models, but there are also differences in details. Let ’s compare and see. In fact, even the 1: 1 circle layer, some people will confuse many generations of models, so Scout Fans also humorously customized a t-shirt
and made a rough introduction to the prototype. Now we start with the out-of-box assembly process and gradually analyze the characteristics of VS4.
First is the outer packaging. Each user who has received VS4 has a unique VL number. Mad Ngh is No. 191.
Unpacking the outer box, the official retail box < br> The main structure continues the CMS structure of most models (CHASSIS MOUNTED SERVO). The steering gear is fixed on the frame beam. This beam can refer to the beam or the pipe frame.
The other side of the box is an introduction to the car body and simulation details.
We see that VS4-10 has another name, Origin-Origin.
A general introduction to the car body structure. The design settings that can be opened
The first layer of the package is the main CNC structure, including the axle housing, gearbox housing, side pedals, front and rear bumpers, beams, etc.
The nested EVA is a two-color material with Aesthetic appearance
Remove the top layer and see the included car shell (transparent and unpainted), fender kit, tire skin, and vehicle assembly, instruction manual, cover paper, etc.
Axle Article
This is the first time that VP has done a full-vehicle design. Let’s take a look at some of the basic elements required for full-vehicle. The first is the manual, which describes the relevant tools that need to be prepared according to industry specifications. Oil products etc.
Assembly instructions, very typical American style, use BAG package to distinguish, install the structural system, then open the corresponding BAG package.
Assembly axle system, need to use A-1, A-2 , B-1, B-2 four packages
First, the umbrella teeth, this time the Grave Digger Remote Control Car spiral umbrella teeth are still 30T specification (Axial) However, the restraint method is changed to 6 screws, and it is still a spool structure system, which is also a manifestation of model positioning (Rock Crawler). However, it is a little regrettable for off-road environments that do not support the differential system. Some novices For off-road differentials, it ’s easier to get started and accept.
Assembled gear sets, 8 / 30T
Let ’s take a look at the front axle semi-axle, made of chrome-molybdenum steel. Some friends also learned that VS4-10 It is an eccentric bridge egg structure (front axle), and the natural half-axis is also a long and short axis. This cannot be universally used in the Axial standard.
The correspondence between the axle housing and the half-axis
The bearing set used in the assembly is also consistent with the Axial standard.
Straight lock cup (spool) bearings are installed using a sleeve structure, which is conducive to controlling concentricity.
The solidified C seat continues the characteristics of the previous VP product. The chrome molybdenum steel seat cover is used to e Rc Card nhance the strength of the king pin.
The steering cup is independent. Top arm press lock mode
The drive shaft kit is equipped with two 0.2mm adjusting pads to adjust the virtual position adjustment of the bevel gear input shaft and the drive shaft. The subsequent video will actually verify the rear axle assembly. Cr-Mo steel shaft, bevel gear, straight lock cup, bearing ferrule, Waiting
Assembled front and rear axle assembly
Let’s take a look at the basic structure of the front axle steering system
Standardized 8 degree kingpin inclination
Fixed C seat kingpin caster Caster 10 This setting can prevent newbies from adjusting to the wrong kingpin back tilt value.
The physical steering arm adopts a mature 0 degree angle Ackerman design.
The front axle list, the overall design style is changed from the previous diamond style. Back to some classic
Design of the bridge cover. The lower half has a protective layer design to solve the problem that the lower half is easy to encounter obstacles that cause wear and deformation of the bridge cover and screw damage. Before this design, there were related cases of SSD axles.
> The bridge tube has the Currie authorized logo
The independent position of the CMS structure is based on a direct pull bar, with ribs and hollow design, and also provides some simulation details
The rear of the axle also has relevant simulation details, reinforcement ribs Crafts, etc.

You can see a detail at the bottom of the axle. At the same time, the egg part of the bridge also supports the direct threaded hole of the pull-down rod. A brief test of the accuracy and smoothness of the video on the axles

Team Associated Cr12 Upgrades, Hpi Racing Cars For Sale, 1 16 E Revo Body

Th 1 16 E Revo Body e Hpi Racing Cars For Sale Traxxas 1/10 Monster Jam is a new model with a Son-Uva Digger shell. Blue anti-collision, optional car body with headlight model installed (pre-installed at the factory). -\u0026 gt; Click here to enter the Traxxas brand discussion forum to participate in the discussion

Tamiya Tamiya model will launch the 2016 Blackfoot 1/10 2WD truck, which is a copy of the classic Tamiya Blackfoot model thirty years ago (1986). T Team Associated Cr12 Upgrades he new car has also been upgraded with some upgrades. CVA shock absorbers, integrated drive shafts, etc. can improve durability, and classic yellow wheels and Blackfoot pickup truck shells will be used. Listed on September 17, 2016, with product number 58633.
Team Magic (TM) launched the new E5 HX 1/10 RTR electric truck, based on the standard version of E5, equipped with Hobbywing brushless power system, supports 2-3S lithium battery, Savöx waterproof steering gear, HARD 2.4G remote control, 7 LED lights (front 5 and back 2). Adopts adjustable suspension and high efficiency transmission system, product number TM510003. The new car was unveiled at the 2017 Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany. Four different color shells are available for players to choose from, and they will be officially launched in March.
Xray launches XCA clutch kit for use in NT1 oil rooms. After using this clutch, the power output is more sensitive, the throttle linearity is smoother, and the acceleration is sharper. Suitable for all competition requirements. The kit includes components such as an ultra-lightweight flywheel, a black reinforced clutch cover, a new small and lightweight clutch cup, a smaller diameter yellow clutch paddle, and an aluminum clutch disc.

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Redcat Lightning Epx, Traxxas Trx 4 Blazer, Hot Racing Rc Parts

Vaterra, a brand under Horizon Models, launches the 1972 Camaro SS (Che Hot Racing Rc Parts vrolet Comaro) American Muscle 1/10 Remote Control Car. The car shell authorized by the original manufacturer has an LED light set, which has a very high degree of authenticity. Traxxas Trx 4 Blazer Reliable and durable Vaterra electric car V100-S chassis, using AWD straight shaft drive. RTR products are equipped with Spektrum ™ STX2 2Ch 2.4 GHz FHSS remote control, waterproof Spektrum ™ S603 Servo 3 kg servo, waterproof 60A electronic transmission and 15T brushed motor, support 2S lithium battery and nickel-metal hydride battery (EC3 plug). Part number VTR03101T2.
VRC released new news. The VRC Pro version is undergoing alpha testing, which means that the VR version of the Pro version is v Redcat Lightning Epx ery close to the beta version for user testing. It is expected to be launched in the middle of this year. Welcome to this article to check out the wonderful photos of VRC Pro and more VRC news. Buy genuine VRC software, because you can only compare genuine RC with other players in the world by purchasing genuine software!)

VRC Column 2 2010

ST Racing Concepts has released some new tools, including new wrench sleeves and vise for shock absorbers. The wrenches are 17mm and 23mm double head models, made of aluminum alloy, CNC, and provide 3 color options, suitable for 1 / 8 Turggy and buggy players use it! Especially suitable for use with larger offset wheels! Another product is a special vise for the shock absorber, which can effectively prevent the wear and tear of the shock absorber when assembling the shock, so as not to affect the smoothness of the shock.

Source: RCCA []

Best 4X4 Rc Truck, Remote Control Car Shop, Rc Cars Under 20

FID launched the upgraded version of straight bridge Warhammer 2.0 after 1/5 gasoline. The 2.0 upgrade version is optimized and improved on the basis of 1.0 specifically for the following points.
1: Redefining the front suspension system, the new angled front hem arm design, can withstand greater impact loads, and the new C-seat steering group can be upgraded with 4-wheel hydraulic brakes.
2: New Warhammer 2.0 increases 4 shock-absorbing strokes and widens the track width of the entire vehicle. The maximum width of the front wheel is 550mm and the rear wheel is 540mm. The wheelbase remains unchanged.
3: The position of the Rc Cars Under 20 new Warhammer 2.0 on the throttle cable has been modified. , The wire will be used to drive the throttle and brakes.
4: After the new Warhammer 2.0 shock absorption suspension will be equipped with a metal suspension tower, the suspension tower maximum 6-hole adjustable stroke, can adapt to different roads
5: The new Warhammer 2.0 will be equipped with a metal nylon rear axle group. The rear axle gearbox is made of metal, and the gun barrel is still made of nylon. The combination of soft and hard <6>: The new Warhammer 2.0 is also equipped with TRUCK tires, designed for off-road Developed on the grass
7: The new Warh Remote Control Car Shop ammer 2.0 is equipped with a new car shell design and painting system
For more specific parameters, please refer to the basic configuration of the 1.0 version. The specific time to market for the new Warhammer 2.0 is August 2016
Team Powers has launched the Radon Sport V2 brushless electronic transmission, which has upgraded a number of hardware and software to improve performance and stability. The newly designed alloy s Best 4X4 Rc Truck hell can be installed with a 30mm diameter cooling fan, the receiver connection and programming card interface are more accessible, and the motor welding is easier. In terms of software, it provides separate mofified and stock programs, simple boost and turbo settings, and the throttle linearity is further improved. The new firmware allows the stock motor to maintain a lower ESC operating temperature even at high timing settings.

-forward, brake. Reversing – Input voltage: 2S-3S LiPo
– BEC: 6V / 3A
–Motor limit: 6.5T
–Maximum current: 95A per phase
–Size: 40.5x30x19mm
– Weight: 48g

Traxxas Nitro Rc Cars, E Revo 1 10, Traxxas Mustang Gt

Team Associated officially released the RC8Be Factory Team kit, adding a large number of high-strength upgrade parts based on RC8e, adding a large-capacity Factory Team 16mm suspension, 5mm thickness 7075 bottom plate Traxxas Mustang Gt , hydraulic stand, integrated motor mount, more photos in Within this article. RC8Be Factory Team Kit Features:-Pre-assembled shocks, diffs, and turnbuckles with Factory Team shock and diff fluids included- Factory Team 16mm Big Bore threaded, hard-anodized shocks feature heavy-duty 4mm TiN-coated stainless steel shock shafts for maximum smoothness- Updated 5mm 7075 blue aluminium shock towers allow the driver to stand the shock angle up for a more aggressive suspension- Optimized front upper camber link bushings allow for easier tuning and maintenance- 7075 blue aluminium suspension mounts front and rear- Molded bushings allow for eas E Revo 1 10 y and quick adjustment of rear toe-in, rear anti-squat, and front kick-up- Optimized steering geometry for more consistency and reduced bump steer- Updated wing mount with additional clearance for 16mm shocks- Molded battery tray supports two ROAR approved 1 : 10 scale size 7.4v LiPo battery packs with room for foam pads- Molded composite front and rear c Traxxas Nitro Rc Cars hassis braces- Factory Team 83mm wheels, Pro-Line M3 Holeshots with molded i nserts included- Lightweight blue aluminium motor mount- Factory Team 7075 blue aluminium one-piece top plate- Lightweight 3mm hard-anodized chassis- 4.30: 1 ratio gearboxes for maximum punch- Two-piece split-center diff mount allows quick and easy access to the center diff- Caster blocks adjust 14 °, 16 °, or 18 ° with molded inserts- 3.5mm light CVA drivetrain with full ball bearings- Rear molded CVA boots to keep dirt and mud out of rear joints- Blue aluminium hexes and nylon locking wheel nuts- Tough steel-alloy shock stand-offsSource: Associated [] \u0026 amp;

Remote Control Car Store, Proline Crawler Bodies, Rc Car Upgrades

Xray introduces motor gaskets for the XB808E brushless electric off-road vehicle to fit long-axis motors on the car. Details are in this article. # 358790 Shim for Electric MotorWRC Racing from Italy launched the new F18.2 1/10 Formula RC car. Upgrade based on the original F18, strengthened the servo protector, extended the central shock absorb Rc Car Upgrades er, upgraded the suspension rocker arm and redesigned the carbon fiber base plate. It can quickly adjust the battery limit and support short-body lithium batteries. The new bead and tail shaft are more accurate and durable, and easier to maintain. Parameter length 420mm, width 180mm, wheelbase 265-269mm.

New bags from Pro-line. It is designed to be durable and will accompany you into the arena many times. The face cloth is made of wear-resistant nylon, and the interior is a plastic drawer with consideration. It has a lot of space and is not easily dama Proline Crawler Bodies ged. The drawer has plastic handles, which is very convenient. And the top drawer is extra large and can fit 1 to 8 vehicles.

At the same time, Pro-line also launched a series of tools.

Hudy released their latest special tool Torx screwdriver series

Torx head Remote Control Car Store is a new type of screw head that is becoming popular. It is easier to tighten than Phillips screws and easier to loosen than hex screws.

The new Torx tool comes in 6 sizes T6, T8, T10, T15, T20, T25.

Will this screw used in Alex’s car ever become a future trend ~


Hoonicorn Rc Car, Tamiya Car, Traxxas Slash Brushless

Team Losi Ra Traxxas Slash Brushless cing ( Tamiya Car TLR), a brand of American Horizon Models, launc Hoonicorn Rc Car hed the 22 5.0 DC Elite Race Kit 2WD dirt / clay electric off-road vehicle. This rear-drive electric Yue is specially designed for mud and soil. Based on the successful experience of 22 5.0, it has upgraded the key components and is a competition-level product. The car uses a lot of carbon fiber and metal parts, G3 12mm large-capacity shock absorbers, fully upgraded differentials, fully adjustable with ball head and tail suspension are also standard. The TLR factory claims that this is a new car with the ability to race out of the box. Whether it is the selection of parts or the optimization of the weight of the entire vehicle, it has been fully considered before leaving the factory. It is expected to be available by the end of August 2019. To buy TLR products, please go toTeam Associated (AE) introduces the Factory Team Ball Cup Wrench. The workload of installing the ball head on the suspension link is believed to have been experienced by many Fans, especially the reinforced carbon-mixed material ball head. In order to improve efficiency, AE launched a ball head wrench suitable for the 6 series chassis. By inserting the plastic / carbon-blended ball head directly into the hole of the wrench, it can be completely fixed and fast for easy and quick installation. Suitable models include RC10B6, RC10B6D, RC10B64, RC10B64D, RC10B6 Club Racer, and RC10B64 Club Racer. Item # 1579.

Losi launches lithium battery products. One of them is for 1/10 frame, it has sturdy shell protection and the joints are welded out of the factory. Another lithium battery product is designed for 1/18 car. Lightweight design, welded Losi mini-connector connector. 1300mAh 7.4v 15C and 1300mAh 11.1V 20C are available.

Source: Losi [] \u0026 amp;

Scx10Ii Upgrades, Traxxas Slash Proline Body, Scx10 Ii Upgrades

Kyosho Jingshang is about to launch a Mini-Z remote control motorcycle called Mini-Z MC-01. The ratio of this remote control car is 1/18. It uses gyroscopes and digital servos. The transmission part uses full bearings, high-grid bald tires and Yamaha YZR-M1 frames. These configurations have already drooled many players. The remote control equipment uses KT-19 2.4G remote control equipment, 3.7V 120mAh battery and charger, which can be charged using a compu Scx10 Ii Upgrades ter or various USB interfaces. Players only need to purchase an additional 4 AAA batteries into the remote control, and they can immediately start t Traxxas Slash Proline Body he exciting remote control motorcycle journey!
[attach] 1360640 [/ attach]

Upgrade this single rocker kit to synchronize optional front wheel metal wheel frame (XR8195). The front wheel is installed in place to replace the original car’s nylon frame carbon fiber spokes.
The corresponding recommended matching tire is CST hot melt tire (no inner liner is required), the front tire skin number is XR8193, and the rear tire skin number is XR8194. Hot-melt tires work better with AK RACING 1/8 motorcycle warmers.
X-Rider 1/8 SATURN remote control motorcycle with single rocker arm and CST hot melt tire unveiled at Milan Auto Show!
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Team Associated Truggy, Traxxas Slash 4X4 Body Shell, Kids Remote Control

Xray’s T3 electric RV is about to Kids Remote Control be released in 2012! Designed by Martin Hudy, the new car is not Traxxas Slash 4X4 Body Shell a simple upgrade. Th Team Associated Truggy e newly designed floor, second floor, hydraulic bracket, and servo position have also been changed. The grip performance of the frame and the balance of the frame have been further improved, and the steering characteristics have also changed. I believe that the performance of the T3 top-level electric house, which is already highly combative, has been improved once again, so stay tuned for T3 2012 listing!

To improve one of the world ‘s best electric touring car is a demanding task that sometimes may seem like mission impossible. Since 2000 when the first T1 was launched the XRAY racing team along with the staff in R \u0026 amp; D have been continuously working on improving the car each and every year .. With a long and distinguished history of racing achievements and groundbreaking, award-winning innovations, XRAY is proud to offer the 2012 version of the T3 platform… a top-quality ‘ no-compromise ”engineering marvel designed to put you in the Winners Circle.
The new T3 carries all the heritage and racing pedigree to again raise the bar higher. The T3 platform in its evolution process that has been redesigned and improved for 2012 . No extras needed… just a desire to win.
Martin Hudy
XRAY T3 designer

All-new 2012 Specs:
• NEW chassis designs
• NEW redesigned top deck
• NEW front shock tower
• NEW rear shock tower
• NEW upper bulkheads
• NEW gear differential
• NEW steering blocks
• NEW servo saver
• NEW ball joints
• NEW servo position
• NEW optimized shock positions
• NEW optimized chassis flex
• NEW roll center positions
• Improved steering characteristics
• Increased traction
• Improved chassis balance