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Custom Rc Cars, Traxxas Slash 2 Wheel Drive, Traxxas X Maxx Wheels

Reedy introduced new lithium batteries, including 7000mAh 65C straight lithium batteries and 5700mAh 65C SP split lithium batteries. The 7000mAh product is tested by the Reedy factory team for a long time. It is very suitable for stock and modified 1:10 remote control cars. The 4mm connector and high quality hard shell provide good protection. 5700mAh and 7000mAh split lithium battery products meet the requirements of ROAR, EFRA, BRCA, IFMAR, and can be used in major events. Capacity: 7000mAh
Voltage: 7.4V (2S)
Dimensions (mm): 138.8 x 46.8 x 25.0
Max. Charge Current: 14.0 (2C)
Discharge: 65C cont., 120C burst
Weight: 318g
Capacity: 5700mAh
Voltage: 7.4V (2S)
Dimensions (mm): 68.2 x 46.9 x 25.0
Max. Charge Current: 11.4 (2C)
Discharge: 65C cont., 120C burst
Weight: 268g

< br>I have n’t been to the forum for a long time. Recently, th Traxxas X Maxx Wheels e forum has pushed a servo on WeChat. I have been skeptical of domestic servos and have been using Futaba’s BLS series. As a collection, because of curiosity, I dismantled this servo to see what the inside was like, haha.
Since other players have posted out-of-the-box stickers, I will not post them. I will show you the internal photos directly ~ I am lazy.
I personally feel good after reading the internal materials. The main control model is KC9809. I found no technical information on the Internet, but according to the named information, I personally speculated that it is a chip of Xi’an Kuancheng Electronics. The standard signal from the receiver controls the Mos tube to drive the motor to rotate, and the servo is turned to the specified position through the feedback of the potentiometer. The motor-driven mos is AO4603. I checked the technical manual to learn that this is a P / N-channel composite tube, which means that there is a P-channel and an N-channel MOS package inside, and the P-mos current is It is -5.8A, and N-Mos is 4.7A. It is used to drive a serv Traxxas Slash 2 Wheel Drive o to rub. Open the circuit board and saw the power core of the servo, a brushless motor with a sense! Very delicate, the capacitors on the circuit board use very advanced MLCC capacitors. I know that many Taiwan servos still use soy-like tantalum capa Custom Rc Cars citors. In addition, the fixing screw is fixed on the fixing screw of the potentiometer to prevent the potentiometer from shifting or loosening during vibration. It is still good ~
After reading the electronic part, I also disassembled the mechanical part, you can see The workmanship of the gear is very fine, indicating that the CNC has a good machining accuracy. This steering gear uses the design of front and rear double bearings in the bearing method of the output shaft. Of course, the price is still beyond the copper sleeve. In addition, after my disassembly, I found that there is no waterproof O-ring at the output gear of the servo. The official said that I can dive a little. . It is recommended that everyone try not to put the servo into the water, and the water splash should be no problem ~

Remote Control Ferrari, Ford Raptor Rc Car, Axial Grave Digger

Thanks to RCFans VIP member ngh for the origina Axial Grave Digger l evaluation. The evaluation of this article may involve incomplete functionality, focusing on the explanation and analysis of new features. With the current types of rock climbing vehicles and expanding Ford Raptor Rc Car functions, Traxxas released the TRX-4 (native differential, shifting) Remote Control Ferrari soon, Gmade’s forthcoming GOM (native shifting, broken transmission) and so on. It has been a long-established 4CH Gun-type remote controllers are becoming more and more stretched. If you continue to expand the additional modules such as lamps and sound groups, the channel is already very tight. The 7PX announced by Futaba not long ago made everyone look brighter and saw innovation.
================= Appearance articles ================
Then we will unveil the 7PX step by step today The mystery veil, packaging, and the previous 4PV, 4PX have not changed much, the packaging is more eye-catching, and the updated T-FHSS SR system is announced to be faster.
Unpacking, all categories at a glance
Default standard configuration Lithium iron battery FT2F1700BV2, 6.6V, 1700mAh capacity Disassembly of the battery for convenience
The original package is equipped with a sinking direction handwheel extension, this configuration is similar to 4PX

A large direction handwheel is also equipped to adapt to different operator feels

7PX body, the first sense is a large 4.3-inch screen, of course, this is still a touch screen Front Backside Left side

Right side The above is the overall sense of 7PX, but careful players will find that the overall Make Very much like 4PV, then we make a comparison. In contrast, the difference in sensory value is still the much larger screen.

Changes to the main control buttons, Disp on the left, Power on the right. The Menu button in the middle resembles the iPhone Home button, but unfortunately it is similar in appearance.
In addition to the slight changes in the shape of the wheel, the other handwheels have not changed much from the previous series, including the distribution of the DT fine-tuning keys.
Rotary antenna, when the antenna is rotated up to 90 degrees, a Micro SD socket is exposed for Soft Update software upgrade.
The interface on the other side, the aforementioned Charging Jack interface, and the S.Bus sensor adjusts the registration socket.
================= Button articles ================
Then, since it is 7PX claiming 7 Channels, There must be enough physical buttons to support it. Some players have doubted that the physical buttons are not enough. The answer is quite enough.
7PX provides up to 6 custom physical buttons. Let’s see where they are.
The PS1 button is located directly below the handwheel. The PS1 button feels fast and smooth in actual experience. This is also related to its design position and shape.

PS2 is located In the middle of the handle, this button often appeared in the previous Futaba gun control, and it is also more convenient to operate. PS3 is located on the left side of the handwheel. The PS3 button is self-locking. Mode, press to lock, press again to pop up The PS4 button is cleverly designed on the base, but it may also lead to confusion of misuse. br>

The PS5 button is hidden deeper and is located on the concave surface inside the handwheel

< p> The last is PS6, which is a composite button that supports both switch mode and rudder mode (press and rotate)

============== === Extended article ================
In the base part, I found an interesting place.
This cover can be opened, and inside is an NFC sensor.
According to the official guidelines, you can use the mobile phone NFC (Near Field Communication) for Soft Update software upgrade, but no corresponding mobile APP has been found at present, it is estimated that it will be released soon.
================= Functional articles ================
Back to our original intention, verify the core of 7PX Value, 7 Channel
Perhaps the players who currently get 7PX, the boot interface is like this
So how to open the following 7 channels?
Checking the official website was unsuccessful, and found relevant information somewhere in the manual. The opening conditions must be S-FHSS, and the mode is in analog mode.
On the official website, check the receiver list information and find the following.
Similarly, in the compatible receiver information on the detailed introduction page of 7PX, we get the corresponding verification.
So I will use R2008SB as an example for verification. In order to test, because the peripheral equipment is limited, we test with CH4 and above channels. If the CH5 and CH7 channels can be controlled independently, it means that the channel is physically independent.
You can see this demo video below:

Traxxas Tires, Sakura D3, Traxxas Funny Car Discontinued

Team TiTAN’s double-sided nylon toolkit is specially designed for TiTAN tools and can accommodate flywheel wrenches, cross wrenches, igniters and tools of various sizes. The design is quite compact. The tool includes a complete set of 16 pieces of # 10000, and each of 15001, 15002, 15003.

In addition, there is a new metal cover sleeve opener.

Arrowmax launches V2 Honeycomb setup boards, offering models suitable for 1/12 to 1/8 RC cars. It is lighter than the original setting plate and its thickness is reduced by 2mm. The size of 470x290x7mm is suitable for 1/12 and 1/10 remote control cars, and the larger size of 470x370x8mm is suit Traxxas Funny Car Discontinued able for 1/10 and 1/8 remote control cars.
Arrowmax launches Quick-Tweak setting frame suitable for 1/8 to 1/12 remote control car, allowing drivers / players to find more precise frame and suspension settings, and configure a more balanced left and right frame to reduce unne Sakura D3 cessary twisting of suspension move. High-quality aluminum, spring steel, central rotary shaft, laser engraved scale, suitable for many types of remote Traxxas Tires control cars, including motor homes, road cars, etc. Product number AM-170080.

Nosram brings two Storm Evolution brushless motors that focus on high speeds, suitable for the Modify group. 3.0T has the most powerful power, suitable for large track. 8.5T is a good choice for 2WD electric off-road. The motor uses the most advanced Xtec X11 competition structure, neodymium oxide magnets, ultra-thick copper windings, and low resistance design.

Best Rc Cars For Adults, Super Fast Remote Control Cars, 190Mm Rc Body

190Mm Rc Body Super Fast Remote Control Cars Kyosho’s oil-powered off-road vehicle is equipped with a GoPro Hero8 action camera, which is taken on-board at Revelation Toy Drive in the United States, and driver Cj Jelin drives. Known as the most stable spo Best Rc Cars For Adults rts camera on the surface, GoPro Hero8 was released in October this year, which strengthens the HyperSmooth electronic image stabilization performance. According to the current image stabilization level of sports cameras, GoPro HERO8 Black is believed to be the best stable product in its price Action camera, no one. The high-speed, bumpy RC off-road vehicle shooting effect is also first-class.

Mon-Tech Racing in Italy launches new electric car shells. CRD and CRD shells are specially designed for asphalt pavement races. The aerodynamic design of the shell allows the car to have excellent cornering performance, very fast, 0.75 mm thickness and weight is only 90g, but the car shell is still very strong! I believe Mon-Tech’s products will surprise everyone. Source: Mon-Tech [] \u0026 amp;

S-Workz launches new SST tool series. Lightweight handle, high-precision bit.

Hex wrenches come in 1.5mm to 2.5mm, with the 2.0mm \u0026 amp; 2.5mm also available in ball versions There is also a flat head screwdriver, a 4.0mm \u0026 amp;. 6.0mm Philips driver, a 5.5 mm \u0026 amp; 7.0mm socket driver as well as a spring / caster clip hook tool.Source:

Trx4 Upgrades, Vanquish Rc Parts, Rc Stadium Truck

Hobbywing recently launched an EzRun Max10 brushless ESC and two EzRun 3652 \u0026 3660 G2 brushless motors.
First, let’s take a look at the features of this newly released ESC EzRun Max10:
Designed for violent entertainment. Solid materials and full waterproof design, excellent heat dissipation, and powerful software all provide the basis for violent entertainment. In addition, the ESC also has multiple protection functions, such as capacitor overheating protection, overcurrent protection, full waterproof protection, and motor overheating protection (this ESC comes with a motor temperature detection interface. When used with the new EzRun 3652/3660 G2 motor, it can Real-time monitoring of the motor temperature and corre Rc Stadium Truck sponding protection), etc., so that players can ful Vanquish Rc Parts ly invest in the car while driving, enjoy the joy of control without worries. The new ESC is also equipped with a 6V / 7.4V powerful BEC system and a protective electronic switch to ensure that the ESC can still have good reliability even in dusty conditions. This ESC that supports 3S lithium battery can not only set the parameters through the built-in SET key, but also adjust the parameter settings through the Hobbywing LED, LCD setting box Trx4 Upgrades and WiFi module.

Next, let’s take a look at the two newly released EzRun 3652/3660 G2 motors. Both motors have a 4-pole design and they provide a large amount of torque for power demand applications such as 4WD short cards. In addition, the patented design of the ‘Wrong Pole’ rotor with 4 poles and 8 magnetic discs is also applied to this motor, which can achieve a very low cogging effect, which greatly improves the maneuverability of the vehicle during deceleration and cornering. At the same time, it can realize the motor overheating protection function when it is used together with the HY surplus EzRun Max10 and Max10-SCT ESC. Other characteristics of the motor include high-strength all-aluminum CNC heat dissipation casing, high temperature resistant coil, explosion-proof rotor, high-toughness alloy output shaft, O-ring seal between the front cover and the casing (to prevent dust from entering the motor), and Japanese imported balls Bearings ensure super durability of the motor. For more product information, please follow the official WeChat account or log in to the official websiteUsukani and HC Works launched a brushless sensored 540 motor that is adjusted for drift, with adjustable timing. Before the product release, it has been installed and tested on the frames of drivers from various countries of Usukani for testing and competition. The motor has a soft starting linearity and lasting explosive power at high speeds, which will help your drift car achieve excellent results. The appearance and packaging design of the motor was invited to the HC WORKS studio. The design was carried out in the spirit of artisans, and the motor was named ‘Venom’. This motor has excellent performance and is worth cherishing. Usukani Venom motors are limited to 500 in the world. There are 8.5T and 10.5T for players to choose from.
Specification of Venom motor:
KV (rpm / V): 3900
Rotor (mm): 7.2-12.5
Power (Watts): 235
IR (m ): 17
Size: 540 (35.8 * 52.5) ​​
Shaft: 3.175mm
Timing: Adjustable
In put: 1-2S lipo
———- ——-
KV (rpm / V): 4500
Rotor (mm): 7.2-12.5
Power (Watts): 280
IR (m ): 12.4
Size: 540 (35.8 * 52.5) ​​
Shaft: 3.175mm
Timing: Adjustable
In put: 1-2S lipo

Latrax Prerunner Upgrades, Rc10Gt Parts, Traxxas Rustler Brushless Motor

LRP. launches new electronic shifting SXX TC Spec and Traxxas Rustler Brushless Motor SXX Competition, both of which use a technology called C3, which can quickly reduce the electronic temperature. The new X-brake brake system Rc10Gt Parts provides 10 sets of brake settings. , Equipped with the new ADPC 2 software, the performance is further improved!

LRP SXX Competition

• C3 Technology: Revolutionary Copper Core Cooling
technology for lowest running temperatures
• New X.Brake: Stronger brake and 10 autobrake setting for
perfect adjustments.
• New ADPC 2 software: 10 power profiles, includes all profiles used by the team.
• Extra small size: 30.5x34x16mm
• Optimised Internal Temp Check System 2: Allows you to read out the
maximum internal temperaturethat the speedo has reached.
• Sensored design
• AutoCell System: Automatic NiMH-LiPo Latrax Prerunner Upgrades adaptation
• Externally removable power capacitor and 2.6 mm2 power cable
• Brushlesstype: Forward / Brake
• Voltage Input: 4.8-7.4V
• Motorlimit \u0026 sup2 ;: Over 4.0T (6.0V)
Over 4.5T (7.4V) SXX TC spec

• C3 Technology: Revolutionary Copper Core Cooling
technology for lowest running temperatures
• New X.Brake: Stronger brake and 10 autobrake setting for
perfect adjus tments.
• New ADPC 2 software: 10 power profiles, includes all
profiles used by the team.
• Extra small size: 30.5x34x21mm
• Optimised Internal Temp Check System 2: Allows you to read out the maximum internal
temperaturethat the speedo has reached.
• Sensored design
• AutoCell System: Automatic NiMH-LiPo adaptation
• Externally removable power capacitor and 3.3mm2 power cable
• Included with plugged high-performance fan
• Brushless type: Forward / Brake
• Voltage Input: 4.8-7.4V
• Motorlimit \u0026 sup2 ;: Over2.5T (6.0V)
Over 3.0T (7.4V )

\u0026 sup2; measured at 7.2V Source: LRP [] \u0026 amp ;

Prosc 4X4 Hop Ups, Rc Jeep Body, Best Rc Toys

Yeah Racing (YR) introduced modified parts for Traxxas TRX-4 and TRX-6. Incl Best Rc Toys uding Front Metal Bumper # TRX4-074, Rear M Rc Jeep Body etal Bumper # TRX4-075, Steel Front Lamp Guard Accessories 2pcs.AE Prosc 4X4 Hop Ups ‘s TC6 electric room has performed well in the June World Championship. Team Assosicated officially announced the details of TC6. The frame is fully optimized for brushless electronic equipment and lithium batteries. In the era of gathering, AE launched TC6, I believe it will set off a new electric room boom! Details and photos are in this article!Unity Tool launched 12 Tweak adjustment tools, which can actually be used for 1/10 and 1/8 cars. Ability to adjust measurement track width, camber, caster, toe in, toe out
Slow down, every week has fun and original super slow motion! A big kid toy, experienced this big guy Traction Hobby climbing car before the festival, without much words, go directly to the Great Wall to experience off-road and passion.

Rustler Rc Car, Proline Slash Body, Traxxas Slash Dirt Oval Body

Xia 13 said: High energy down the ground ahead! Did you make the MINI-Z highly intelligent formula car? In fact, this material about the highly intelligent formula car was filmed in the middle o Traxxas Slash Dirt Oval Body f the year. I have been busy with work and dragged it off until now, but it is better than a bad tail, Wahaha ~ so nonsense, such a rare one We have launched the highly intelligent formula racing car shell! Because Mark is rich and willful (his car shell), because of sir’s skillful craftsman (difficult to install and match), because it makes sense to run down the ground (rather than just posing), because others have n’t done it (that is, the display is complete) ), But actually there are still some difficulties in getting this car shell to the ground. Please watch the video to learn more about the story behind this car shell ~
Do you build a highly intelligent formula car for MINI-Z? It is recommended to watch under the wifi environment, you are hospitable! Go down to the ground with high energy! Did you make the MINI-Z highly intelligent formula car?Exotek Racing introduced ultra-narrow lithium-ion floor for Serpent S411 electric RV. After using this floor, the S411 frame is more torsional, and the special design at the rear can increase the stability of the car, especially during cornering and acceleration when going out of the bay, it can walk at higher speeds. Improved grip and extended tire life, this floor is ideal for controlled tire races. The width of the bottom plate is only 82mm and the thickness is 2.25mm. It supports 7.4V flat-bottom lithium battery installation, such as related products int Proline Slash Body roduced by Thunder Power and Orion. Recently listed.
Welcome to the RCFans electric flat road remote control car discussion area to participate in the discussionPro-Line introduces the new BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T / A KM3 1.9 ”G8 Rock Terrain tire, suitable for climbing and simulation of off-road vehicles.
Manufactured by BFGoodrich and designed from the full-size BFG Mud-Terrain T Rustler Rc Car / A KM3 can be used on all terrains, especially on soft and muddy roads, which can give better performance; G8 soft formula provides good grip on wet rocky surfaces. Unique tires, with self-cleaning effect, suitable for 1.9 inch wheel , Height 120mm, width 45mm, product number 10150-14.

Large Rc Trucks, Exceed Rc Buggy, Hpi Racing Rc

Acorn Racing has launched a new series of 48P gears. Like the 64P, the weight of the 48P is also about 2 grams each. It is made of high-strength materials and is available for players from 15T to 40T. Adding to the line of 64 pitch Pinion gears, Acorn Racing has added a complete line of 48 pitch high precision ultra light weight pinion gears. Like the 64 pitch pinions they weigh an average about 2 grams each and made of aero grade T6 dura Hpi Racing Rc lumin. Each and every piece of this gear is coated to prevent oxidation and hardened for strength and durability. They are machined cut for precision and concentricity. The Exceed Rc Buggy new 48 pitch pinions range from 15T to 40T.
Source: www.acornracing.comTeam Associated (AE) launches the TC7.1 Factory Team Race Class 1/10 4WD Electric Touring Car. This is based on the successful TC7 FT. The n Large Rc Trucks ew car has a lower center of gravity and better grip. Ultra-smooth short-body FOX shock absorber (Genuine Kashima coating) is adopted, and the installation position of the shock absorber is also lower. The DCV drive shaft can transmit power to the wheels more effectively and smoothly. The narrow floor design fully considers The torsional characteristics of the frame, one-piece motor base, floating steering rudder base, and gear differential are all standard equipment. The entire vehicle uses a large number of AE factory team upgrade parts. In addition to the improved performance of TC7.1, maintenance has become simpler. Part number 30121.

Short body FOX® suspension with Genuine Kashima® coating
CoatDCV drive shaft
Strengthened drive shaft sleeve
Narrow body ultra light Quantitative carbon fiber base plate
One-piece motor mount
High-performance transmission belt
22 high-precision bearings
Low center of gravity steering mechanism

Rc Dune Buggy, Control Car Toy, Horizon Hobby Rc Cars

Team Associated has released the RC8RS ‘Race Spec’ RTR off-road vehicle. The new product is based on the Factory Team RC8, with high-performance remote control and electronic equipment, and a 28-level engine! The remote control equipment uses XP3D three-channel computer digital remote control (FM), and it turns to the S2008 servo using metal gears! RC8 RTR can be said to be a cost-effective, high-performance off-road vehicle!

Product parameters:
-Team Associated’s Powerful .28 Pro Engine
-Pro-Start Hand Held Starting System
-Painted and Horizon Hobby Rc Cars Pre-Mounted Body With Custom Graphic Decal Kit
-S2008 Metal Gear Steering Servo And S1903 Throttle Servo < Control Car Toy br>-Hard-Anodized 3mm Thick 7075 Aluminum Chassis
-Team Associated 2-Chamber Muffler
-Sealed Radio Box With Thread-Through Molded Antenna Mount
– Fuel Bottle
-3mm Low-Profile Black Anodized Aluminum Shock Towers
-Pre-Mounted Team Associated Tires and Molded Inserts On Dish Wheels
-Hard-Anodized Shock Bodies With Pre-Load Clips, 4mm Shock Shafts, Composite Shock Caps and Rubber Boots
-XP3D Computerized Digital 3-Channel FM Radio System with 10 Model Memory SEE NEXT PAGE!
-3mm Black Anodized Aluminum Steering Rack With Ball-Bearing Steering Sy Rc Dune Buggy stem

Remote control parameters:
Included with the RC8RS RTR. Designed using state-of-the-art IT technology, Team Associated’s all new XP 3D FM Computerized Digital Radio System will advance and simplify the control of your R / C car, boat, or motorcycle while providing many years of enjoyment. The extensive list of standard features and advanced programming functions make the XP3D perfect for use with advanced kits or an excellent choice for RTR radio upgrades.

XP3D Specifications:
-Encoder: 3-channel digital
-Frequency Output: 27/75 MHz
– Modulation: AM / FM PPM
-Current Drain: 150mA @ 9.6V
-Power Requirement: 9.6V / 8 AA cells

Standard Receiver Features:
-Super-Heterodyne for extra long range
-Interchangeable crystals
-Multi-signal intensified input jamming ratio

Source [RedRC]