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Serpent continues to expand its upgrades for its 1/8 SRX8 gasoline and electric series. This time, the front and Ferrari Remote Control Car rear anti-roll bars are 2.2 mm, Cheap Rc Drift Cars 2.4 mm, 2.6 mm, and 2.8 mm, all made of high-quality steel. Each anti-roll bar is laser marked with the correspondi Rc Subaru ng size for identification. The anti-roll bar will be sold separately.

Product number
600965 Antiroll bar front 2.2 mm
600966 Antiroll bar front 2.4 mm
600967 Antiroll bar front 2.6 mm
600968 Antiroll bar front 2.8 mm
600969 Antiroll bar rear 2.2 mm
600970 Antiroll bar rear 2.4 mm
600971 Antiroll bar rear 2.6 mm
600972 Antiroll bar rear 2.8 mm

Speed ​​Passion announced the launch of the Reventon (the name is also the name of a supercar Limburgine) brushless electronic transmission. The built-in WIFI module can wirelessly set the parameters of electronic shifting through Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod handheld devices. It will also support Android system in the future. However, if you want to use an Apple device to set the electronic transmission, you also need to match the original WIFI module or Bluetooth module. Players can also share the settings to the Speed ​​Passion website, and at the same time, download the settings of professional drivers and import them into their electronic transmission system.
[attach] 1355484 [/ attach]
WIFI module
Reventon electronic transmission


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Xray 808 41t gear, continuing Xray’s top technology, is suitable for slippery tracks, can provide more stable control and appropriately increase the performance of the push head when refueling. Xray presents new authentic option parts for XRAY XB808 car:
(click to enlarge)
• 41T Front Diff Bevel Gear
• Tightest tolerance, perfect fit
• For slippery tracks
• Increased stability
• Special HUDY steel
• Additionaly Dude Perfect Rc Cars hardened to the core Team Associated Apex r> • Precision Ground
• Slight on-power understeer
• Individually machined, tested, inspected
• Low wear
• Extra-long lifespan
355041 Front Diff Large Bevel Gear 41T
41-tooth large bevel gear for front differential is machined from special HUDY steel Hosim Rc Car material which has been specially developed for gear-type products, additionally hardened and precision ground to fit the tightest tolerance requirements for perfect fit with the diff outdrives. The gears are individually machined on a precision German gear machine and every gear is individually tested, inspected, and run in. The diff gear is then laser engraved with ’41T’ for easy and instant recognition.
Our special heat trea tment makes the gear very hard and strong not only on the surface but also in the core, thus give the gear an extraordinarily-long lifespan with very low wear comparing to standard gears.
This gear is recommended for slippery tracks. Offers increased stability while introducing a slight amount of on-power understeer.
(click to enlarge)
355141 Active Diff Large Bevel Gear 41T
Active Diff Large Bevel Gear 41T The 41T diff bevel gear for XRAY Active DiffT is machined from special HUDY steel material which has been specially developed for gear-type products, additionally hardened and precision ground to fit the tightest tolerance requirements for perfect fit with the diff outdrives. The gears are individually machined on a precision German gear machine and every gear is individually tested and inspected. The diff gear is then laser engraved with ‘Active Diff 41’ for easy and instant recognition.
This gear is recommended for slippery tracks. Offers increased stability while introducing a slight amount of on-power understeer.

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Sirio’s new 3.5cc engine is suitable for flat road cars Best Remote Control Car For 6 Year Old and is called S21 CL7 R. 7-port, ABC struc Jlb Rc ture, high-performance ceramic bearings at the rear for enhanced durability. This engine is aimed at players who are looking for reliable high performance, but also easy to tune. The engines of the same series have won 2 world championships yet.

Disassembling flywheels, engine bearings, and cylinder liners is not an easy task, and parts are easily damaged. GRP ’s latest engine tools can make players easily do the above things. GRP ’s latest engine set tools include 3 different tools, this week GRP will send this set of products to GR Scx10 Lift Kit P distributors around the world, and the price is extremely Competitive!
Source: NeoBuggy

Two weeks ago, Marc Rheinard of Tamiya drove the TRF416 for the second time in the world. The factory immediately launched the World Championship Edition, which moves quickly. However, this car is not much different from the previous TRF416, only some improvements have been made. For example, the second floor slab extended backward, more efficient belts, smoother suspension core and suspension tube. There are also front straight shafts and front 1C / 1C rear 1XA / 1F rocker seats.

X-Power introduced upgrades for Mini Z AWD and MR-03, made of 7075-T6 aluminum. The retrofit upgrades introduced include bead differential (suitable for AWD and MR-03), AWD head suspension cover, AWD bottom cover, DWS suspension frame and springs with different hardness.

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H Bmw I8 Remote Control Car PI launche Hpi Blitz Parts s Super 5SC Flux RTR short-haul truck. 1/5 large-scale frame, usi 1 10 Scale Trailer ng Savage’s reliable transmission system, Flux Tork 2200KV motor. The Super 5SC is lighter than the Baja 5SC, so the Flux Tork motor can easily handle this new car. It can be fitted with Baja 5SC car shell, bumper and rim, equipped with TF-40 2.4GHz remote control equipment. For those who like a large percentage but do n’t want to play with gasoline cars, Super 5SC Flux is a good choice. 12

Effects after mounting tires and frame

T-Work ‘s launched DLC-coated suspension cores, which are suitable for BD8, T4 and MTC1 racing-grade electric RVs, making the suspension smoother. The first is for Yokomo BD8 / BD8’ 18 / BD7 electric RVs. There are 4 packs (product code TE-198-BD8) and 2 packs (product code TE-198-BD8-2).
Suitable for Xray T4 / 17/18, also equipped with 4 packs and 2 packs, product codes are TE-198-T4 and TE-198-T4-2.
Suitable for Mugen MTC1 style. It also has 4 sticks and 2 sticks. The product codes are TE-198-MTC1 and TE-198-MTC1-2.

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‘Brother, how do you look at this tire? Brother, do you look at this shield sticker handsome? Brother, do you see if I use this set of brushes OK? Brother, do you think this shock absorber is good? … … ‘
Brother, I want to buy an RR10, but now I change it like this and I don’t know why.
This kind of trouble is often experienced by every model friend. I want to buy the original car but listen to this and listen to that. In the end I have n’t played yet, I replaced the original parts with OP parts. Ask why this is ‘I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know’!
The structural design of the original car has its own set of balanced ratios, so you must be careful about OP without knowing the car.
In this issue of ‘I Say My Car’, let’s talk about a sultry, hidden, and outward-looking RR10 who likes to hide in the corner and is always a blockbuster. Make boring RR10.
The anchor is a cool music group invited to participate in the show ‘I said my car’: Li Yang, Master Li, and Li Beard. PS: Keke, it ’s just how good a person is.
The static point model JDMODEL launched the min Off Road Remote Control Car iature plunger directional valve, which has obtained the national utility model patent.
The main features of this model directional valve: the oil circuit design has a neutral oil return function, which reduces the power loss of the entire hydraulic system. The valve body and valve core are heat-treated with chrome steel to improve the reliability and service life of the directional valve. The 2-N circuit combination can be used to meet the requirements of different vehicle models. Each group of valves is assembled in parallel, and the 2-N valve body extension can be Best Remote Control Car Under 100 achieved only by superimposing a common valve body in the middle. Compact structure and small size, convenient layout, suitable for 9G size servo (torque needs more than 2.2KG), static point model w 1 10 Scale Accessories ith DMC809 metal steering gear. The directional valve is an important control element in the hydraulic system. Its performance determines the operating speed, operating frequency, proportional control effect, and linkage effect of the actuators of the oil cylinder or hydraulic motor. This valve is the fifth-generation directional valve of the static point model, which has certain improvement effects, but it can not fully achieve the same maneuverability as the real machine, such as full-scale control, excavator throwing and shaking operations, etc., static point model Will continue to develop better performance model directional valve and hydraulic system to improve the simulation of hydraulic models.

Dune Thunder Rc Car, Wpl C24 Upgrades, Traxxas Slash 2Wd Parts

LRP’s new brushless electronic transmission SXX StockSpec V2 is an upgraded version of the SXX TC spec. The new software (ADPCmax2) works perfectly with the Stock motor. For detailed features, please see this article.

It can be the decisive advantage on the race track.

The technical base line of the new speed control specialist for stock racing was the SXX TC spec, which, when it was introduced in the market took the R / C scene by storm. IFMAR WC title 2008-2009 and numerous other national and international wins underline its leading position worldwide.

Equipped with these successful genes and revolutionary technical advancements, and due to its revised software, perfectl Traxxas Slash 2Wd Parts y adjusted for the use in combination with stock motors, the new SXX Stock Spec Version 2 with the ADPCmax2 softwar Wpl C24 Upgrades e is the top of the line speed control in its class and will boost stock racing into a new dimension.

The most important updates of the Version 2:
• Improved, tougher specifications
• USB software update on
• Dual ADPCmax2 softw Dune Thunder Rc Car are
• Higher performance! < / p>


Improved, tougher specifications: Improved soft- and hardware for maximum reliability USB Softwa re Updateability: Benefit from all the latest performance improvements and updates available at! Dual ADPCmax2 Software: Independent adjustment of “Feel” and “Boost” for maximum flexibility and highest power in all classes, for all types of battery cells and motors TwinBEC: A true BEC revolution! Constant 6V / 3A output with 3.0V to 7.4V batteries. No receiver battery with 1S LiPo needed. Revolutionary Internal Temp Check System 3: Allows you to read out the maximum internal temperature for each the speedo and motor. AutoCell System 2 (3.0V to 7.4V input voltage): Fully adjustable cut off system for all types of cells. Extra small size: 30.5x33x21mm for easy installation in all cars C3 Technology: Revolutionary Copper Core Cooling technology for lowest running temperature.


Voltage Input 3.7 – 7.4V Rated Current 764A / phase Type Forward / Brake Typical Voltage Drop @ 20A 0.013V / phase Dimension 30.5x33x21mm Weight (without wires) 36g Motorlimit (7.4V) over 4.0 turns TwinBEC 6.0V / 3.0A

Source: LRP \u0026 amp;

Traxxas 4X4 Vxl, Rc Crawler Truck, Esc And Motor Combo

Serpent (snake) launched a winter jacket with a hat. Serpent orange and silver gray are used as the main color, waterproof material, and the hat can be removed. Comes with multiple bags for your belongings. M to 2XL are available for players to choose from and will be Esc And Motor Combo available in December. -\u0026 gt; Click here to enter Serpent brand area for details
RC4WD launched a wooden luggage rack, suitable for RC4WD Cruiser shell. The frame is made of steel by hand welding, plus real wood, with 4 IPF decorative searchlights, and players can also install LED lights by themselves. Dimensions: length 284.5mm, width 189.2mm, height 46.5mm, weight 276 grams. Product number VVV-C0437.

We reported two days ago that the 2017 Tokyo Model Exhibition Rc Crawler Truck Tamiya Tamiya model first exposed the RC Trike T3-01 ‘Dancing Rider’ three-wheel remote-control motorcycle. After this new car was reported, our WeChat public account, mobile app and website received a lot of responses. It can be seen that everyone is full of interest in this ‘innovative’ product. The live walking video has flowed out, please watch the following video. The T3-01 can use 4 AA (size 5) or 6.6V LiFe (lithium iron) batteries as its power, and it can return the body to its own right after rolling.

Following reports, after GRP stopped producing Ninja engines, Mugen’s new supplier was the well-known O.S. In the latest photos of the Ninja engine announced by the factory, we can see that the casing is from the Traxxas 4X4 Vxl OS 28XZ engine. Except for the slightly different port design and no balance weight on the crankshaft, the other aspects look basically the same as OS Speed ​​V- The spec is about the same.

Remote Control Hot Wheels, Traxxas Stampede 4X4 Body, Remote Control Cars For Toddlers

Tamiya will launch two new models based on the TT-02B off-road vehicle frame. The first is DUAL RIDGE (TT-02B CHASSIS), an entry-level product, 4WD straight-shaft drive, and the car shell is in charge of PDC Design Works, which will be available on October 1. The second product is NEO SCORCHER BRIGHT PINK METALLIC (TT-02B CHASSIS), a limited-edition product that uses an extended suspension rocker arm and CVA suspension. It will be available on August 23. Both of the above-mentioned new cars are sold with car shells.
In October last year, Traxxas launched the 1/8 X-Maxx RTR electric truck, which has been very popular since its launch. A year later, the X-Maxx was upgraded again, and the 2017 upgraded version was launched, with more power and a stronger frame! It supports 8S (two 4S) and is equipped with VXL-8s electronic Remote Control Cars For Toddlers transmission. The super powerful power output of 8S will bring exciting walking experience to players, and the speed will exceed Traxxas Stampede 4X4 Body 80km / h. The transmission system has also been strengthened with steel gears, larger drive shafts and main bearings, and the gearbox has also been strengthened. The dual fans provide better cooling performance for the motor, and the new central torque distribution system allows the car to easily lift its head. Owners who are already X-Maxx can also upgrade the car to the 2017 8S new through the upgrade kit sold separately by Traxxas. It is expected to be available in February 2017.
Xpress launched the new GripXero D1 RWD 1/10 drift remote control car (wheelbase 256mm). The design co Remote Control Hot Wheels ncept borrows from the Xpresso and Execute series products of the same factory, and GripXero is positioned as a competition-level product. Unique ‘inboard’ front suspension (IFS), narrow chassis, optional tail straight shaft or gear differential, electronic gearbox with adjustable center of gravity and gyroscope mount, hybrid belt + gear drive system, etc. are Xpress The highlight of this RWD drift new car. Product number XP-90007. Please enter

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Protoform has launched three new car shells, a 200mm oil-deposited car shell, a 190mm electric tow car shell and a 1/8 oil-powered flat road car shell. In the past six years, the Stratus car shell of Protoform is the most popular oil tank and electric car shell. Players with a certain history of playing cars believe that they have used the Stratus car shell. The performance has also been continuously improved. The latest Stratus has launched the p37 version, with a width of 200mm. It is used in oil houses. For the last 6 years the Protoform Stratus 3.1 has been one of the most popular and successful 200mm gas-sedan bodies. It’s still used even today in race winning performances by many top ranked pro drivers. Today, Protoform is proud to release the P37- N (nitro) 200mm Gas Sedan body to continue that legacy. This new P37-N body uses some of the time tested and proven design feat Tamiya Rc Bodies ures of the 3.1 but includes many evolutionary improvements to aid down force and steering capabilities. The wing struts are enlarged and new oversized nylon wing hardware is now included with the body. The body conforms to all the ERFA “Global Body Spec” criteria and it comes with protective coating, decals and window masks. Available in Lite and PRO-Lite weights. Protoform A special 190mm rubber tire shell, P37-R (rubber), suitable for indoor and outdoor use.I haven’t released a new product for a while, so what are Rc Race Cars we doing? I want to make everyone more fun playing model cars, and at the same time can experience more novel and interesting gameplay, so D1RC has been innovating. This time, it brought the exclusive TraxxasTRX-4 brake caliper kit designed through a series of research and discussion.
Aluminum alloy material: aft Pink Rc Car er oxidation treatment, the surface hardness is higher and the corrosion resistance is better. More simulation: Drawing on the essence of the design of high-performance real car brake calipers, this multi-position brake caliper kit with high simulation performance has been designed to make the TRX-4 more simulation.
More sturdy: real materials, using top-level production technology to make it more durable. Many colors: refuse monotonous, black, yellow, red three colors are available.
We may still have shortcomings, but we will continue to improve! Here, D1RC also hopes that everyone can feel this aluminum alloy simulated brake caliper kit with heart, say the most real thoughts or suggestions in their hearts, and reject prejudice.
Finally, a video of TRX-4 brake caliper kit loading and unloading is dedicated to everyone ~

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Original video publisher BY TRAXXAS, translator BY TRAXXAS distributor in China. As a novice, are you distressed by the poor adhesion of tires? Hope this video will help you! The fo Rc18T Upgrade llowing is a translation video made by the Radio Model of China, the general agent of TRAXXAS, because the model involves professional English. If the translation is wrong, please correct me!
English version prevails, please Rc Car Transmitter refer to:
TRAXXAS How To Glue Wheels And Tires
Traxxas wheels and tires give you endless options for customizing your model with many finishes and tread patterns to suit your environment and driving style.Traxxas offers a full line of wheels and tires and preglued sets. However you may want to customize your modelby gluing your own tires and wheels with the many combinations available. It is important to see and glue the tires properly to ensure that the tires stay sealed and balanced.
If you ever find that your tire has separated from the wheel use these techniques to reseal it. Along with your new wheels and tire you will just need a bottle Traxxxas ultra premium tire glue, a pair of safety glasses for eye protection and a mild dish washing detergent or glass cleaner.
The glue bonds quickly so consider the appropriate clothing and workspace when performing the assembly. Some tires are directional so make note of the direction of rotation an d ensure the rim faces the outside of the tire. Some wheels are specified for the fry or back so make note of any indications on the wheels.
Apply the cleaner to the whe On Road Rc Car els and tires giving particular attention to the tire bead to remove any chemicals or oils that can keep the glue from bonding.
Allow the wheels and tires to fully dry gradually work the wheels into the tires. This process can take some times but be patient and allow the foam and rubber to conform to the rim go around the wheel and seat the bead of the tire into the rim on both sides.
Pull back on the tire and apply the glue as you work the way around the wheel.
Apply the glue at several points around the tire until it is secured to the wheel.
Allow the first side to dry for a few minutes prior to applying glue to the other side.
Allow the glue to dry overnight before running the vehicle. If one of your original wheels is showing signs of separation use the same technique to reglue the tire. Clean any dirt or debris from the separated area and reglue.