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Anti Gravity Car, Honda Civic Rc Car, Toy Story Remote Control Car

Usukani introduced a universal metal large tooth cover, which is commonly used in mainstream drift cars. 7075 aluminum alloy cutting process, outer diameter is about 27.5mm, thi Toy Story Remote Control Car ckness is ab Honda Civic Rc Car out 3.5mm, weight is 2 grams. Irregular blade design, the blade tip Anti Gravity Car is white. This product increases the bearing area of ​​the large teeth and makes the gears more stable during operation.

The famous Russian RC evaluator evaluated China’s Impre 1/8 electric brushless Tyrant truck, and believes that China’s remote control cars will be recognized by the world like Chinese smartphones in the future, it ‘s time to copy China.
GL-racing, a well-known mini remote control car (mosquito car) driver established in 2015, launched the GLR high-performance RWD rear-drive mini remote control car (mosquito car). The new car is currently undergoing pre-production testing. GLR has a low center of gravity design, the ultra-lightweight frame is only 115 grams (without car shell), all 98mm ASC car shells can be used, and upgrades designed for GLR will also be launched one after another. GLR is a competition-grade mosquito car product, which is expected to be officially launched in 2-3 months.

Much More recently launched a new lithium battery product (LiPo pack) with a carbon fiber appearance. There are two products of straight battery: 4000mAh 35C and 5200mAh 30C. Split battery has 6200mAh and 4400mAh both are 30C. With the popularization of lithium batteries, the performance improves I believe that RCFans who choose lithium batteries will also be more and more. Source: Muchmore

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Pro-Line will launch a kit suitable for the Pro-Line PRO-2 SC short card upgrade to convert to the PRO-2 Buggy off-road vehicle. The kit can also convert Traxxas Slash, provided that you have installed the Pro- Traxxas Defender Line PRO-2 LCG floor, high-performance drive system and Pr Rc Radio Control Car o-Trac tail oil mount. Details of this kit product will be announced soon, so stay tuned!
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Traxxas announced the launch of a 1.55 Rc Tires 1/10 4WD brushless remote control car with a newly developed low center of gravity frame. With an extended suspension rocker arm and adjustable push rod, the car can easily cope with various terrains. Straight shaft drive, dual differential and limited slip clutch design, with all-terrain pull wheels and tires, both performance and appearance are simultaneously. 3500kv brushless motor, VXL-3s compatible lithium-ion electronic transmission and Traxxas’ exclusive TQi remote control equipment are included in the product. Use multiple easy-to-maintain disassembly design, allowing players to easily maintain the car.
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Axial introduced some upgrades to the Wraith rock crawler. The first is the differential cover manufactured by the CNC process, which can increase strength.

Aluminum link holders provide more track adjustment holes.

Aluminum bushings can be directly further from the original parts.

Heavy duty aluminium straight links and hi-clearance made by the new 101mm and 7X85mm CNC process threaded aluminium links

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Wraith Spawn, Remote Control Car Parts, Traxxas Stampede Shocks

The new Team Associated Factory Team RC10R5 is launched for the fast-growing 1 to 10 GT level running market. AE has more than 25 years of history of producing 1:10 and 1:12 flat sports cars, and has won many world championships. We can expect the RC10R5 to be an excellent platform. The fram Traxxas Stampede Shocks e is made of 2.5mm carbon fiber board, and the ball-type rear suspension system can independently adjust the rolling and shock absorption characteristics of the frame.

The RC10R5 features new shocks that have a through-shaft design, making for equalized damping throughout the full stroke of the shock in both directions, without any unwanted rebound. The center shock tower has four mounting positions that split the spring rates for even finer adjustments. The new center shock also controls the chassis droop a Remote Control Car Parts nd can be adjusted on the car with a turnbuckle wrench, Wraith Spawn making it easier and quicker to get dialed in.

The RC10R5’s’ Active Strut ‘front end has been optimized, featuring symmetric components with adjustable caster and track width, as well as a new front axle with wheel nut. Factory Team blue aluminum servo mounts position the servo flat on the chassis for a lower center of gravity and include Ackermann adjustment spacers.

The foam front bumper helps protect body and chassis during impacts. The RC10R5 features a wide rear pod optimized and balanced for brushless, woven carbon fiber top plate, and Factory Team blue aluminum machined motor mount and left-side bulkhead. The woven carbon fiber top plate attaches to the motor mount and leftside bulkhead at four points, making the RC10R5’s rear pod more rigid and durable. The RC10R5 uses 90% of the same parts as the RC12R5, making it easier than ever for current 1:12 scale racers to jump into the fun of bigger cars with scale bodies that is the World GT class.

RC10R5 Factory Team features: < br>-Designed to fit World GT racing class specs
-Wide rear pod is balance-optimized for brushless motors and features Factory Team blue aluminum machined motor mount and left bulkhead
-New Factory Team pivot ball-link chassis allows for independent adjustment for roll, bump, and alignment
-The pivot ball-link chassis has proven to be more durable in high speed impacts and better in bumpy track conditions
-New Factory Team shocks feature a through-shaft design , making for equal damping with no rebound in both directions
-Updated active s trut front end features symmetric components with adjustable caster and track width, as well as a new front axle with wheel nut
-Woven carbon fiber center shock tower allows for incremental adjustments of rear spring rate
-2.5mm woven carbon fiber chassis
-Full ball bearing
-Ball differential
-Foam front bumper helps protect body and chassis during impact
-Servo mounts flat for a lower CG and includes Ackermann adjustment spacers

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VP Pro launched a new series of tools. This series consists of 14 commonly used tools. The design of the Robinson Racing Rc handle is very comfo Rc Rock Crawler Rc Buggy rtable and lightweight. It is believed to be a cost-effective tool series.

Kyosho launched an upgraded TCD (Traction Control Differential) gear set for the Inferno MP9. TCD can provide more balanced power under acceleration, thereby improving the vehicle’s grip. When decelerating, TCD has less torque than ordinary differentials, which improves steering during cornering. TCD is especially used in low grip situations.

Raytheon KingMotor (KM) ‘s EXPLORER RX rally car new Ford Fiesta is coming soon. The KM EXPLORER RX # 2 shot by CNRC is unveiled, please e Traxxas Dragster njoy the wonderful video.
Hobbywing team manager Salton Dong, Mr. Dong Sizheng (RCFans Forum ID 爱车) made technical support at the AOC Hong Kong race, and introduced many differences between the new V10 (New Ver.) G2 motor and V10.

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O.S. launched two 21XZ-R engines for 1/8 level road cars. Among them, the horsepower of 21ZX-R Speed ​​has been increased. It has been used by the factory drivers in the Miami World Championship and has achieved fourth and fifth place. The engine torque and fuel economy have also improved. The other new engine is the 21XZ-R VII, which is more cost-effective and has faster performance. Both engines will be available this month.
21XZ-R VII Specifications:
Displacement: 3.49 cc (0.213 ci)
Bore: 16.27 mm (.640 in)
Stroke: 16.8 mm (. 661 in)
Practical RPM: 4,000 to 45,000
Power Output: 2.8 ps / 2.84 hp / 33,000 rpm
Weight: 343 g (12.1 oz)Following the launch of overseas versions of the GENS ACE series 5000mah 60C 7.4V and 5800mah 45c 7.4v at the end of last year, Grignard ACE has introduced two high-performance products based on the popular off-road, short card, and F1 in the market. 4200mah 60C 7.4v (2S2P); 7000mah 50C 7.4V (2S2P). 4200mah 60C 7.4V: short power, widely used in F1 and 1/8 off-road. Although the capacity is low, it guarantees normal races to run more than 9 minutes. The plastic shell material still ma Traxxas Bandit Upgrades intains Grignard’s traditional stone pattern style, and the newly replaced armor is more vivid and wild. Another new product 7000mah 50C 7.4V: long power, widely used in off-road, short card.

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Serpent Viper 977 1/8 scale oil-powered race-grade frame
Click here- \u0026 gt; Enter the Serpent Serpent brand area to participate in the interaction. With Centax true motion clutch, SL8 gearbox, front flex-system, rear axle brake, head unidirectional, tail straight shaft, anti-roll bar, etc. Using the latest specifications and technology to produce the top-of-the-line full-body adjustable frame, it achieves lightweight, simple, high rigidity, new geometric suspension and more tuning and adjustment features.
Main features:
New platform, 90% new parts
Light weight, still maintaining high rigidity and durability
Lower center of gravity
New front and rear geometry
New belt pulley produces new inner Gear ratio
Tail axle brake
Front flex-system
Simple design
Most parts can be shared symmetrically left and right (except the front lower rocker arm and the rear two-speed ball bearing block)
> Most ball bearings have plastic sealing caps (except for brake cams and servo protectors)
Aerospace-grade 7075 T6 aluminum alloy 5mm chassis is engraved with a logo, no matter whether it is twisted or not The weight distribution is also perfectly symmetrical, and the position around the engin Traxxas Rustler 2Wd Upgrades e has also been improved to have better rigidity to exert better engine performance. Flat head holes and cut corners improve cornering and ground clearance. In the space at the center of the chassis, up to three brass sliding weights can be installed as a setting tool to adjust the chassis balance and chassis balance. This has a great impact on steering, grip and tire wear, making it easy to adjust quickly. All screws on the bottom use a 2.5mm hex universal specification.
Using a powerful aerodynamic composite bumper from 966-TE, the upward edge makes it more stable and will not touch the surface affected by impact or high temperature. The durable composite front shell pillar is eccentric, allowing the car shell to be moved forward or backward a few millimeters to optimize steering and downforce.
The new steering assembly can be installed on the left or right, providing a system to change the position of the shaft forward or backward, change the steering response, and can change the kingpin inclination and offset. The spring steel steering rod is fastened to the aluminum alloy steering plate and mounted to a new steering seat. Optional carbon fiber boards can be installed on upright reinforcement components and improve aerodynamics. The left and right steering seats are symmetrically shared, and are equipped with aluminum alloy plates to connect the steering rods. Two Ackermann options are available.
The new and longer durable front lower rocker is installed at the extra low position on the car, and has a semi-covered ‘foot’ for the inner suspension fixed pin and the front anti-roll bar system’s rotating link, and there is an extended Lower limit screw. The lower rocker arm has a lower aluminum alloy suspension mounting plate, which allows the front suspension to have more and higher installation points; the strong upper rocker arm can be used in common. The front lower rocker is connected to a very low nylon mount on the al Traxxas Slash 4X4 Upgrade Parts uminum alloy front bracket. The kit includes 2 versions, including low and extra low. This system also allows users to replace the front drive shaft very quickly and easily.
The longer upper rocker is installed on the anodized aluminum alloy top bracket and fixed with suspension pads, allowing three different pads to be used to adjust the inclination angle, while the aluminum alloy top bracket can be used to change the angle or height under the top bracket . Caster gaskets serve as simple mesons for the upper axis of rotation, and the same mesons can be used to change the wheelbase. A composite bracket mounted on the top provides extra rigidity to the front half of the frame. It clasps a 3mm thick carbon fiber front hydraulic frame and lower limit screws.
The original wave head type anti-roll bar was changed to a linear type and fixed by an aluminum alloy front bracket. It can be easily and quickly disassembled and adjusted. The standard is 2.5mm, and the other two are optional parts. The wave head connection system smoothly transmits the absorbed power directly to the anti-roll bar, and it is easy to adjust the wave head movement amplitude.
Aluminum alloy front axle is made up of one-way bearing made in Japan and improved pulley, which improves reliability. The output power is transmitted to the spring steel wheel shaft through a long spring steel hardened transmission cup and a thin spring steel transmission shaft. . The front end of the frame adopts an open design, which can quickly and easily remove the front gearbox part and replace the axle parts.
The newly designed spring steering gear protector allows quick and easy adjustment of Ackermann. The protector has a gasket design on the top, which provides three sets of settings, and the other two Ackermann settings can be changed at the position of the steering assembly. The new steering assembly and rear upright are connected to the suspension rocker through a spring steel 8.5mm wave head. The operation is very smooth, protected by a nylon cup, and it can be easily adjusted using a universal hex tool.
2.5mm carbon fiber receiver board with low center of gravity split design, the front board can be connected with the optional new flex-system. The front plate enhances the rigidity of the front part of the frame, while covering the steering gear protector to increase steering accuracy; in addition, the main receiver plate is connected to the fuel tank, receiver battery and electronic component bracket.
The front end structure uses an optional system to allow the frame to be adjusted from zero softness to some elasticity, to obtain the best possible adjustment. The intelligent system consisting of a bearing and a gasket controls the softness. This set of parts Optional set. To allow the flexibility of the frame, the receiver board is divided into two parts. The main panel allows for torque, while the front panel is responsible for maintaining the rigidity of the front end, so frame flexibility is most effective. The standard flexible space contains an oval nylon gasket, while the flexible part consists of two bearings and two gaskets. Just loosen the screws of the aluminum bracket under the main receiver board, you can adjust the operating range of the flexible system (or tighten and lock it).
In addition to protecting the receiver and two servos, the compact combined bracket and storage box are placed at the lowest possible center of gravity at the same time, so that the chassis can be twisted. The lid of the storage box provides a unique, simple and secure clip to the receiver’s wires, and it can be used as a simp Best Rc Cars For Kids le switch for convenience. The optional carbon fiber sensor holder is securely installed in the receiver box. When a small receiver is used, there is room in the storage box to accommodate the sensor, but it must be tested before the start of the game, and the placement method has proved to be feasible in the factory test.
The low center of gravity 125ccm cylinder uses a new long and narrow design with pre-installed fuel filters. The narrow cylinders will ensure a steady supply of fuel to the engine, with less chance of fuel flowing from one side to the other. The fuel supply in the labyrinth type of the cylinder is also more stable to avoid foaming. In addition, there is a raised part in front of the cylinder to ensure that when the fuel in the cylinder is almost exhausted, the oil can still be supplied to the filter. A warning sign that the fuel will be completely depleted allows users to try to find a safe place to park in time. The cylinder has a strong spring cap and a silicone rubber seal and is connected to the back pressure throat. If necessary, inserts can be installed at the bottom of the cylinder to reduce volume.
In addition to fixing the receiver board and plated rollers, the composite nylon receiver board bracket is also equipped with adjustable belt tensioners. Aluminum alloy versions can be purchased separately. Except that the upper suspension frame is a hexagonal 2.5mm size, most of the top screws use a hexagonal 2.0mm. The battery holder between the oil cylinder and the side belt is suitable for general lithium batteries. Of course, there is enough space to use the old battery pack. The holder uses a simple device to allow this matching. The lightweight hollow 8mm hardened aluminum alloy bottom bracket is stabilized by a small, low center of gravity and lightweight aluminum alloy fixing seat, while also fixing the exhaust throat spring.
The final gear ratio is 2.286
28T front pulley
18T middle inner wheel
25T middle outer wheel
19T outer countershaft wheel
21T inner countershaft wheel
48T rear axle Wheel

Rc Landing Gear, T Maxx Steering Upgrade, Rc Drift Cars Cheap Price

Yeah Racing introduces an upgraded front hydraulic mount for the Tamiya TA06 electric RV. Upgraded hydraulic frame thickness is 5mm, carbon fiber material, CNC process manufacturing. In addition to being stronger than the original car’s hydraulic mount, Yeah Racing also offers more shock absorber mounting holes, allowing players to get more sett Rc Drift Cars Cheap Price ing options. The product also includes a pair of 4.8mm blue plated aluminum suspension T Maxx Steering Upgrade mounts. Details:
Kyosho Kyosho launches the new Turbo Optima 1/10 4WD vintage buggy. The new 2019 car uses a gold chassis, suspension and aluminum shock absorbers. In addition to continuing the classic first-generation Turbo Optima design of the 1980s, Kyosho has also strengthened the transmis Rc Landing Gear sion system to adapt to today’s strong brushless and lithium electric power, so that replica models can be stored and run, in line with the Racing title.Yeah Racing (YR) launched the new Tamiya M07 Sport upgrade kit. YR previously introduced the Competition kit to the M07, and the Sport kit is more cost-effective. It replaced the plastic parts of the original car with nylon materials, making the suspension of the car easier. Tuning parameters are more. Three wheelbases of 210mm, 225mm, and 239mm are available to support more types of M car shells. The kit includes a high-quality reinforced fiber baseplate, hydraulic mount, and black anodized aluminum upgrades. Part # CK-M07S.ORB Racing will launch a new car, a new front-wheel drive 1/10 buggy electric off-road vehicle called ORB Forward. Based on the Team Associated B6.1D / DL frame, using the front center motor layout, some parts come from the discontinued Team Durango. It is believed to be a niche model with good performance in a specific venue but extremely low output.

Hpi Hoonicorn, Hpi Mini Trophy Truck, Gmade R1 Upgrades

Yeah Racing launches an infrared thermometer. Measurement range from -50 ° C to + 260 ° C (-58 ° F / + 500 ° F). It measures 95 × 45x28mm and weighs only 65g. It is suitable for measuring battery surface temperature, motor temper Gmade R1 Upgrades ature and engine temperature. Description: This Infrared Thermometer is designed measure temperature via electromagnetic radiation.
Feature: Material: PlasticColor: Hpi Mini Trophy Truck Matte Black
Specification: Display: 3.5 digit on LCD displayTemperature range: -50 ¢ XC to 260 ¢ Hpi Hoonicorn XC (-58 ¢ XF-500 ¢ XF) Accuracy: ¡ ó 2% or 2 ¢ XCRepeatability: 1% or 1 ¢ XCResponse Time: ¡ Ø 0.8 secondEmissivity: 0.95 fixedWorking environment: 0-50 ¢ XCRelative humidity: 10%-95RH noncondensingStorage temperature: -20 ¢ XC to 50 ¢ XCDistance Spot Ratio: 2: 1Recommend measuring distance: 20mm to 130mmResolution: 0.1 ¢ XC or 0.1 ¢ XFWeight : net weight 65gSize: 95 x 45 x 28mmPower: 2pc AAA batteries (1.5V / each)
Include: Infrared Thermometer (1 pc) User Manual (1 pc)
Last month, Tamiya Tamiya announced that it would launch a Dynahead 6 × 6 G6-01TR remote control car. This 1/18 six-wheel model uses a G6-01TR chassis. A truck body specially designed by Takayuki Yamazaki (PDC Design-works), five-spoke wheels and V-shaped tires (53854) tires. One of the main features of this six-wheeled remote control car is the use of a portal hub, increasing the ground clearance to 15mm, optimizing the gear ratio to 37.35: 1, and equipped with a 540 brushless motor, which greatly improves climbing performance. Support 4WS four-wheel steering and upgradeable tail axle. It is expected to be available in the winter of 2018 with product number 58660. This is Tamiya’s third 1/18 6-wheel remote control car after Konghead 1/18 6×6 electric big foot remote control car and school bus, and this time it has enhanced the performance of the car. Today Tamiya provided more photos of the new Dynahead 6 × 6 G6-01TR car. Please enter

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After suspending everyone’s appetite for a day yesterday, HPI finally released the real photo of D8. Let’s take a look together.

New suspension and chassis design
Optimized Suspension Geometry to attack the rigors of the new age 1 / 8th scale tracks. Centralized Weight Distribution provides superb balance with increased transitional agility.

HB Certified Body
Intimidate the competition with a sleek, no nonsense body that is sure to turn heads.

Jumbo Sized Wheels
Grab a larger piece of turf with the D8’s Maxed out wheel dimensions. The largest wheels allowed under ROAR rules, these puppies will put more of your tr Rc Mini Cooper ead on the ground so you can put mor Nitro Rc Cars For Sale e of your rivals behind you .

Colossal 16mm Big Bore Shocks
The Super-sized shock package is Tamiya Rc Models the largest in its class allowing the D8 to recover from the roughest of landings. Whether you’re making a big-air jump pass in the main or taking a flying leap over a building the D8’s 16mm Big Bore’s will allow you to jump, and land with confidence.

4mm chassis
The staunch 4mm 707 5 Aluminum chassis is designed to withstand any barrage of obstacles on today’s mammoth outdoor tracks. 10 degrees of kick up compliments the suspension package to get the D8 across the finish line ahead of everyone else.

New fuel tank with proven HPI Baja 5B clunk design
Utilizing 1 / 5th scale technology the D8 implements a new clunk design which will use every drop of fuel whether you’re racing to the line, or upside down waiting for a marshal.

One piece radio tray
The one piece tray allows for easy maintenance as it can be removed in one section when you need to clean the dirt off your ride .

One piece engine mounts
A rock solid single piece mount makes removal and installation of your engine as easy as removing 4 screws. The one piece design allows you to set the gear mesh once and not worry about adjustments during maintenance.

Low profile air filter
The new slammed look of the filter not only looks pro, b ut provides a larger surface area for your engine to breath through.

Captured Hinge Pins
Throw away those pesky E-clips and revel in the D8’s captured hinge-pin design . Each pin is secured using button head screws, giving you the ultimate in durability and ease of maintenance.

4.3: 1 internal gear ratio
5 × 11mm clutch bearings

< EM> Dimensions:
Chassis Length (from Bumper to rear wing end) no tire: 500mm
Width: 305mm
Wheelbase: 328-331mm
Kit Weight: 3.5kg (7.7lbs ) with racing gear
Drive System: 4WD Shaft System

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CEN’s MG10 will go on sale on June 12. These include MG10MT (ground truck) and MG10TR (Truggy).

From tomorrow, the MG16 1 to 12 B The Best Remote Control Cars igfoot is also officially Reddit Rc Cars on sale.

Taiwan Hobao Hebao launched 1/10 DC-1 simulation climbing remote control car. Equipped with high- and low-speed gearboxes, four-link suspension, the completeness of the frame and shell details seems to be good. Hobao has not announced more details at this time, so stay tuned.
Gmade launched the new GOM Rock Buggy Plus Edition Kit. Last July Gmade launched the GOM Rock Buggy (climbing off-road vehicle), and the latest Plus Edition Kit version added some upgrades to further improve the car’s performance. I Heng Long Tiger 1 ncludes grey tube frame, reinforced drive shaft, 12mm aluminum rim adapter, adjustable motor mount and CVA drive kit. Part # GM56020.

Team Magic will release the new big bike at the 2017 Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany. Based on the experience of E5 and E6, TM’s new big bike is worth looking forward to. From February 1-6, 2017, Nuremberg, Germany made its debut.