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Speed ​​Passion introduces an upgraded version of the Reventon Pro 1.1 EX brushless electronic transmission, which uses a smaller black-looking case with a size of 35x35x20mm. Comes with a new low center of gravity 30mm cooling fan, supporting 1S and 2S lithium batteries. 140A, 6V / 3A BEC.
140A? BEC: 6V / 3A
Internal resistance: 0.0003 ohm
Dimensions: 35mm (L) x 35mm (W) x 20mm (H)
ROAR Approved Product
>3Racing introduces two new products, one is a hydraulic seat, is a new part setting tool launched by 3Racing, mainly used to measure the length of hydraulic pressure and add hydraulic oil. The oil pressure base is equipped with a measuring ruler. As long as the wave prongs on both sides of the oil pressure are put on the holder of the oil pressure base and the degree on the measuring ruler is read, the length of the oil pressure can be clearly known. In addition, the oil pressure seat is provided with Rc Auto Parts eight holes for oil input. At the same time, a maximum of eight oil pressures can be placed at the same time, which is quick and easy to use. The oil pressure seat is made of acrylic sheet and 7075 aluminum alloy aluminum column, which is transparent and fashionable, full of streamline, and combines beauty and function. Another tool is

Team Titan introduces two car shell products. The first is the Blitz WRX 2.0 RV housing, suitable for 200mm width 1/10 oil rooms. This shell provides faster steering response (at tight corners) and high-speed corners provide better walking stability. Two thicknesses are provided for players to choose from: Traxxas Stampede Parts 1.0mm thickness (standard version) and 0.8mm (lightweight version).
The second new product is the Team Titan Blitz TS030 1/8 flat road car shell. The chara 2S Battery cteristics of the car shell provide slightly delayed initial steering response and a more sensitive mid-steering response. If the driver cooperates with a softer head tire, the handling becomes easier and more stable. The TS030 has passed FEMCA certification, which means that this car shell can be used in this year’s 1/8 oil roadcar world race. Three different thicknesses are available for players to choose.

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