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Serpent Snake officially laun Fpv Rc Car ched the new 811 Cobra version 2.0 electric off-road vehicle. This is a 1/8 four-wheel drive competition-grade electric off-road vehicle. During the Fast Off Road Rc Cars development of new cars in the past year, 30 Mph Rc Car 811 2.0 has been driven by drivers in major races around the world. Improvement. The new 2.0 version of the 811 E-Vietio has a certain improvement in steering response and enhanced rear grip. The transmission system uses larger size bearings to ensure that the transmission is more durable. In addition, the new car has been upgraded or replaced with new parts in many places. The overall performance is Improved quality! Shipment will begin in the middle of this month.
Click- \u0026 gt; Here enter the Serpent brand area to participate in the interaction Main new features
-new wider rear end with new geometry for more rear traction and an easier handling car with wider sweetspot < br>-rear shockabsorbers moved to the back of the shocktower
-longer rear shocks; with longer housing and shockrods for more travel
-rear wing with integrated holders for the ballraced rear anti-roll bar
-longer rear lower arms, new higher carbon shocktower, longer rear shock, new upright
-lexan mud-guards to mount on lower rear arms
-nylon mud-scrapers mount on the rear uprights
-improved differential gears- as already in the Be version
-larger bearings in steeringblocks and uprights 8X16X5 (2) and 15x21x4 (2),
-transmission using larger bearings 8x19x6 and 13x19x4 and new couplers for extra durability


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