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Team Titan from Taiwan introduced the new Blitz Mini GTI car shell, suitable for all models of M cars (1/10 mini electric RVs), with a wheelbase of 225mm. The rear of the car shell has a large tail fin, which can effectively incr Rtr Rc Car ease the downforce and increase the cornering speed. This car shell has been tested on some FF (front-drive) M cars, including Tamiya (Tamiya) M-05M. The test results are good and the remote control car is more st Rc Willys Jeep able in handling.
[attach] 1359402 [/ attach] 49 Mhz Remote Control
Team Titan Blitz Mini GTI shells are available in 1.0mm and 0.8mm ultra-lightweight models for players to choose from.
Source:Serpent Snake launched the new F110 SF4 1/10 electric formula remote control car. This F1 has previously exposed spy photos, and mass production products will be officially launched this month. Based on the ETS (European Touring Car Series) champion SF3 model for research and development, the rear transmission is replaced with large-size bearings, and the rolling of the back twist is more linear. The narrow floor and lateral battery mounting position optimize the frame’s center of gravity. Strengthen the design of the second floor and two-piece car shell to improve the overall rigidity. The proven front suspension system on the SF3 frame and both steering gear mounting positions provide more precise steering on the new car. Part number SER410067.
Serpent Snake launched a new type of brake stop ring for SRX8 Yuetsu, which is cut by high-grade aluminum alloy. The surface is knurled and not easy to slip. The color is orange and gray. A set of 2 comes with machine screws. In addition to SRX8, other types of oil-powered models can also be used.
Product Number
600763Brake adjust collar alu grey (2) SRX8
600963Brake adjust collar alu orange (2) SRX8
600964Brake adjust collar alu black (2) SRX8

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