4X4 Rc Crawler, Traxxas 4 Tec 2.0 Bodies, 2.4 Ghz Rc Car

Climbing simulation, what modified parts, mood pieces are derived, and then derived from the car equipment to the garage scene. This is inevitable, because the last time I did the HC4 truck wooden floor, wooden boxes, extra mate 2.4 Ghz Rc Car rials, take the materials on the spot, and do it thing. Garage components are constantly increasing, and you can make your own mood pieces, including shovel and monkey climbing poles. The fun of making is more interesting than buying it.
Too tired of ABS, playing with wood haha, wooden bars of various sizes are much cheaper than ABS, and easy to process. The ladder is pure tung wood, plus 2 mm screws, and a rope.
The tire frame is 8 square wooden strips plus 5MM aluminum tube, which is fast enough and not painted for the time being.
The cart still has to be made of ABS, the wire is used for the tube, and then the color is painted. The small wheels are still difficult to find.
The size of the installation online is reduced by 10, which is sprayed with soil.
Coloring, cheap Sanhe, co Traxxas 4 Tec 2.0 Bodies arse particles, can have the matte effect I want.
Much More Introduces New Lithium Impact 5600mAh, 35C, 14.8V, Hard Case, Designed for 1/8 Brushless Electric Off-Road or Road Bike! Detailed performance parameters are 4X4 Rc Crawler included in this article. IMPACT 5600 35C 14.8V [MLI-IBH5600] Features-Provides the excellence of the quality.-Shape is straight as a Sub-C cell battery.-Suitable for 1 / 8th Off-road and On-road.-Hard case increases safety of the battery. Specs-Size: 164 x 52x 52mm-Weight: 669g-Balancing plug: JST-XH-Connector: Ultra 2P-Wire: 12 AWG-Cubic capacity: 5600mAh-Voltage Input: 14.8V-4S-C-rate : 35C

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