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Hello to every model frien Best Rc Drift Cars d! ~ Reporter Lu has begun again! ~ The annual Shanghai Model Exhibition is coming on schedule. Ebay Remote Control Cars The scale of this exhibition is slightly larger than previous years! All exhibitors arranged their booths non-stop, with the latest features and the highest quality products. Bring professional-grade services to the public. As one of the exhibitors (H-ENERGY model battery Lu), I will give you some first-hand live reports about the exhibition. I hope everyone likes it. Haha
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Recently, we noticed that a finished FPV remote control car of model S1 was launched on Tmall. Generally, we need to implement FPV map transmission, mainly relying on DIY DIY, finished FPV remote control car is very rare on the market. According to some parameter information of this car and the configuration shown on the picture, we have a preliminary evaluation of this car, and 60 Mph Rc Car the actual experience effect needs further physical evaluation to show. This car has several features that are different from the traditional RC:
FPV perspective
The core selling point of this car, according to the actual FPV video disclosed by the manufacturer, the picture transmission of this car is very good There are no freezes, mosaics, or jitters. According to this picture transmission effect, it is expected that the picture transmission system should be expensive. From the video screenshot, this car is very suitable to take out to amuse children and pets, as well as self-driving enthusiasts.
Team Orion launched a lithium battery with weight adjustment function, referred to as WTS (Weight Transfer System) lithium battery. The battery’s performance parameters are 90C 4000mAh. The short-body lithium battery is built into the battery protection case, and a counterweight space is freed up at one end of the battery case for players to self-weight. Team Orion offers this battery with a weight range (weight after weighting) of 204 to 411 grams. In addition, the WTS lithium battery has two sets of power output connectors, the purpose is to make the power connection line better and shorter!


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