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FID Racing launched the adjustable Gas Powered Rc Cars Near Me damping airbag negative pressure system for the use of the LOSI 5IVE-T gasoline remote control car. Adjustable damping and shock-absorbing negative pressure system. Two pisto Pitbull Rc Tires ns move up and down in the negative pressure cylinder. When the car passes through different roads, the piston in the negative pressure cylinder drives the negative pressure cylinder due to the force of the shock-absorbing piston. The piston movement (the medium is shock-absorbing oil), and the damping can be adjusted according to different road conditions. This system is easy to install. Remove the original shock cap, install this directly, and then put the oil in through the air screw hole until the oil in the air is full and then lock the air screw. Provide two colors of Chinese red and silver for players to choose.
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Tamiya Tamiya will launch the new TBLM-02S 17.5T and 21.5T brushless sensored motors in July 2019. 540 level, maintainable dual bearing design, can be used on flat road or off-road remote control vehicles, and has better durability. Among them, 17.5T / 2200kV (product number 54894) is suitable for electric RVs, formulas, M cars and electric off-road vehicles. 21.5T / 1800kV (product number 54895) can also cover the above types of remote control cars, but the speed is low and easy to control.

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Kyosho launched the Lazer ZX-5 FS Mini-Z painted by world champion Jared Tebo. The frame uses a 4WD straight-shaft drive with a front and rear differential and limited-slip design. With hydraulic shock and four-wheel independent shock absorbers, the original Optima 1/10 off-road vehicle has been reduced to the Mini-Z frame. The newly designed steering gear provides high torque and high-precision steering. The ICS system is also standard on this product. There are two versions for players to choose from, one is with KT-18 remote control, and the other is Ki A Remote Control Car t version with only frame.

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