A959 Rc Car, 1.9 Rc Wheels, Traxxas Rc Batteries

Tamiya driver and Traxxas Rc Batteries former world champion German Marc Rheinard won the European Championship at the European Touring Car Championship in Spain.

In the first 1.9 Rc Wheels round of the final, TQ winner Ronald Volker has started to lead, but he only completed 4 laps, and Rheinard won. In the second round, Rheinard still won, but after the match he checked that his battery length did not meet the maximum length stipulated by EFRA, so he was cancelled. Who is the European champions, waiting for the final round of competition. After a fierce battle with Ronald Volker in the third round, Rheinard continued to win, thus regaining the European Championship title lost for two years.

Serpent intr A959 Rc Car oduces a new one-way axle and cup for 977 1/8 flat road cars. Serpent introduces the latest version of the front unidirectional shaft for the 977 series. The new version with anode hardening will be more durable. The unidirectional shaft of the original belt will be gradually changed to electroplated black in the near future. Both versions are original with high-quality German-made bearings. The lightweight one-way cup made of Serpent snake steel further reduces the weight of the transmission system.
Product ID: 903574
Product name: Front unidirectional shaft
Product ID: 903650
Product name: Front unidirectional shaft (anode hardened)
Product ID: 903651
Product Name: Lightweight one-way receiving cup
VP Pro launches two new products. The first is the tire balancer RS-613-12, which continues the durability performance of previous VP products and has a simpler structure. It is suitable for 1/10 inner hexagonal diameter 12mm off-road wheel frames, and can also be replaced with other brands’ 12mm rim couplers. Fine workmanship, made of high quality aluminum alloy material, light weight, detachable assembly, easy to carry.
The second new product, Powerstar launched the 25/30/40 (25mm, 30mm and 40mm) high-speed cooling fan PS022 series. The double bearing design is suitable for brushless motors. The 30mm and 40mm models also use mixed carbon blades, which are more suitable for competition.

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