Aa Aaa Battery Charger, Sakura D4, Slash 2Wd Body

JConcepts launched two car shells, the first being the ‘Hi-Flow’ Illuzion shell for t Slash 2Wd Body he Traxxas Revo 3.3 and Revo Platinum. There are also shells for the Axial S Sakura D4 cropion.

Arrowmax launches Ultra Low Profile Lithium Graphene Lithium Battery for 5200mAh 2S 7.4V Elect Aa Aaa Battery Charger ric Touring Car. It measures 139MM x 47MM x 19.5MM and weighs 237 grams. Low internal resistance, 55C continuous discharge, 110C instant discharge. Arrowmax’s Red Series lithium battery has a thickness of only 19mm, which reduces the overall center of gravity, and is especially suitable for use in compact groups in modified group events. Product number AM-700712.

Since Tamiya and HPI launched the new remote control F1 car, the remote control F1 model car has swept the world. In addition to the above two major manufacturers, Cross and Hong Kong’s 3Racing have launched F1 remote control cars. HPI’s F10 is a more cost-effective F1 product. The latest upgrades are the aluminum orange motor base and tail shaft. Details are in this article. In addition to metal upgrades, HPI also launched Bridgestone tires with Bridgestone! Please read this article.

HPI has more and more drift car shells. The latest is the T \u0026 amp; E Vertex Ridge JZX100 Toyota Mark II 200mm car shell. Those who are interested can consider starting. Toyota Mark should be the domestic popular car Reiz series, called Mark in Japan.

Source: HPI

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