Anti Gravity Car, Honda Civic Rc Car, Toy Story Remote Control Car

Usukani introduced a universal metal large tooth cover, which is commonly used in mainstream drift cars. 7075 aluminum alloy cutting process, outer diameter is about 27.5mm, thi Toy Story Remote Control Car ckness is ab Honda Civic Rc Car out 3.5mm, weight is 2 grams. Irregular blade design, the blade tip Anti Gravity Car is white. This product increases the bearing area of ​​the large teeth and makes the gears more stable during operation.

The famous Russian RC evaluator evaluated China’s Impre 1/8 electric brushless Tyrant truck, and believes that China’s remote control cars will be recognized by the world like Chinese smartphones in the future, it ‘s time to copy China.
GL-racing, a well-known mini remote control car (mosquito car) driver established in 2015, launched the GLR high-performance RWD rear-drive mini remote control car (mosquito car). The new car is currently undergoing pre-production testing. GLR has a low center of gravity design, the ultra-lightweight frame is only 115 grams (without car shell), all 98mm ASC car shells can be used, and upgrades designed for GLR will also be launched one after another. GLR is a competition-grade mosquito car product, which is expected to be officially launched in 2-3 months.

Much More recently launched a new lithium battery product (LiPo pack) with a carbon fiber appearance. There are two products of straight battery: 4000mAh 35C and 5200mAh 30C. Split battery has 6200mAh and 4400mAh both are 30C. With the popularization of lithium batteries, the performance improves I believe that RCFans who choose lithium batteries will also be more and more. Source: Muchmore

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