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Let the essence continue—Based on the birth of TOYOTA LAND CRUISER PRADO, the former independent rear bridge under the new architecture.
TOYOTA LAND CRUISER PRADO, the official name in China is now Prado, but I prefer the nam Traxxas Slash Gears e ‘Domineering’. Full of momentum. It has no extreme performance, no extravagant luxury, no fierce power, and no close-to-the-people price. However, sufficient reliability, sufficient adaptability, strong four-wheel drive, and sufficient comfort have made him an off-road today. The classic generation in the car, even the benchmark.
The successful trial production of Xinghui Land Rover Discovery 3 has given me very valuable experience (Discover 3 PortalThe FXX-D S version of the MST two-wheel drive entry vehicle, which will be available in mid-May 2014, significantly reduces the overall alumin Rc Car Tracks um body and carbon fiber materials, and successfully reduces the cost of the body without affecting its performance. Compared with the higher-level Associated Rc Cars version of FXX-D VIP, the FXX-D S version is more suitable for novice players and can enjoy the fun of modification. MST developed a high-mix carbon aluminum material specially made for the FXX-D S version, plastic material. But with a high heat dissipation rate close to 92% of aluminum, players can see the difference from the movie.
Click here- \u0026 gt; Enter the MST brand zone to participate in the interaction.
The MST factory provides the retail price of the FXX-D S version: RMB1085.
Kyosho launches two new Mini remote control car products, the first is dNaNo-Racer 1:43 MM version (mid-engine) using Nissan 350Z Motul Autech 2007th car shell, and the second product is MR-03 with Sauber Mercedes C9 No. 61 Le Mans 1987th bodyshell. Details in this article are new products of dNaNo. DNaNo uses 2.4G remote control equipment. The frame has high precision and sensitive control. Now there are more players in Hong Kong. Friends who are interested in joining the Mini can enter

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