Axial Ax30395, Scx10 Hard Body, Little Remote Control Cars

Novak has released the Havoc Sport brushless system. The modified product maintains Novak’s consistent high performance and is very affordable. The matching 8.5T induction motor uses a sintered rotor, which can provide more accurate throttle response and high temperature resistance. Sensored design effectively improves han Little Remote Control Cars dling at low speeds and provides stable braking power. Havoc Sports also supports brushed motors and provides a robust BEC circuit.

KM Racing’s NT1 series modification parts are coming one after another. Scx10 Hard Body The first is the 2mm carbon fiber brake pads that are pre-fitted to the brake pads, which have good strength and durability. There is also a carbon fiber gasket on the servo protector, which is also 2mm thick, which can provide more Ackermann settings and enhance the strength of the servo protector. There is also a 4mm offset rim adapter with organic meter screws. There are also air filters for .12 and .21 engines.

FTW Racing introduced new car shells for Team Associated RC8B and Xray 808 off-road vehicles. Previously, FTW launched car shells for 1/10 Dentsu. The aerodynamic performance of the car shells is excellent. Get a good response? Please wait and see
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In May 2012, Hong Kong ‘Remote Control Model’ magazine went on the market. The total number of issues was 369. The content is wonderful and the columns are abundant.
Note: This magazine is a reading material for RCFans members in mainland China.

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