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Yokomo launched the YD-2S Plus drift remote control car to further enrich the Yokomo YD-2 rear-drive car series. Based on the standard version of YD-2, the new Plus car uses a newly designed motor mount and Custom Rc Parts transmission system components to make the motor installation positio Mclaren Rc Car n Axial Scx10 Chassis higher and increase the grip of the rear end, especially to provide better grip performance on slippery tracks. The gearbox has also been upgraded to cater to the higher mounting position of the motor. The frame has been adjusted. The carbon fiber trunk and synthetic material side panels of the 1/10 electric off-road vehicle are used to increase the overall strength of the frame and the second floor is eliminated. The purpose is to give YD-2S Plus a better handling response and better Weight distribution, the bottom plate continues to be made of carbon fiber materials, but this new car can only use short-body lithium batteries. It is expected to be available in September.

KM Racing introduces new tools for road bike players. New upper and lower limit gauges and droop gauges and droop blocks. Red anodized surface, aluminum alloy material with ‘KM Racing’ pattern printed on the surface. The measuring range of the upper and lower limits is from -3mm to + 10mm (accuracy is every 0.5mm), providing very accurate measurement data.

Source [RedRC]

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The UT4 ​​style of Thor’s hammer, last week we saw Brother Wang Yan’s SCX10 structure chassis. Before that, we also used the Wraith and RR10 chassis structures that we often play. These common chassis are the ones most suitable for climbing in our minds. We always think that playing climbing must be a hard straight front and rear bridge, a linear giant with a brush motor, a slow walking and so on. But like the model we said before, it is the style of our car. In this issue, I will talk about my car. We will talk about Yeti (Little Snowman) chassis structure UT4. Our team number is ‘Parts-JP4’.

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