Axial Trail Honcho, Traxxas Slash Ford Raptor Body, Slash 2Wd Parts

The KO Propo EX-1 remote control has been on the market for some time. Some domestic players have also started this new generation of flagship remote control equipment. Recently, KO launched a variety of accessories for this remote control. The first is the ASF 2.4HHz module (dedicated for dNaNo) designed for the Kyosho Miniz mosquito cart. The independent steering module, the lever control module, the left-hand version of the chassis, and the weight module Slash 2Wd Parts (42 and 14.4 grams) will all be officially launched next month. Different color handles will also be launched next month (gray, green and black) Traxxas Slash Ford Raptor Body .

In mid-November, the TeamXcore short-body servo was officially launched! The short-body servo will be a product with a full-body structure design, which is more suitable for the current 1/10 electric room. SpecificationsPower4.8V6VSpeed0.09sec / 60 ° (4.8V) 0.07sec / 60 ° (6V) Torque7kg.cm9kg.cmWeight46gSize40 x 20 x 26.5mmApplication1 / 10 EP / GP Car

Based on the recent resurgence of 1 to 8 flat sports cars, several manufacturers have begun to improve this type of product. WRC in Italy was originally just a small family workshop. Recently it also launched a good-looking car called GT Due. The car is driven by a rear belt and has an adjustable front suspension. The chassis and second floor are made of aluminum alloy.

Much More Racing has released a ne Axial Trail Honcho w series of AAA and AA NiMH batteries. AAA includes 900 and 1100mah, which is very suitable for RC use such as Kyosho Mini-Z and oil tanker! 2800mah AA battery is perfect for remote control use

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