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Ta Os Rc Engines miya model will launch TT-01 Type-E electric RV wit Remote Control Camaro h FORD MUSTANG COBRA R 1995 body shell. The classic Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R, this special edition model is made by Ford ’s Special Vehicle Team (SVT for short). Ford’s original authorized manufacturing of the car shell, plus five pairs of simulated wheels, rear mirrors and tail fins have separate mold parts, and the details are more complete. The chassis is from the mature TT-01 Type-E, with a wheelbase of 257mm. Product number 47430, no specific listing date has been announced. To buy Tamiya products, please go to
Hudy introduces new screwdriver tools. Made of ultra-lightweight 7075-T6 aluminum, the handle adopts a diamond-like hollow design to provide a good grip and further reduce weight. The product has a black plastic tail cap, and other tail caps can be purchased to identify different models of tools. The first batch of materials uses special spring steel that Hudy prides itself on, with top performance in both strength and durability. Hudy’s new screwdriver tools include 5mm and 5.8mm Phillips screwdrivers, as well as 5mm standard-length flat-blade screwdrivers and 5.8mm engine oil tuning screws.
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American Pro-Line launched the new Ambush 1/25 mini climbing remote control car. This palm-size four-wheel drive straight-axis climbing remote control car adopts simulated leaf spring suspension, 3mm trapezoidal structure frame, high torque motor, G9000 mini steering gear and integrated reception (thr Axial Wraith Upgrades Parts ee channels, reserved for players to upgrade and expand the third channel) ) + Electronic transmission, 2.4G remote control is also standard. Pro-Line’s slogan is ‘Small size, big adventure’, RTR product, suitable for indoor and outdoor walking. Length: 198mm, width 95mm, wheelbase 115mm, weight 308 grams. US pricing is $ 195.

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