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Tamiya Tamiya model launches special version 1/14 Mercedes Benz Arocs tipper truck kit six-wheeled three-axle remote control truck (Product No. 56357), new injection molded Arocs 3348 car shell, including independent rearview mirror and sun visor, finished spray painting, use The TS-8 Italian red and TS-17 bright aluminum are the main colors, with better realism and detail. Equipped with 35T motor, 3-speed gearbox, metal blade shock absorber, compatible with MFC-03 simulation sound and light system. Parameter length 576mm, width 190mm, height 267mm. Product number 56361, Tamiya has not announced more news and launch date, so stay tuned.

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Team Associated will launch the new RC10 B5 2WD electric off-road ve Helion Rc Cars hicle. Two settings for the center and rear motors will appear on the new B5. Whether it is a slippery clay track or a high-grip carpet road, the B5 can easily handle it. . The tail-mounted B5 is suitable for tracks with weaker grip, while the new B5M mid-mounted motor is suitable for high-grip / high-speed tracks. Nearly 90% of the B5 and B5M parts are universal. It is believed that Team Associated will announce more photos of the new car in the near future. The B4 E-Vietnamese is evergreen i Batmobile Remote Control Car n the car world and has won five IFMAR world championship titles. Team Associated has won 27 IFMAR world championship titles since its establishment! I believe that the new B5 platform can continue the brilliant record of B4 and achieve more excellent results around the world.
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Tamiya model officially launched the TB Evo.6 MS 1/10 straight-axle electric RV, a competition-level product. With a 2mm aluminum base plate and a 2mm carbon fiber second floor, it is very suitable for high-grip tracks, such as carpet tracks. The motor mounting position is set to the left, and the newly designed bottom bracket assembly ensures a smoother transmission system. The suspension was replaced with a TRF418 rocker arm and a TRF short-capacity large-capacity shock absorber. The entire vehicle uses a large number of carbon-mixed material parts to improve overall rigidity and accuracy. It is believed to continue the high performance of the Tamiya TB axle car series, product number 84427.

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