Belted Rc Tires, 2 Stroke Rc Car, Rc Car Electric Motor

PR Racing launches the S1v3 FM Sport 2WD electric off-road vehicle, positioned as a cost-effective product (compared to the competition-grade S1v3 (FM)). 3mm alloy base plate, carbon fiber oil pressure fram Rc Car Electric Motor e, carbon fiber battery pressure plate, sealed differential, limited slip, etc. are all standard equipment. PR Racing claims that although the price is cheaper, the performance is not ambiguous at all, and it is f 2 Stroke Rc Car ully capable of racing. The main differences from competition-level products include plastic shock absorbers and plastic hubs.
Length: 411mm
Width: 250mm
Height: 145mm
Wheelbase: 285mm
Front width: 248mm
Rear width: 250mm
Team Associated (AE) introduced SC10.3 Lucas Oil (Product # 7081) and JRT Brushless Short Card (Product # 7082) in RTR. Equipped with Reedy waterproof brushless electronic transmission (with T plug), Reedy 3300KV brushless motor and waterproof receiver box. After achieving overall Belted Rc Tires waterproof, these two RTR short cards have the ability to play around the clock. The suspension uses an upgraded aluminum blue electroplated exterior adjustable V2 shock absorber, and the transmission system uses a sealed gearbox and a V2 limited slip clutch. 2.4G remote control, metal gear Reedy digital high torque steering gear, battery compartment supporting lithium battery and nickel metal hydride battery, tire with high grip formula and factory spray-painted car shell are included in the product.Japan’s O.S. Engine launched the 12TG VII (P) engine, which uses a newly designed two-piece carburetor. Each tank of fuel can walk for at least 14 minutes, which is very fuel efficient! Suitable for all types of racing trucks.
Stock Number: OSMG1988
Displacement: 0.128 cu in (2.10 cc)
Bore: 0.543 in (13.8 mm)
Stroke: 0.551 in (14.0 mm)
Practical RPM range: 5,000-30,000
Output: 0.7 hp @ 28,000 rpmWeight: 8.0 oz (227 g)

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