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K Axial Rc Crawler yosho’s Mini-Z MR-03 has a new frame released, equipped with a variety of upgraded parts of the JSCC Cup Limited Edition MR-03 chassis, this is a limi Pre Painted Rc Bodies ted edition frame, players only need to match their favor Best Cheap Rc Car ite shell, you can immediately enjoy The pleasure of MR-03! Suspension and steering performance has been greatly improved. This is not a simple MR-03. Details are in this article. Just add your favorite body and hit the race track. The all new MR-03 series race ready chassis set is outfitted with only Kyosho quality option parts like a precision ball bearing set, ball differential set, rear oil filled shock set, carbon fiber friction shock set, plus tons more. Get the real race experience right out of the box with the new MR-03 JSCC Cup Limited Edition chassis set! The difference of this machine will be noticed at the very first turn. The suspension stroke and camber change work in unison in the innovative front suspension to accurately trace the road surface while the adoption of a coreless motor in the newly designed digital steering servo has the model driving like its on rails with a light touch steering feel that brings the car back smoothly into line . In addition to the same low C of G from the MR-02, the narrow body styles of the MR-015 can be fitted due to the lightweight concentrated design. In fact, the MR-03 is compatible with all body styles from theMINI-Z racer series, which is perhaps the most comprehensive tribute to automotive excellence in R / C. Combine the MR-03 with your favorite car body and you have the finest radio controlled model available in style and performance. * Optional parts maybe required when fitting some bodies to some chassis types.Available: June 2010

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