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A few days ago I went to Japan for tourism. How can I not make a pilgrimage to a Japanese model shop when I arrive in Japan? By the way, buy some accessories for friends around. When I shopped, I saw the long-cherished KYOSHO RB6.6.
Why won it so quickly? The reason is this! A! price! grid! Hahahaha, it’s just for nothing! The tax refund is calculated as RMB1400 +. You must know that this car will sell for 3,000 yuan in a certain country.
Starting construction last night. KYOSHO should have a sense of ceremony. Please ignore my vicissitude car repair mat …
Open Box, two-wheel drive parts are not many
7075 construction site
Firstly, the steering part, Jingshang’s car is from the inside to the outside with a ‘simplicity’ atmosphere, the steering mechanism is as small as a washer and a nut … It’s all glue! Pieces!
Except for the bearings … the other parts are plastic parts, but it is worth mentioning that the Jingshang packaging contains the world’s top bearings, silky smooth
The next thing is KYOSHO’s most headache Place: Trolley! The iconic gray ball head, and its firmness, need to be pressed down with pliers when installing. Even if there is a ball head removal tool when removing the ball head, it is very difficult to remove it. But on the other hand, it can be guaranteed that the ball head will not fall off during the game. It really makes people love and hate.
Because it is two-wheel drive, the first half will be completed ‘simplicity’ soon …
The next part is the bead difference, yes, in the 6.6 era, Beijing businessmen still insist on using bead difference. Here, KYOSHO does not contain any oil in the package. There is no differential oil or suspension oil, but it comes with super high-quality bead oil and anti-wear oil.
First, a Luigi Remote Control Car pply oil to the palm and put Roll the beads to ensure that each bead is evenly coated with bead oil.
Put it into the inner groove of the teeth.
The next is the fixing screw. There is no circle of beads and two pressing pieces under the screw. Apply oil. After that, it can be easily placed on the screws.
Beads are completed. Pay attention to the tightness of the screws. You can adjust the beads by adjusting the screws, which is the ‘concentration’ of the tooth difference.
The next is two-wheel drive. Important point, the second half … begin with a ‘plain’ arm code … yes, the arm code is also a plastic piece …
‘Simplic’ rear suspension frame
The following is the point of the point, I am tangled For a long time, RB6.6 provided a variety of gearboxes to support the rear and middle motors. At first I chose the most conservative four-toothed transmission gearbox.
Later I replaced it with a three-toothed transmission gearbox.
Finally At the suggestion of Superman, it was replaced with an ultra-low center of gravity gearbox. It is said that this gearbox is the essence of RB6.6.
With the wave After the box changes, the position of the suspension frame also changes. In short, I have tossed here for a long time.
Yes, I forgot to spit out this tail bracket! The tail is fixed by a clip, and the small round head on it is very bad! The key is left and right! through! use! Buy a bad one! Cheating! My Z Ford Mustang Rc Car X6.6 has broken several sets!
At this point, the car has been basically formed. The next thing is KYOSHO’s most Best Electric Rc Cars fascinating, silky smooth suspension system. The place is absolutely unambiguous, all-metal suspension, the signature flip suspension oil
Filling oil, standing still
The suspension is on the car ~ work is finished, the later electronic equipment debugging, spray the car shell
Finally KYOSHO still maintains its ‘simpleness’ and precision, and the degree of component combination is not bad. Although it uses a lot of plastic parts, its strength is still guaranteed. In addition, the red gaskets and nuts of the whole car were directly replaced by me, and the original cars were equipped with black rubber gaskets. In the later period, the debugging and feelings of the electronic equipment will be posted after the fate, if anyone wants to see it … After all, 10 cars are too small ~ haha, goodbye.

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