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Serpent introduced some aluminum upgrades to the S411 electric RV. The first is the V3 motor mount. After using this aluminum motor mount, the gear ratio adjustment range is wider. Especially in stock and specific motor requiremen Rc Classic Cars ts group events, players can find a more suitable gear ratio.
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The second new product front and rear hydraulic brackets provide additional chamber link holes for players to choose from.
The third new product is suitable for the straight shaft of the reinforced aluminum head of S411 Eryx and all previous versions of S411, which improves the durability and better protects the shaft cup.
The last product is a new car shell height adjuster. The entire adjuster is fixed on the original car shell pillar. The thread height can be adjusted to support the car shell height to achieve very pre Bandit Rc Car cise tuning. Innovative design, suitable for all types of 1/10 RV car shells.
MIP launched the Bypass1 32mm large-capacity suspension package for Losi 5ive-T petrol remote control cars. The MIP Bypass1 shock absorber was once introduced for 1/10 remote control cars, and now it is officially released for a large proportion of remote control cars. Using a new 32mm diameter suspension tube (the original car standard was 28mm), the suspension performance is fully improved. Even if it is replaced with a higher horsepower engine and in more demanding walking environments, it can provide excellent suspension performance and good jumping performance. Promotion. The MIP suspension package product can also provide faster shock response, more reliable and durable. The product comes with two sets of suspension springs of different hardness for players to use. In addition, the Bypass1 suspension piston provides low, medium and high return. Setting.
Pro-Line launches the new PRO-Fusion SC 4 × 4 1/10 electric short card remote control car. Upgraded and enhanced based on the Pro-MT 4 × 4 frame. Most components are pre-installed at the factory. Players can install 2.8 ”big-foot tires and Monster Fusion shells according to their needs, making the car a“ big-foot ”style Short trucks or standard 17mm short truck rim tires and Flo-Tek Fusion car shells h Best Off Road Rc Cars ave become standard short truck types. Pro-Fusion SC 4 × 4 products do not include car shells, tires, wheels, and electronics, supporting 1/8 The motor and 4S lithium battery make the 1/10 short card have the monster-level performance characteristics of a monster truck.

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