Best Rc Car Kits, Traxxas 4 Tec Body, Wltoys K949

Much More launches a fire-resistant lithiu Wltoys K949 m battery storage bag, which is suitable for use during battery charging and can also be used when storing or transporting lithium batteries.

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Team Orion launched ULTIMATE GRAPHENE graphene standard voltage (7.4V) and high voltage (7.6V) lithium battery series products, low internal resistance, up to 120C. A variety of specifications and models to choose from, including short-body 2S, standard 2S, 1S, 4S and other models, suitable for 1/12 electric flat car, 1/10 electric RV, 1/10 electric off-road vehicle and 1/8 models. Meet ROAR, EFRA, BRCA and IFMAR competition Traxxas 4 Tec Body requirements.
Yokomo launched the same factory SP-03D drift car steering gear independent setting card, which can control the speed, torque, torque holding force, anti-shake suppression value, median range and reverse direction of the steering gear. Make detailed settings. Can be powered via BEC or USB. Yokomo launched the SP-03D programmable servo in July this year, which is specially designed for RWD rear-drive drift remote control cars, as an ideal match for gyroscopes.Arrowmax introduces a new hole punch handle tool. This 0-18mm Best Rc Car Kits hole punch uses high-quality hardened material on the head. The sharp tip (durable) can be flexibly rotated. The sharp top is engraved with dimensions, which can accurately cut 0-18mm diameter circular holes on the body. The handle body is made of bright metallic purple, knurled twill design, and a rotatable back cover, which feels comfortable to use.

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