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Kyosho released this Birel R31-SE, which is the third generation of the 1 to 5 kart series. On the new platform, the performance and appearance of the car have been greatly improved. The prototype R31-SE kart is a popular variety in FIA, and the details and stickers on the proportional doll and body are quite faithful to the real car. The frame is the same as a steel pipe frame, and the transmission is also a chain. The car is an RTR version with an easy-to-start GZ15 hand-drawn engine. It has been installed at the factory.

-Fully replicated 1 / 5th scale model of the Birel R31-SE
-The Kyosho R31 is a perfect hybrid between the full-size kart and RC with trailing steering knuckles, belt drive system, and T-bar rear suspension.
-Paint scheme replicates the actual Birel g Rc Car Paddle Tires raphics and color.
-The chassis features a super low center of gravity and it’s tuned for direct, responsive steering feel just like the full-size kart.
-Newly developed exhaust pipe allows smooth but powerful acceleration and top speed.
-Rear disc brake provides excellent stopping power and the ability to get the kart to rotate better in the corners.
-Outer body parts made from durable, flexible material that’s designed to withstand hard impacts.
-Equipped with powerful, re Little Tikes Rc Car liable GZ15 engine that features a two-needle slide carburetor for precise fuel metering, and durable, high-performance ABC construction.
-Equipped with true-to-scale scale rubber tires featuring high-grip ru bber, so the kart not only looks great, it also has great traction and superior handling.
-Flip-top 75cc fuel tank allows for quick refills while the engine is running, so you can keep running for as long as you like .
-Two shoe tunable clutch provides a great balance of smooth and strong acceleration, and can be modified with optional clutch springs to tune for conditions.
-Various optional parts are scheduled to be released.

< p> Specifications:
Length: 16.73 in. (425 mm)
-Front: 10.55 in. (268 mm)
-Rear: 11.89 in. (302 mm)
Height: 7.8 in. (198 mm)
Wheelbase: 10.24 in. (260 mm)
-Front: 9.37 in. (238 mm)
– Rear: 10.12 in. (257 mm)
Tire size:
-Front: 2.2 × 1.18 in. (56 × 30 mm)
-Rear: 2.28 × 1.77 in. (58 × 45 mm) < br> Gear Ratio: 4.15: 1
Weight: approx. 2100 g
Engine: GZ15 ABC Pull-start
Best Rc Cars Under 50 Fuel tank:
-Type: Quick fill w / primer pump
-Capacity : 75cc
Scale: 1: 5

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