Best Rc Drift Car For Beginners, Best Rc Cars Under 100, Smt10 Grave Digger

MST Delong Technology will launch the new digital brushless servo DX251L on June 5th. It has a low center of g Smt10 Grave Digger ravity de Best Rc Cars Under 100 sign, super st Best Rc Drift Car For Beginners rong metal gear, anti-interference, and an aluminum central casing. Performance: 4.8V 10.63kg-cm 0.095 sec / 60sec, 6.0V 12.00kg-cm 0.076 sec / 60˚. Four colors are available for players to choose.
Shenzhen Unknown Power Model Technology Co., Ltd. launched the Growler 1/5 electric off-road ARR version. The new version will use a newly designed aluminum alloy suspension frame and suspension cap. Tune.

A normal RTR (Ready to Run) car will only be a decent configuration. But this time Team Magic came up with something new, giving their RTR version of the G4S 1 to 10 oil tanker, which once won the European Championship, a VDS case with two options, Lola and GTP. In addition, it will be equipped with a quick-release rim adapter.

Hudy has released a full range of ProfiTOOLS series sleeves. The difference between ProfiTOOLS and our usual HUDY is the use of plastic handles to reduce costs. But the cutter head is always made of spring steel which is accurate and durable.

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