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Arrowmax black gold series tools add another new product-Kingpin \u0026 Steering Block Tool. With this tool, you can tap the king pin thread with perfect angle on the fiber reinforced steering cup. The cutter head has a special design, and its root has M3 thread. The upper part of the cutter head can be inserted into the lower opening of the steering cup to ensure that the tapped thread has a perfect angle. Turn the steering cup to tap the upper hole. Threads with the Dune Thunder Rc Car same angle can el Off Road Remote Control Car iminate unnecessary misalignment and resistance of the steering cup, and tapping can a Best Remote Control Car Under 100 lso make assembly of the steering cup and C seat easier. The handle part of the tool still adopts Arrowmax’s signature honeycomb design, which is made of high-quality aluminum alloy cutting, and the surface is black and gold two-color anodized. Product number AM-190055. Please enter
Fei Shen launched the FS-13603 1/5 brushless truck. After half a year’s actual ground test, it has now officially launched. It uses a 150A brushless electronic transmission, 30C lithium battery, 30KG metal gear high torque steering gear, and easily breaks through 50KM. / h! I believe this is a very cost-effective product!

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The 2008 International iHOBBY EXPO will open at the Rosemount International Exhibition Center in Chicago from October 16th to 19th, 2008. This exhibition is the largest model exhibition in North America and one of the most influential model exhibitions in the world. It is also the vane of the model industry and new technology. RCFANS will follow up the report for everyone.