Bmw Rc Car, Xmaxx 8S, Tamiya Rc Kits

Y Tamiya Rc Kits okomo launched the SP-03D programmable servo, designed for RWD rear-drive drift remote control cars, as an ideal match for gyros Xmaxx 8S copes. In terms of performance, 4.8V and 6.0V. Aluminum housing, low-profile design, standard voltage (4.8V ~ 6.0V), built-in brushless m Bmw Rc Car otor and lightweight aluminum gear, weighs only 49 grams, and measures 40.8 × 20.2 × 26.1mm. Black and red appearances are available for players to choose from. It is expected to be available by the end of July 2019.

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Losi’s 14.8V 5000mAh 4-cell lithium battery with low internal resistance, 25C discharge, equipped with hard case and EC5 plug. Suitable for all electric bigfoot lovers and speed lovers. But it’s also quite expensive, over $ 200.

Exotek Racing launches AVX lithium battery chassis for Robitronic Avid 2 electric room. It has an ultra-narrow design, only 90mm width and 2.25mm thickness. It fully improves the twisting of the frame. Unfortunately, Rob Avid electric room has fewer domestic players. I believe Exotek doesn’t have too many players to buy this product. Source: Exotek [] \u0026 amp;

I believe everyone has heard of the oil-powered remote control car of Capricorn in Italy. The brand recently announced that it will launch a 1/10 electric RV (190mm). The factory has not announced the details of the new car and is expected to be listed at the end of this month. Capricorn has gained a good reputation for its excellent workmanship and novel design. It is believed that with the launch of new electric room cars, the competition-level electric room market has another new force.

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