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JP recently released the latest 1: 8 Buggy / Tr Traxxas Slash Tires uggy engine, called the Eagle 21 B-7T. The newly designed piston and exhaust port achieve a good compromise between power and fuel consumption. There are rumors that the Eagle engine can run Dash Cam Rc Car for more than 8 minutes on a tank of fuel in the game. I don’t know if it is true, but it should be more fuel efficient than ordinary engines.

Eagle 21 uses high-speed bearings, including specially sealed main bearings, and large exposed bearings are designed with double rubber covers to protect the engine from dust and water. The engine will be available in 2 versions of the ordinary fire nozzle and TURBO fire nozzle.

A work called Arran Hearn uses LEGO bricks to build a Tamiya Neo Fighter two-wheel drive electric off-road vehicle. It also comes with a grab control and looks very delicate.
Classic Tamiya Neo Fighter Buggy real car
This great god also has a RC work, AM / FM era lever remote control, based on Sanwa Dash remote control as a prototype and adding some Futaba elements. I believe that many members of the post-90s generation of RCFans have never seen a ‘long antenna’ remote control.

Sanwa Dash and Futaba Remote

Yokomo’s BD8 1/10 electric RV won the IFMAR World Race held in Beijing last month, and now the new car will be officially launched. Compared with BD7, BD8 will have better balance and acceleration. The drive system is replaced with a large 20T central gear. The new motor seat and twist design make the motor closer to the center of the frame. The size of the motor seat is smaller and the Buy Rc Car weight is also smaller. Lighter and lower mounting position can improve the torsion of the frame, increase the grip and increase the speed of the curve. The suspension part X support block uses a new suspension seat pad, which has higher strength, but the adjustment setting is as easy as BD7. The floating rudder base is standard, SLF2 large-capacity shock absorbers, and RTC rear toe angle control system allow players / drivers to find more precise tail suspension settings. The design concept of BD8 is low center of gravity and better frame twisting characteristics. In addition to the Yokomo, the upgrade kit for BD7 to BD8 will also be available for sale in October.

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