Challenger Rc Car, Axial Wraith Upgrades, Proline Chevy Body

Powersta Proline Chevy Body r launches the PS023 carbon fiber board pull bracelet for Futaba 4PX remote control. The appearance is exquisite. It is made of high quality carbon fiber material with a thickness of 2.0mm. It is ext Axial Wraith Upgrades remely light and perfectly blends with Futaba 4PX.

Hot Bodies has released the new Moore-Speed ​​Mazda 6 bodyshell. This product increases the downforce. The biggest feature is that it uses the variable characteristics of the car shell to increase the downforce at high speeds.

In April 2015, Hong Kong ‘Remote Control Model’ magazine went on the market with the total number of 405 issues. The content is wonderful and the columns are rich. Note: This magazine is a reading material for RCFans members in mainland China. Only RCFans valid registered members can purchase at the member price. Subscription purchases call 15814718449 to let you know that you are from RCFans

Team Associated announces the release of the Travis Coyne version of Pro Comp SC8. SC8 is an Challenger Rc Car improved photorealistic truck based on the high-performance RC8T truck platform. Using Team Associated ’s Pro.28 engine and XP3D digital FM remote control system. The vehicle is an RTR version

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