Cheap Fast Remote Control Cars, Rc Honda Civic, Off Road Rc Track

O’Donnell ’s new car was discussed in the forum a few days ago, let ’s take a look at the official specifications. It is said that the design and materials are very good.

Features: Off Road Rc Track
-The shafts on the twin cap Big Bore shocks measure a beefy 4mm thick, with aluminum shock towers that are CNC-machined and lightened Rc Honda Civic .
-The camber link is fully adjustable, to adapt to any track conditions.
-Front / rear brake bias is adjustable, and the front disc is larger. Brake pads are significantly thicker and made from blue spring steel.
– Every component in the Rapid Reaction drive train is designed to reduce weight – and thereby response time – to an absolute minimum. Other benefits include faster acceleration and deceleration, along with less “flywheel / gyro” effect and less rotating mass.
– Captured hinge pins eliminate e-clips that can get lost or Cheap Fast Remote Control Cars become loose.
-The Z01-B R comes with a narrow, low-profile body that’s ready for customization.

< EM> Specifications:
-Length: 20 in (510 mm)
-Width: 12 in (305 mm)
-Height: 7.5 in (187 mm)
-Weight: 6 lbs (2721 g)
-Wheelbase: 13 in (3 30 mm)
-Front Track: 10.25 in (260 mm)
-Rear Track: 10.5 in (275 mm)
-Requires: .21 racing engine, tuned pipe, 2-3 channel radio, servos , receiver \u0026 amp; battery, 1/8 racing tires with foam inserts, tire glue, shock oil, diff oil, fuel

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