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The first thing to say is that this ESS PRO engine sounding system has been continuously releasing news as early as the end of last year. Until the end of April this year, after six months Tamiya Blackfoot Body , I finally hoped that this system will be available on the market and it is the first l Slash 4X4 Chassis aunch of RCFANS. I’m really excited.
The intention of this system from the early stage of design is probably to transplant real vehicle engine sounds to electric vehicles, especially drifting vehicles. So I saw that RCFANS has a group purchase activity and is the first launch. I did not hesitate to set up two sets The following is a picture-based evaluation of this ESS PRO engine sound system.
First out of the box, then take a 10-scale Top racing Photon EX frame to test the loading effect.
The packaging of ESS PRO is environmentally friendly. It is similar to the style of Xiaomi. It is wrapped in kraft paper with a backboard. The overall hardness is very strong. The appearance does not feel the inner of the product.
Product information and QR code information are affixed to the side of the carton. After

open the cover, two separate drawer out package after package
, hidden beneath a brochures in English, or color pages ~

first drawer From left to right in the carton are: the main body of the ESS PRO sound system, the dual battery plug, the USB data cable (very long ~ it may be considered that audio resources can be maintained without disassembling the car), and the ESC TH cable. After

second drawer opened, which is the subject of sound, sound use of disposable packaging, tear up after the package will not go back

ESS PRO body details, the work is like, there are manufacturers style
Cheap Gas Rc Cars > a 7.4V 2S standard lithium to do than size, size or slightly bulky, but I believe this section will certainly be a future version V1.0 money to improve the effect of higher

loading configuration, According to the official hint map, the audio is the best choice. The main body of the ESS PRO system can only be placed on the ground behind the servo, and the receiver is pasted on it. I wonder if this configuration will affect the vehicle weight.
After covering the car shell, the space is quite ideal, there is no squeeze to the car shell.
After connecting the ESS PRO system to the computer, download the R / C PLUS software system, and you can freely set various engines The sound of the sound, the sound of the pressure relief valve, and the sound of the special third channel.

sources within the store has a wealth of vehicle information sources to choose from, but only several free audio, if you want to GTR, then charges 12 yuan can only buy value-added services, and If you want turbo-charged sound effects, you have to pay another 6 yuan ~ Turbo-charged is not free.
After downloading the sound source, you can replace and install the current sound source information. Remember to save it.
The main body of ESS PRO has 130K audio space. I look forward to more audio sources coming online. At the same time, I hope that Sanshi Technology can release some free resources for customers. In this way, everyone will be more HAPPY ~
Original sound test video

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