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The Traction Hobby (TH) brand was established in 2015 (belonging to) a brand of Jiashan Raytheon Sports Equipment Co., Ltd. (KingMotor), focusing on intelligent manufacturing of 1/8 series climbing car models. At the end of September 2016, the first generation (FOUNDER) 1/8 all-metal climbing vehicle was launched in the domestic market. At the end of September 2017, the second generation (CRAGSMAN) 1/8 full-performance climbing vehicle was launched, the third at the end of September 2018. (CRAGSMAN II) Raptor F150 1/8 climbing car (revised) is launched. Since 2016, the first generation 1/8 all-metal climbing car to the third generation 1/8 climbing car (revised) has been launched in China. Over 5,000 users.
Grateful! Thanks for having you!
In order to thank domestic users for their strong support and love for the Traction Hobby (TH) brand, the company will once again support the first generation Traxxas E Revo 2.0 Parts (FOUNDER) and second generation (CRAGSMAN) 1/8 climbing car user car shells (simulation parts) ) Free value-added upgrade service, the steps for users to obtain (receive) free of charge are as follows; I. Your frame or remote control has a retrospective serial number starting with TH or a remote control. You on 3.8 Rc Tires ly need to change your vehicle The rack retroactive number or remote control retroactive number tells the merchant (shop) that you purchased it, and the merchant will feed it back to the company based on your information.
Second, second-hand car users will also enjoy the same free value-added services. You only need to tell the company’s internal department to verify the retrospective number of your frame or the remote control.
Three, car shell (simulation) free value-added upgrade projects: angry face, armored wheel eyebrows, wipers, door handles, tail lights.
IV. Registration time: February 22-28, 2019
V. Delivery time: March 4, 2019
6. Express delivery method: SF Express Cheap Nitro Rc Cars (pay to)
Company ( Back office) Contact: 0573-84639306-8016 (Mr. Qi) QQ: 2253264399 Working hours: 08: 00-17: 00
Official website:Traxxas will soon launch a low-CG upgrade and conversion kit (low-CG kit) for the Slash 2WD short card. The kit includes components such as the bottom plate, battery holder, and optimized suspension spring. After reducing the center of gravity, the performance of the Slash short card is greatly improved, the walking is more stable, the cornering speed is higher, and the combat effectiveness of the stadium is a qualitative leap! Suitable for Dalash Slash including Slash, Raptor and Robby Gordon. The bottom plate also provides blue, black and gray for players to choose.
Click here- \u0026 gt; Enter the Traxxas brand area to participate in the interaction

The kit includes:
ChassisLower chassisNerf bars (2) Battery hold-downFront and rear battery hold -down retainersFront shock springsComplete installation hardware set

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