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Serpent launched a new E-Avenger shell for the Cobra-E 1/8 electric off-road vehicle. The special design of the front can increase the steering response, increase the down Hosim Rc Car force at the same time, and improve the jumping performance. Thanks to the concave design in the center of the car shell, the car’s stability is greatly improved during high-speed straight travel! Made by Lexan with a thickness of 1mm, it will be available in pre-painted and semi-painted versions, and will be available next month!
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Last September, Tamiya Tamiya announced the launch of a 1/10 Comical Grasshopperr based on the WR-02CB off-road chassis. Available March 2019. The exterior design continues the classic Hornet buggy off-road vehicle of the 1980s. The driver in the cockpit adds a ‘combat style’ to this cute-shaped shell. CVA hydraulic suspension, four-wheel independent suspension, suspension provides multiple hole position settings, two-piece steering system, whether on flat roads or off-road roads, this Hornet will bring fun. The lamp cup is reserved, and players can install 5mm LEDs by themselves; the size of the new car is 365mm in length, 244mm in width, and 170mm in wheelbase. Part number 58666 Ferrari Remote Control Car .
KKPIT’s 1020 servo waterproof test, directly remove the back cover of the 1020 servo, put it into the water and run for about 20 minutes, and it runs normally. 1020 hollow cup 20KG large torque full waterproof steering gear, the gear is cut by imported machine with processing accuracy of 0.01, super high reliability and durability, the virtual position is greatly reduced for a long time, the gear is titanium-plated, compared with no surface The processed steering gear is smoother and rust-proof. The core of the vacuum core cup of the 1020 servo and the imported potentiometer fro Cheap Rc Drift Cars m Japan, and the circuit board with real-time monitoring overload protection function, significantly reduce the damage of the servo under high load The probability. Industrial grade full waterproof treatment, high-quality materials without fear of climbing various wading environments.

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